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How to Build a SendOutCards Business on a Part-Time Schedule PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Build a SendOutCards Business on a Part-Time Schedule

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How to Build a SendOutCards Business on a Part-Time Schedule - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Build a SendOutCards Business on a Part-Time Schedule. Three Key Ingredients to Building a Successful Business. Duplication : Systems don’t fail; people do.

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How to Build a SendOutCards Business on a Part-Time Schedule

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Three Key Ingredients to

Building a Successful Business

  • Duplication: Systems don’t fail; people do.
    • Use 3rd party tools (validators) like the DVD or video link, recorded opportunity call, recorded GAW, recorded ways to get started, 3-way calls, conference calls, business overview meetings, cards
  • Consistency: Share our product and opportunity at least 3 times a week, and more if you can. It’s a number’s game!
  • Time: Give yourself time to learn, grow, and succeed! By working your business consistently over time, you will see greater results. PLAN to be doing this a year from now.



(6-8 hours a week)

Schedule time blocks for these activities:

1. Send cards &gifts (use campaigns to economize your time if there are certain cards you keep recreating).  Keep this simple and heartfelt.

2. Sort people everywhere you go & build your list: Do you keep your options open for looking at additional ways you can earn income?

3. Present our product & opportunity:Use the tools rather than doing all the talking (business overview video, GAW).

4. Follow-up(calls, emails, cards)

5. Train new customers and reps. Point to the tools and set up check-ins to confirm that they have done what they said they would watch.  

6. Personal development (listen while cooking, driving, getting dressed, doing dishes or housework, etc. ) so this does not eat into time blocks.


Factors to Keep in Mind

1. Your own energy/creativity level/ability to focus. Schedule your low-energy activities during your lowest energy times.

2. Other people's availability.  If you are sending a card, text or email, you can do that anytime.  If you are calling or meeting with someone, there are only certain times that you can do that. When are they most likely available? Block out your time accordingly. 

3. Use "templates" for repetitive things. Economize how much time it takes to compose a message, card etc.

4. Use snippets of time effectively.  Determine which activities can fit in the cracks so you have productive activities identified when you find a little tiny 5-minute treasure of available time.

5. Multi-task some things.  Example: some personal development recordings or team calls can be listened to while driving, exercising, doing a chore that requires little to no concentration, etc.



  • "The key is not to prioritize your schedule,
  • but to schedule your priorities."
  • -Stephen R. Covey

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  The mind is very powerful.  What you think about is what you’ll manifest in your life.  For example, if you tell yourself, “Don’t watch TV,” then your focus is on watching TV. 

TIP: Create a list of alternative things you choose to do with that time, and tape the list on the remote control. When you reach for the remote, you will see your list of other choices to consider.


Be Selective! – DeMarr Zimmerman

“Jim, before we sign you up in your new business let me tell you what I am looking for. Although I have a lot of fun doing this business, I take sponsoring you very seriously. I don’t want you to sign up as an MD if you just want to “Try” it. 

If I am going to invest my time, you need to know the five things I think you need to commit to as an MD…

Jim, do you have a real desire to make some money at this, not as a hobby, but as a business?

Are you willing to commit to a 1 to 4 year run at this and consistently commit to at least a few hours a week to building your business?

With doing what I did with you, do you believe you can find 3 to 20 people in your first year from the people you know and will get to know. I mean people that are willing to pay $395 and become MDs and own their own business?

Sorting people like I did to you, do you believe you can find 10 to 20 people over the course of the year that are 2s and will sign up as $31 preferred customers?

Jim, are you coachable or are you the type that will try to reinvent the wheel?”

If my potential MD is willing to commit to these 5 things, then I am willing and ready to help them.


After you’ve been oriented, earned your investment back, and started being profitable:

    • Clear your calendar, negotiate with family
    • Add two new contacts/day to your Contact Manager.
    • 5 calls a day to set appointments (30 calls per week). (If you miss a day, that means double calls for the next day.)
    • Do a presentation 6 days a week (24 per month) to share SOC with a prospect (in person or by phone) and follow up!
    • Send 2 cards a day and a gift a week.
    • Keep track of your activities in writing!
    • Get an accountability partner.





  • Let go of your attachment to the outcome.
  • Focus on your activities and your mindset!

Three Criteria:

  • Mutual respect already established
  • Looking for an opportunity
  • Have the money to start today







Email recap from Jordan’s team call on 2/17/14:

Many of you heard Eric Worre's 90 minute video broadcast, "How to Recruit 20 people in 30 days.“ Eric says that if you want to make it big in Network Marketing, at some point you must do this! He is partially right. In my last company I made $8 million and never did a 90 day blast. I sponsored 1 per month for 13 years working part time. I had 5 people out of 129 that went out and built substantial businesses. In SendOutCards, I signed up 38 people between my 10th and 15th weeks, that was a blast!

About 80% of my income today comes from those initial 5 weeks. So what Eric says is true. The other side of the coin is, "Slow and steady can win the race if you sponsor a few others that do a 90 day blast!" There are many ways to skin this cat and although it's true that the philosophy of "just don't quit" won't make you money if you do little to nothing, as long as you continue to sponsor new distributors over time, you can win. I've seen it many times before.



I highly, highly, highly recommend sponsoring 20 distributors in 30 days but if you don't do it, you are not "done".

It's much less painful to do it fast vs slow. I agree with Eric on this. You can get from point A to point B in an airplane or a moped. An airplane is faster and more comfortable. Do it fast if you choose to but if you don't do it fast, that means nothing other than it will take you longer.

Restart as many times as you need to. Tonight's call can prepare you for doing it the fast way. The only reason I went fast in SOC is because I had prepared myself through networking. In fact I can tell you that MOST of the  people Eric was referencing that sponsored a whole bunch of people in a short period of time did so because they had a large network of people they could call that would at least listen. So use tonight's call as a lesson to establish a community of people that you have built social capital with…a group of people that care to listen to what you bring to the table.

Click here to listen to this call.

30-60-90 Day



Follow up (calls, emails, cards)

    • Voice message: “Your gift account is going to expire. I am calling to see if you know what you’d like to do or if you need more time. You can reach me at 425-881-6627, and I will also keep trying to reach you.”

Success Tip


It’s not who YOU know.

It’s who THEY know!


It’s not who YOU know.

It’s who THEY know!

Kathy Paauw Team (3788)






Nicole (1526)


Jules (1455)

Simon (626)


Celine (614)

Dhea (436)

Clyde (483)

JohnDonna (365)

Frank (105)


How do I find the time?

  • You’ll never FIND the time.
  • You must MAKE the time for whatever is important to you.


  • Are you busy being busy?
  • Whether you have 3-4 hours a week or 30-40 hours a week, the business-building activitiesare the SAME.
  • The only DIFFERENCE is that you do the same business-building activities with more people. It’s a numbers game!

Cravings can never be fulfilled without


SUCCESS TIP: Take the RIGHT action!


Don’t Give Up!

  • This is the #1 common thread that ALL successful network marketing professionals point to for their success!
  • What do you need to keep going?
  • Accountability partner
  • What’s your why that makes you cry?
  • Personal development – reduces stinkin’ thinkin’
  • Let go of your attachment to the outcome
  • Desperation kills opportunity! Have other reliable income while building your business.