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Death of a Poison Pen

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Death of a Poison Pen. Author: M.C. Beaton By: Kiana Hurdle Mr. Novelli. About The Author. Marion Chesney Born in 1936 in Glasgow, Scotland Has an alias named M.C. Beaton As Chesney she’s written historical and romance novels

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death of a poison pen

Death of a Poison Pen

Author: M.C. Beaton

By: Kiana Hurdle

Mr. Novelli

about the author
About The Author
  • Marion Chesney
  • Born in 1936 in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Has an alias named M.C. Beaton
  • As Chesney she’s written historical and romance novels
  • As Beaton she’s written mystery, suspense and thriller novels
about the book
About The Book

Hamish Macbeth Mysteries , No. 20

256 pages

February 1st, 2004

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Some other books by M.C. Beaton:

Agatha Raisin series(22 books)

Hamish Macbeth series(27 books)

Next book is in the Hamish Macbeth series – Death of a Sweep (February 2011)


Hamish Macbeth- One of the main characters; a police officer/detective who is trying to find the writer of the poison pen letters.

Jenny Ogilvie- One of the main characters; attracted to Hamish and Pat and loves to experience new things.

Priscilla Halburton-Smythe- Hamish’s ex fiancé.

Pat Malone- the local journalist who falls in love with Jenny.

Miss Beattie- loved by Hamish and dies from a poison pen letter.

Miss Andrew- The local school teacher and the writer of the poison pen letters.

conflicts in the book
Conflicts In The Book

The conflicts in the book are:

In Lochdubh, Jenny is trying to find love

There are poison pen letters being sent all around Lochdubh and Braikie and no one knows who is sending them.

Hamish is trying to find out who is sending the letters and send them to jail.


The residents of Braikie (the neighboring city of Lochdubh) start to receive letters from a mysterious writer. When they first start seeing the letters many people ignore them. But then many people start to die from them and they start calling these letter poison pen letters.

The book starts with a girl named Jenny Ogilvie who is in London talking to Hamish Macbeth’s ex fiancée, Priscilla Halburton-Smythe, about Hamish. From what Priscilla is saying Jenny feels she may be compatible with Hamish. She also wants to explore the world and experience new things. So she says that she was going to move to Lochdubh to meet Hamish and live in Scotland. When she gets there she sees that Scotland is not up to date like London is and starts to rethink her decision but she stays there anyway. When she finally meets Hamish she sees that he is an attractive man but she finds out from the locals that he is in love with Miss Beattie.

After living in Lochdubh Jenny realizes that she might like it there so she gets a job with Hamish in the police and detective field. Jenny and Hamish go out and try to find out who is sending these letters and stop them before they start appearing everywhere in Scotland. They then go and see Miss Beattie to ask her if she has heard anything about the letters. When they get there they find her hung over her desk with a poison pen letter under her. Hamish goes into a depression from the loss of the person he loved and stops working for awhile. Jenny then realizes that Hamish is not interested in her so she decides that she might want to move back but then she sees that there is a new journalist that works at the police station . His name was Pat Malone and she is instantly connected to him and he is to her as well. So they start dating and they get engaged. When Hamish finally recovers from his depression he is then very determined in finding out who is writing these letters. He does his research and asks many people and finds out that the local school teacher, Miss Andrew, is the writer of the poison pen letters. Because of Hamish being in a depression 3 more people have died from the letters. At the end of the book they send Miss Andrew to jail and she somehow hangs herself with a letter she wrote underneath her.

recommendations and my thoughts
Recommendations And My Thoughts

I recommend this book to people who like mystery, suspense and thriller books.

The book was interesting to me because of the suspense and mystery in who was sending the letters.