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Mock Exam Workshop

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Mock Exam Workshop. Block B. In general…. The mock exam is a learning experience It lets you see how timing is really important Take the comments we have given you and use these to improve on November 5 th

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in general
In general…
  • The mock exam is a learning experience
  • It lets you see how timing is really important
  • Take the comments we have given you and use these to improve on November 5th
  • We wrote a lot of comments! Don’t let this intimidate you. We want you to learn from this experience.
in general1
In general…
  • Higher level papers have more sophisticated use of language, quote integration, and ideas.
  • It is possible that you hit all of the main points and don’t get a 6.
    • Your style of writing is important too!
stand alone positives
Stand alone -- positives
  • Most people included the title, author and prompt
  • Most people used quotes to support their points
  • Most people successfully discussed the jump as a metaphor for making important decisions
stand alone ways to improve
Stand alone -- ways to improve
  • Answer the prompt in your introduction
  • Instead of:
    • In the poem “Prelude to Jumping in the River” by Katia Grubisic, the jump acts as a metaphor for making important decisions.
  • Try:
    • The jump in the poem, “Prelude to Jumping in the River” by Katia Grubisic, represents the many important steps in making an important decision such as the mental preparation, the decision itself, and the aftermath of that decision.
stand alone ways to improve1
Stand alone – ways to improve
  • Stay focused on the prompt
  • Read the text carefully
    • Many of you misread the ending
  • Use proper quote integration techniques
  • Use only one paragraph
    • Watch your time here!
synthesis positives
Synthesis -- positives
  • Everyone used a point by point comparison style
  • Most people used quotes as proof
  • Most people had a full developed essay
    • Intro, body paragraphs, conclusion
  • Most people cited their quotes
synthesis ways to improve
Synthesis – ways to improve
  • Answer the prompt in your introduction
  • Keep the prompt in mind as you write
    • Some of you got off topic!
  • Use proper quote integration techniques
  • Develop your points
    • Details!
  • Work on developing a stronger conclusion
original comp positives
Original Comp -- positives
  • Great ideas!
  • Original stories – very creative!
  • Many people wrote narratives
  • Everyone was on topic
original comp ways to improve
Original Comp – ways to improve
  • Write a narrative (tell a story)
    • It is hard to score above a 4 with an expository essay
  • Write correctly
    • Many of you had run-on-sentences and sentence fragments!
  • Use sentence starters
    • Don’t always start with a subject – ex. I
  • Show vs. tell
    • Describe what is happening rather than just telling
re writes
  • If you would like to re-write a section of the exam, I will give you time in class next class.
  • You will not be re-writing the exact same piece.
  • You will be offered a new selection to write about.
  • I would suggest starting with the section where you need to improve the most.
provincial exam tips

Provincial Exam Tips

Yes, you should take notes!

poetry tips
Poetry tips
  • Reread the poem
  • Examine the multiple choice questions
  • Read the poem out loud – whisper read
  • Annotate the poem; think with your pen
  • Focus on the beginning and end of the poem
  • Examine the title of the poem
  • Focus on what you do know
  • Consider doing poetry section last
  • Tone – “High School Senior”
  • Contrast – “Summer in Yakima Valley”
  • Metaphor – “Prelude to Jumping…”
  • Symbolism – “Birthday Present From…”
  • Theme – “Railway Club Blues”
  • Irony – “Ordinary Life”
  • Oftentimes deals with nature
  • See if you can tie to theme
  • Attitude
  • Feeling
  • Adjectives are essential - nostalgic
  • Avoid re-telling of plot
  • Avoid happy, mad, sad, glad
  • E.g. “Basement Stairs,” “High School Senior” and “Quarry Pigeon Cove”
  • Can be done in two paras
  • Equal time
  • Look for shift in poem:
    • yet, but, and
    • Stanza break, line break, white space
  • E.g. “Summer in the Yakima Valley”
symbolism metaphor
Symbolism & Metaphor
  • X = Y
  • Need to explain both sides of equation
  • Need multiple examples
  • E.g. “Birthday Present from First Born”


