cisc cde joint meeting may 16 2013 n.
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CISC/CDE Joint Meeting May 16, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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CISC/CDE Joint Meeting May 16, 2013

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CISC/CDE Joint Meeting May 16, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update on Key Smarter Balanced Assessment Development Activities. CISC/CDE Joint Meeting May 16, 2013. Upcoming Public Review for Draft Accessibility and Accommodations Framework.

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CISC/CDE Joint Meeting May 16, 2013

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Update on Key Smarter Balanced Assessment Development Activities CISC/CDE Joint MeetingMay 16, 2013

    2. Upcoming Public Review for Draft Accessibility and Accommodations Framework • Explains approach used to address accessibility tools and accommodations options for students on the Smarter Balanced summative assessments • Released May 15 for public review • Framework and instructions for providing feedback are available on the CDE Smarter Balanced Web page at

    3. Practice Tests • Taking the place of the Volunteer Pilot Test • Access will begin May 29, 2013 • Will be available to the public through the Smarter Balanced Web site • No login or secure browser required • Access will continue until implementation of operational assessments

    4. Practice Tests • Complete test forms will be used • One test form for each content area in grades 3-8 and grade 11 • Will follow blueprints similar to those of operational tests • Accommodations • Text-to-speech • Item-level pop-up Spanish glossaries for construct-irrelevant terms (math only) • Braille • American Sign Language

    5. Upcoming Opportunities for Teacher Involvement in Item Development Recruitments through summer 2013: • Pilot Test range finding • Pilot Test data review • Field Test item writing and review CDE will announce participation opportunities through its Smarter Balanced e-mail listserv.

    6. Smarter Balanced Assessment System Summative assessments benchmarked to college and career readiness (Grades 3-8 and 11) Teachers and schools have information and tools they need to improve teaching and learning Common Core State Standards specify K-12 expectations for college and career readiness All students leave high school college and career ready Formative assessment tools and practices for teachers to improve instruction Interim assessments Flexible, open, used for actionable feedback (Grades 3-11) 6

    7. Digital Library of Formative Assessment Tools and Practices • Smarter Balanced is guided by the belief that the effective use of a balanced assessment system can improve teaching and learning • Smarter Balanced is designing a Digital Library to provide classroom resources and professional learning support with a focus on formative assessment tools • To be launched in 2014

    8. Digital Library of Formative Assessment Tools and Practices • An interactive professional development tool to guide teachers in identifying and using the best resources for their needs • Will include resources such as: • Best practices for classroom instruction across all grade levels • Demonstration videos • Research-based formative assessment tools and practices • Sample summative/interim test items

    9. Digital Library of Formative Assessment Tools and Practices • Smarter Balanced will produce approximately 50 web-based modules for the Digital Library. Topics will include: • Assessment Literacy − Professional Learning − Instructional Resources

    10. Digital Library Resourcesfrom Educators • Contributed by state and local educators in each Smarter Balanced state • Reflect and support the formative process and the CCSS • Will be vetted by the State Network of Educators and the State Leadership Team

    11. State Leadership Teams • 8-10 CDE staff and Higher Education staff • Responsible for coordinating the work of the State Network of Educators • Provide feedback and review of resources for the Digital Library

    12. State Networks of Educators • Each Smarter Balanced state will form a State Network of Educators (SNE) to review proposed resources for inclusion in the digital library • Members must make a two-year commitment to the SNE • Members are eligible for a $1500 stipend

    13. SNE Member Responsibilities SNE members will: • Receive five web-based trainings between September 2013 and September 2014 • Review and propose content for the Digital Library • Provide feedback on software usability (August 2013 – September 2014)

    14. SNE Member Qualifications Members will be K-12 and higher education professionals: • With expertise in the CCSS for ELA and Mathematics and formative assessment • Who have served in one or more of the following: general education students; gifted and talented students, English learners, students with disabilities

    15. California’s State Network of Educators • Recruitment is under way! • CDE will recruit approximately 150 California educators for its SNE • Application and related information will be available through June 3, 2013 on the CDE Smarter Balanced Web page at

    16. Formative Assessment Advisory Panel Smarter Balanced has convened a Formative Assessment Advisory Panel to develop criteria for the evaluation of resources submitted for inclusion in the Digital Library

    17. Formative Assessment Advisory Panel

    18. Formative Assessment Advisory Panel

    19. Quality Criteria for Digital Library Resources • Each resource will be vetted by three SNE members using the quality criteria developed by the Advisory Panel • If approved, the resource will then be sent to a member of the State Leadership Team for review and approval to the Digital Library

    20. Digital LibraryVetting Workflow Reviewed Submitted Published Resource 1 Grades: K-2, 3-5 Subjects: Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies Digital Library Review by SLT

    21. For Further Information Join the CDE Smarter Balanced listserv by sending a blank e-mail to: CDE Transition Office 916-445-8517 Technology Readiness Coordinator Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Web Site CDE Smarter Balanced Web Page