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Come for a day or for a lifetime. . . PowerPoint Presentation
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Come for a day or for a lifetime. . .

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Come for a day or for a lifetime. . . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Come for a day or for a lifetime. . .

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  1. Come for a day or for a lifetime. . . Plantersville . . . A small town with an enormous heart

  2. Creating the Future • Based on the six goals set forth in the fall of 2008, the Town of Plantersville has made great strides toward accomplishing these goals and is poised for a bright future. • From the organization of a very active Mayor’s Youth Council to the application and receipt of over $650,000 in private and public grant funds, Plantersville is moving forward.

  3. Goal 1: Superior Education • The community is focused on adding an after-school program. • An agreement has been reached with Itawamba Community College to provide networking for the Plantersville Community Center. • Local health workshops and improved school accreditation ratings are also focal points.

  4. Community Working Together • Itawamba Community College and East Mississippi Community College have committed to help with the repairs to the community center.

  5. Goal 2: Initiate a Development Stragegy • The town website is now online, and expansions are underway in an effort to promote the town and communicate. • • Community members have selected workforce development and the support of new local businesses as other key development strategies.

  6. Goal 3: Engage Our Youth • During the past year, the newly organized Plantersville Youth Council has been actively involved in town planning meetings, a community recycling program, and local service projects. • Future plans include a mentoring program as well as a dropout prevention program.

  7. Youth Council • The Town of Plantersville created a Youth Council in the spring of 2009. The purpose of this group is for the youth to act as ambassadors for our community, to initiate and complete service projects, develop leadership skills and to HAVE FUN!

  8. Youth Council • The Youth Council has received a Beautification Grant and a Recycling Grant.

  9. Youth Council

  10. Goal 4: Revitalization and Appearance • New signage for the downtown area has been secured through a grant from the Mississippi Forestry Commission. • Community cleanup days have been scheduled during the past year, and several areas in need of attention have been identified for additional work in the coming months.

  11. Goal 5: Community Center • While major renovations were done during the fall of 2008, the Plantersville Community Center and playground continue to receive upgrades. • During the fall of 2009, work in the center kitchen was completed; this project includes new cabinetry for use at community events.

  12. Goal 6: Community Involvement • In addition to several planning meetings, Plantersville has hosted a number of events in the last year, including a 4th of July Day in the Park, a Thanksgiving service, and a community revival. • A town history section is also being developed in the Plantersville Community Center.

  13. Grant Funding • Coca-Cola Bottling Companies of Mississippi –Community Recycling Start-Up: $500.00 • Appalachian Community Learning Project – Community Center Kitchen Cabinets: $3,000.00 • CDBG Community Self-Help Grant (MDA) – Repairs to Community Center/Playground: $99,945.00

  14. Grant Funding • Small Municipality and Limited Population County Grant (MDA) – Renovation and Expansion of Town Hall: $100,000.00 • CDBG Public Facilities Grant (MDA) – Water Line Improvements: $450,000.00

  15. Community Development Block Grant • The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. The CDBG program provides annual grants on a formula basis to 1209 general units of local government and states. • CDBG Grant for the community center in the amount of $99,945.00 for repairs to the building and playground equipment.

  16. Community Development Block Grant • CDBG Grant in the amount of $450,000 for water line improvements.

  17. Other Accomplishments • Employment of Code Enforcement Officer • Mayor invited to serve with Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Services • Partnership with local community colleges and universities for networking and hardware

  18. Town Hall Meeting

  19. Town Hall Meeting

  20. Strategic Planning

  21. Question & Answer