Monona grove athletic department expect excellence leadership spirit community commitment
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Monona Grove Athletic Department “Expect Excellence” Leadership, Spirit, Community, Commitment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monona Grove Athletic Department “Expect Excellence” Leadership, Spirit, Community, Commitment. The Vision. The Mission. The mission is to: Support our student - athletes in their education and personal athletic goals. Offer each student - athlete

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Monona grove athletic department expect excellence leadership spirit community commitment
Monona Grove Athletic Department“Expect Excellence”Leadership, Spirit, Community, Commitment

The Vision

The Mission

The mission is to:

Support our student - athletes

in their education and personal athletic goals.

Offer each student - athlete

opportunities to achieve at their highest levels.

Support the development of every student – athletes talents and ensure that our students benefit from the experience of leadership, sportsmanship, discipline and commitment.

  • Monona Grove High School is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education.

  • Students are the highest priority of the Monona Grove Athletic Department and they will develop their values, life skills, and personal character through physical activity and athletic competition.

How to get information
How to Get Information

  • High School Phone


  • Athletic/Activities Information


  • Sport Schedules


  • WIAA Web-Page

Ticket price event pass
Ticket Price /Event Pass

  • Badger Conference Ticket Price is $4.00 for everyone older than age 5

  • Athletic Pass (Adult or Student)

    • Cost $30

    • Good for All Home Events (2010-11)

    • Cannot be Used for WIAA Tournament Events

  • Where Can I Purchase a Pass??

    • Main Office

    • Athletic Events

    • Registration



  • Some programs will practice and play off campus

  • A practice bus will be available to transport students to and back from the practice facility

  • Bus will Pick-Up by 4:10pm and Drop-Off by 6pm @ the North Entrance of the High School

Transportation cont
Transportation (cont.)

Events & Contests

(Travel to Site)

  • Players will ride the bus together to all contests

    (Travel After Contest)

  • Students are encouraged to ride the bus with team

  • If arrangements are made to transport your own child, complete a pink formand inform the coach prior to event. (Form is on-line)

Transportation cont1

2012-13 Late Bus Designated Times

  • Glacial DrumlinArrives @ 5:45pm

    Leaves at 5:50 pm

    * Stops at High School only

  • High SchoolArrives @ 6:05pm

    Leaves at 6:10 pm

    * Stops at all schools in Cottage Grove

    (Taylor Prairie, Cottage Grove Elementary, Glacial Drumlin)

Scholastic requirements for eligibility

Scholastic Requirements for Eligibility


Students are Expected to be in School the Entire Day and Comply with School Rules


Students are Expected to Receive No (0) Failures or Incomplete Grades in Any Grading Period

Conduct rules
Conduct Rules

Use, purchase, sale, under the influence, distribution, or possession of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Attendanceat event/party, without parental supervision, where the student is in the presence of an underage person possessing or using alcohol or illegal drugs

Serious Misconduct unbecoming of student involved in extra curricular activities

Disrespect to Other’s Rights or Property

Violation of state statutes or any Criminal Act

Athletic trainer
Athletic Trainer

Ann Klitz

  • #221-7666

    Ext. 2191

    Athletic Training Room Hours

    3:40 to 5:40 PM (M-F)

Eligibility to practice

  • Sports Fee * $80 per sport

  • WIAA Athletic Eligibility Form

  • Concussion Awareness form signed (Parent and Student)

  • WIAA Physical Exam or Alternate Year Form

  • Emergency Medical Information Form Completed

  • Transportation and Acknowledgement of Risk Form signed

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Code of Conduct signed by Parent and Student

  • Attend Sports meeting

The blue slip
The Blue Slip

“Blue Slip”

A form given to the student from the office indicating all necessary information is in

Where to Get the “Blue Slip”

Blue Slips can be Attained from the Office from Mrs. Massey

What to Do with “Blue Slip”

“Blue Slips” must be given to the coach to confirm that registration requirements have been met.

