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Powermat www.powermatusa.com. By: Ge Vang, Fatima Cardenas, Mai Lia Lee, & Tou Yang. OVERVIEW/History. Powermat eliminates the need for multiple chargers, power supplies, converters, and power sockets.

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Presentation Transcript
powermat www powermatusa com


By: Ge Vang, Fatima Cardenas, Mai Lia Lee, & Tou Yang

overview history

Powermat eliminates the need for multiple chargers, power supplies, converters, and power sockets.

First product line wirelessly charges multiple hand-held devices concurrently: perfect for home, office and travel usage.


LAS VEGAS, NV (JANUARY 06, 2009) –thisyear’s Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas

The new product line will be available for purchase in retail stores in 2009.

two parts
The Receiver Two Parts

The Mat

  • The thinly layered mat is designed to be overlaid on any work or home surface. Several different mats are available, supporting up to 4 devices simultaneously.
  • The receiver is embedded within any of the form-fitting covers that fit snugly over an array of electronic devices, including: cellular phones, Blackberrys, GPS systems or music players.
consumption process
Consumption Process


Process of consuming and possessing


Simple and Convenient, Rapid Charging Time, Energy Saving, and Safety

New technology, depose old charger

satisfied, happy, safe, stress free, better life quality.

You knew that the average price of The Powermat system was between $50 to $100, would you expect to pay more or less to buy the described product?
Other than the product itself, which of the following would most influence you when deciding to buy The Powermat system?
Based on the description, how interested would you be in buying this new The Powermat system, if priced within your budget?
concepts of short long term memory
Concepts of short/long-term Memory

Short-term Memory

Long-term Memory

  • Commercials
  • Ads
  • Radio
  • YouTube
  • Movie Trailers
  • Commercials
    • Creative
    • Unique
  • Advertisements
stimulus generalization
Stimulus Generalization
  • Charger
    • Generalizes with all the charger products
    • Consumers see the Powermat, they want to buy it
  • Features
    • Powermat
    • Support a lot of devices
  • Convenience
    • Easy to charge all products at the same time
  • New Technology
    • Modern
promotional strategies
Promotional Strategies
  • Self-Actualization
    • Self-fulfillment
      • Makes life easy
      • Able to charge products one time instead of multiple times
      • Don’t waste much time
consumer involvement
Consumer Involvement



  • Consumer-to-consumer
    • Word of mouth
  • Commercials
    • Examples to see the value of the product
  • Commercials
  • Ads
    • Technology magazines
    • News
  • Subscriber
    • Interests subscriber through emails
self concept

4 Components

  • Real self: objective view of total person
  • Self-image: way one sees ones self
  • Looking-glass self: way one thinks others see us
  • Ideal self: image to which one aspires
strengths and weaknesses
PowermatStrengths and Weaknesses

Traditional Charging

  • Different charger for every device
  • Need of many outlets
  • If left in outlet chargers are energy suckers
  • When traveling there are many connectors.
  • One charger for different devices
  • One outlet
  • Saves on energy
  • Portable and easy for travel
marketers perspective
Marketers Perspective

From the CES: The Powermat

major competitors
  • eCoupled
    • Powered Counters
    • Powered Tables
    • Powered Desks
  • Power Cast
    • Rf transmitter
  • Splash Power
    • Charging base (water proof and dust proof)
    • receiver (adaptor or built into anything)
  • Wild Charge
    • Wild charge pad
    • Wild-charge-skin (blackberry curve, pearl, RAZR v3)
recent developments
Recent Developments
  • PowerMat
    • None
  • eCoupled
    • Tables
    • Kitchen counters
    • Office desks
    • Automotive (dash, cup holders)
  • Power Cast
    • None
  • Splash Power
    • None
  • Wild Charge
    • None
effects of new developments
Effects of New Developments
  • Increase the demand
  • International
entering the market

Small number of competitors

Technology is new


No promotion

No public advertisement

Consumer uncertainty

Entering The Market
  • Bill Gates