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The i-Bracelet

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The i-Bracelet. By: TAMIA ABUWI AND SAIGE PINKETT, PD.1/2 . About The Product. Original idea is to use a lancet, glucometer and insulin syringe The i-bracelet is connected to your phone and allows you to take blood samples for glucose

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The i-Bracelet

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the i bracelet

The i-Bracelet


about the product
About The Product
  • Original idea is to use a lancet, glucometer and insulin syringe
  • The i-bracelet is connected to your phone and allows you to take blood samples for glucose
  • The bracelet already has insulin in it and injects it into your body when you need it
  • Gives diabetics an easier way to get data they need with using the app
  • Provides more data by the statistics sent to the phone

Competitive Advantage

  • Diabetics have to use a lancet to get blood samples
  • Then put the blood sample on a meter
  • They wait minutes for the reading.
  • Then if they need insulin they use a syringe
  • With the i-bracelet it’s easier to use and you get the data very quickly.
marketing research and statistics
Marketing- Research and Statistics

More info.

More facts

Long-term problems that can happen

More statistics



  • Will work our way up from southern east coast to northern east coast
  • Keep and open mind to new ideas
  • Listen to any problems/complaints and fix it
  • Follow up and keep promises
  • Stay on top of record keeping and budgeting
  • Making the price a bit more higher but reasonable




“There is no life without i-bracelet”

(“i” stands for insulin and since there is an app it stands for i-phone too)



Our Website

Tamia Abuwi and Saige Pinkett

Health Careers

The i-Bracelet

“There is no life without i-Bracelet

124 Smith St. Charleston, WV 25305-0540


Business Card


Health Magazine for Diabetics

Magazine cover- product displayed on it

Diabetics wanting easier way for what they need

Inside story with Halle Berryand her life with diabetes

New and Improved product called i-Bracelet for Diabetics, many people want it

  • The i-Bracelet is mainly for diabetics. It is an easier way to check glucose blood levels and inject insulin. For you to use the bracelet you must have the app. It is much better than the competitors such as One Touch, Nipro Diagnostics and Omnis Health. Many diabetics, female and male, any age can use this but it is sold only in West Virginia for now. The i-Bracelet is guaranteed success.