No Blue Slip = No Practice

Some gentle reminders

  • Represent MGHS with “Class” at all home and away events. Be proud of your school and team!

  • Remove your hat and stand during the National Anthem

  • Stand during school song

  • Treat officials, opponents and school personnel with respect.

Thank you


As Parents, student-athletes and coaches, we are all in this together. We need to work hard, remain positive and support the efforts of everyone involved.


The four talons of our mission statement

The Four Talons of our Mission Statement.

1 – Leadership

2 – Community

3 – Spirit

4 – Commitment

Expect excellence
“Expect Excellence”


Monona Grove CC runners will be leaders on the course and in the classroom.

CC runners will demonstrate a desire for success while maintaining a positive attitude and good sportsmanship.

CC runners will strive to be role models for their peers.

Expect excellence1
“Expect Excellence”


MG CC runners will maintain a positive attitude at all times

CC runners will support their teammates on the course and in practice.

All cheering during races and practice will be positive and uplifting.

Expect excellence2
“Expect Excellence”


MG runners will be good citizens in the community.

MG runners will positively represent the school and community while at races, practice, and during activities.

Expect excellence3
“Expect Excellence”


MG CC runners will demonstrate 100% commitment to the team.

Commitment extends from practice to meets to the off-season.

MG runners should demonstrate their commitment to their teammates by attending all practices and staying at meets until the end.

Meet the coaches

Meet the Coaches

Boys Head Coach: Jeremy Duss

Girls Head Coach: Dan Harris

Runner expectations

  • Be respectful to everyone around you. Be a positive leader in your classes, in the community, and throughout the building. Make good choices!

  • Work hard academically. Stay on top of your grades and DO NOT wait until the last minute to do make up work, quizzes, tests, etc.

  • Finish strong in practice and in meets. Do not give up! Quitting is a habit, and it is a habit that we do not want in our runners.

  • Put in an honest effort in all practices, meets, and weekend runs.


  • New shorts for 2013 are $20. This payment is due on the first day of practice.

  • You may use LAST YEAR’S shorts if you do NOT plan on running varsity.

  • Tops will be issued the first week of practice.

  • Tops must be turned in at the end of the year or you will be on the fine list.


  • Runners should communicate with Coach Harris and Coach Duss in person whenever possible.

  • Do not send your friend to tell us you will be missing practice or a meet. Take responsibility for yourself.

  • If necessary, use email to contact coaches. [email protected]

How to earn a letter
How to earn a letter

  • The following criteria is needed to letter in cross country:

    • Compete in at least 1/3 of the meets as a varsity athlete OR

    • Score top 5 (on the MG team) in at least two meets

    • Have no extracurricular code infractions

How do i get better
How do I get better?

  • Run in the off-season! (there’s still time)

  • Practice hard. Finish workouts. Don’t quit.

  • Commit to eating right, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep.

  • Listen to your coaches regarding race strategy, practice, etc.


  • Stay well hydrated!! Your body is composed of about 72% water. Water bottles at all times!

  • Avoid fried foods (they are difficult to digest), especially the day prior to and the day of a meet.

  • Eat well balanced meals. It is important that the calories you consume are not “empty” sugars and starches.

  • Eat in moderation. Before practice and meets, be particularly conscious of how much you’re eating, as well as what you are eating. Avoid big meals


  • Wear appropriate running shoes.

  • If you are unsure about your shoes, talk to your coach first.

  • When purchasing shoes, we suggest Fleet Feet or Berkeley Running Company.

  • If you know your size, brand, and model, is excellent.

What else do i need
What else do I need?

  • A watch. This is NOT optional.

  • A water bottle.

  • Appropriate running clothes. It makes a difference

  • Pack your “meet bag” for all weather occasions. Some meets will be rainy, some hot, and some may be snowy. Be prepared.

  • A good attitude 