Puyallup School District Leadership conference August 9, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

puyallup school district leadership conference august 9 2012 n.
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Puyallup School District Leadership conference August 9, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Puyallup School District Leadership conference August 9, 2012

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Puyallup School District Leadership conference August 9, 2012
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Puyallup School District Leadership conference August 9, 2012

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  1. Puyallup School District Leadership conferenceAugust 9, 2012 Service Leadership

  2. Thank You! … and Welcome! • Deepest thanks for the kind welcome to Puyallup! • …and a very warm welcome to those who are joining us! Leadership Service

  3. Focus and Objective… • Our shared message to the community… • Our foundational “understandings”… • Our beginning “core values” for the work and direction of the district • Our beginning “norms” for our work together • The “strategic direction” of our district • Our common understanding of quality instruction • An observation of how we perceive our work Leadership Service

  4. “Building Upon Strengths…” • The belief and trust that the community has for the PSD… • Wonderful work of the past… and the skills of our team… • A caring group of people… who are aware and willing to“go to the pressure...” • “Building upon strengths” is the message moving forth… Leadership Service

  5. Foundational “Understandings” • Relationships • We demonstrate…trust, respect, kindness, empathy and understanding… “ We deposit in the moral bank account…” • Systems that Serve • We are they… We make it work, We accept the challenge and pass the credit… “ We under promise and over deliver…” • Our Ability to Perform • “We perform by supporting those who serve children… and by helping to them improve their capacity and ability to do so…” Leadership Service

  6. “Core Values” • Each person within our organization is first an “Educator”. • We are a learning organization and our leadership is in the form of service. • We are a model of professionalism for all in our district to follow. • Providing an education to “each child”, and directly supporting those who do, is essential work. • Public education is the foundation of our community and our society. Leadership Service

  7. District Operating “Norms” • Honor Time (be on time, use time wisely, all voices heard…) • Be Prepared (read in advance, prepare agendas, be ready to contribute, to listen, to support, to serve…be present) • Assume Positive Intent (seek first to understand and share with respect…) • Be Kinder Than Necessary (be welcoming, notice the contributions of all, affirm good work, and smile) • Be Professional in all Interactions (leaders go first) • Follow the Three Universal Rules for Success 1) Think before we speak or act, 2) If we find ourselves in a hole… stop digging, and 3) Don’t do anything that wouldn’t make one’s mother proud… Leadership Service

  8. “Strategic Direction of OUR District” Leadership Service

  9. “Instructional Framework & TPEP” • Why this Matters to Each “Educator” in Our District… • Our Common Approach to Quality Instruction… • An Authentic Opportunity to “Come Along Side”… • Aligned Acts of Improvement … • Job Embedded Professional Development… • Our Purpose… Service to “Each Child” Leadership Service

  10. How “WE” Approach “OUR” Work… • We and Our vs. Me, My and I… • Moral Authority vs. Positional Authority… • Making an idea “OUR” idea! • Whose contribution made “OUR” work better? “WE” are a Team! Leadership Service

  11. The Power of Perception and Message…A thought to share… Leadership Service

  12. Thank you! “WE” will do great work together! Leadership Service