  • Look at end of poem
  • Examine the title
  • If a character learned something, you should too
  • Should be stated in subject verb format
  • Difference between lyric and didactic poetry themes
  • E.g. “Railway Club Blues”
more than one topic
More than one topic
  • MUST deal with both prompts
  • Not necessarily equal but cannot be one sentence either
  • Generally the second topic is theme (see theme page for details)
  • E.g. “Crab” (imagery and attitude)

“Quarter Horse Colts” (imagery and theme)

writing tips
Writing Tips
  • Author, title and prompt in topic sentence
  • “title of poem”
  • “speaker” not narrator
  • Don’t confuse author/poet with speaker
  • “~~~~~~” (l. 14).
  • “~~~~~[changed text]~~~~” (l.14).
  • “~~~~~/~~~~~~/~~~~~” (l. 14-16).
  • Be sure you have a concluding sentence
  • There will be a lot of irony – not just one or two examples of it.
  • Explain why it is ironic.
  • Be sure to use APE here.
  • Examine why the poet is using irony…what is its effect.
  • E.g. “Ordinary Life”
synthesis tips
Synthesis tips
  • Read the prompt first
  • Mark up the texts
  • Read the texts multiple times. You have the time to do this! Use it.
  • Check bibliography on last page for citing
  • Select quotes carefully and avoid over or under quoting
  • Integration of quotes is a higher level skill
  • Be sure to answer the prompt
synthesis writing tips
Synthesis Writing Tips
  • Title, author, and prompt in introduction
  • “Title” or Title – check the reference page
  • “narrator”
  • Do not confuse author with narrator
  • “~~~~~~~” (para. 2).
  • “~~~~~ [changed text]~~~” (para, 2).
  • “~~~~~…~~~~” (para. 2).
  • Vary quote integration; limit full sentence quotes

Possible Synthesis topics

  • Compare and contrast most grade 10 topics
  • Who is more / less X Be-ers and Doers vs. Most Powerful
  • How would x respond to y Hap vs. Andy Warhol
  • What qualities do they share? Blindly vs. Versabraille
  • Assess… (to what extent) Circus in Town vs. Happyness
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Answer the prompt in the intro and use the body paragraphs to answer the question “why”.
  • Give as much evidence from the texts as possible.
  • Use synthesis words between stories to smooth information
original composition
Original Composition
  • The markers want to see what you have learned in 12 years of education. This is your time to show off. Consider doing this section first so fatigue isn’t a factor.
  • This section should NOT be completed in less than an hour.
  • I strongly advise you edit and proofread this section carefully.
original composition avoid
Original Composition - Avoid
  • “In this paper I will…”
  • “It is very interesting / important / unique because…”
  • “As you can see…”; “So you can see I have proven…”
  • “It was a dark and stormy night…”
  • “And then I woke up…”
  • happy, mad, sad, glad, bad and other bad diction
  • Dialogue punctuated incorrectly or over done
  • Vulgar language or content
  • “And then…” structure that ends in too much plot
  • Long boring narratives
  • Cliches
  • Poorly done parodies
original composition do
Original Composition - Do
  • Have an interesting opening line
  • Answer the prompt fully
  • Try to illicit an emotional response
  • Focus on something small and do it well
  • Go over 300 words
  • Show off. It is about content AND style.
  • Remember your audience. The marker will not be impressed that you wrote from a male perspective if they have no idea you are female. And, they can usually spot fabrications.
the difference between a 5 6
The difference between a 5 & 6


  • most students write persuasively – maybe try something different or a combination of styles. Narratives work well.
  • sentence variety
  • sentence starters: noun, -ly ending, -ing ending, subordinate conj.,
  • try using similes, metaphors, irony, foreshadowing, flashbacks, personification
past topics
Past Topics
  • The best gifts are the simplest ones
  • Role models influence our lives
  • Experiences shape relationships
  • We learn most from those closest to us
  • Memories influence our lives
past topics continued
Past Topics Continued
  • Our views of the past change as we mature
  • Self awareness leads to meaningful change
  • Certain events change our impressions of life