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EGC. Daily Schedule. Before we start…. How are you doing today?. Before we start…. What year are you in?. Class note…. Please answer in full sentences ( 문장 ) Why??? Final Interview. Video games. What is your hobby?. You will NOT get full points!!!. So now is a good time to practice!.

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Daily Schedule

before we start
Before we start…

How are you doing today?

before we start1
Before we start…

What year are you in?

class note
Class note…
  • Please answer in full sentences (문장)
  • Why???
  • Final Interview

Video games

What is

your hobby?

You will NOT get full points!!!

So now is a good time to practice!

a better answer
A better answer…

My hobby is


video games.

I (동사)…

I get up at 7. / I wake up around 8.

I shower. / I take a shower. / I take a bath.

I eat breakfast. / I have breakfast.

I (동사)…

I walk to school.

I get to school on foot.

I take the bus. / I catch the bus.

I ride the bus. / I get to school by bus.

I go to class. / I study. / I go to EGC.


I eat lunch.

Doyou eat lunch?

Yes, I do

when do you what time do you
When do you 동사…?What time do you 동사…?


(쯤) about






  • AT THE WEEKEND (영국/호주)
when do you
When do you …?

I eat lunch at noon.

I eat lunch around 11:30.

I have lunch about 1:15.

When do you eat lunch?

When do you go to bed?

What time do you eat dinner?

When do you go home?

What time do you wake up?

When do you study English? I study English ON Monday…

When is your birthday?

What month were you born? I was born IN October.

What year were you born?

do you
Do you…?

Do you take the bus?

Yes, I do.

No, I don’t.

… doesn’t take the bus.

How do you get to school?

I get to school

by bus

by taxi

by subway

by train

by plane

by bike

by boat

by ship

ON FOOT (불규칙)

Do you go to the white library on Monday?

Do you meet your girlfriend during the week?

Do you study at night?

Do you have breakfast in the morning?

What time do you get home?

Do you always have lunch at the same time?

do you drink
Do you drink 소주?

Yes, I do!

Do you drink 소주 in the morning?

No, I don’t.

Do you drink 소주 on Monday?

No, I don’t.

Do you drink 소주 in class?

Are you crazy? NO, I DON’T!

But you said, “YOU DRINK SOJU!!!”

I usually drink soju

how often do you drink
How often do you drink 소주?

얼마나 자주…?

I 부사동사…

I sometimes drink 소주.

I rarely go to night clubs.

I never smoke.

I usually finish my homework.

I often drink coffee.

How often do you 동사…?

exception to be
(불규칙 / exception – to be)

Are you 명/형/전/동+ing)?

Are you sick?

How often are you sick?

I am (부사)…

I am never sick.

I am rarely sick.

How often are you late for class?

How often are you in the white library?

How often are you studying at home?

How often are you a tutor (과외)?


Once a day…

Twice a week…

Three times a month…

Four times a year…

I 부사 동사…

Once a day I take a shower.

I take a shower once a day.

Twice a month I go to bar (술집)

I go to a bar twice a month.

Three times a week I study for the civil servant test (공무원)

I study for the civil servant test three times a week.

but not
But not…

I three times a week study English.

Three times a week I study English.

I study English three times a week.

Notice (불규칙) – once a …day/week/month/year

- twice a ….

Three times a day…

Four times a month…

Ten times a week…

Fifty times a year…

매일 – Every day…

Every day I work out.

I work out every day.

work out - 운동하다

월, 수, 금

Every other day, I clean my house.

I meet my girlfriend every other day.

Every other student in the class stand up.

(2008, 2010, 2012, 2014) – I go to Canada every other year.

find and fix the mistake
Find and Fix the Mistake…
  • I once a week go out with my friends.
  • I never am late for class.
  • I am always study in the white library.
  • I always don’t exercise.
find and fix the mistake1
Find and Fix the Mistake…
  • Once a week Igo out with my friends.

I go out with my friends once a week.

  • I am never late for class.
  • I am always studying in the white library.

4. I don’t always exercise.

  • 술집 –
  • 전공 –
  • 공무원 –
  • 수능 –
  • 매일 –
  • 대학원 –
  • 숙취 -
  • 술집 – a b.. / a p.b
  • 전공 – m.j.r
  • 공무원 – a c…l serv…
  • 수능 – university entrance exam
  • 매일 – e…. d..
  • 대학원 – gra….. sch…
  • 숙취 – a ha.. o… / to be hu.. o…
  • 술집 – a bar / a pub
  • 전공 – major
  • 공무원 – a civil servant
  • 수능 – university entrance exam
  • 매일 – every day
  • 대학원 – graduate school
  • 숙취 – a hang over / to be hung over