exercise w ithout a bad hair d ay n.
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Exercise W ithout a Bad Hair D ay PowerPoint Presentation
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Exercise W ithout a Bad Hair D ay

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Exercise W ithout a Bad Hair D ay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exercise W ithout a Bad Hair D ay. Lets face it, hair is a big issue when it comes to working out… While exercises is great for your health, it is not so great on your hair… So where does that leave us?. To help you get fit , and look fabulous ,

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Lets face it, hair is a big issue when it comes to working out…

While exercises is great for your health,

it is not so great on your hair…

So where does that leave us?


To help you get fit,

and look fabulous,

stylists have provided tips that will help keep your hair healthy and looking good during and after your work out.


If you are prone to sweating, the number one thing to remember is:

do not work out with your hair under a scarf or hat.

This only causes more irritation to your finished results by locking in moisture, leaving your hair wet.


Cotton scarves, hats, headbands, etc. can cause friction on your hairline,

which over time can lead to breakage. If you use something to hold your hair in place, make sure it's made of satin or silk — materials better suited for your hair.

However, after your workout, and before you shower, you can wrap your hair with your favorite silk scar to help smooth out any hair that may have gotten a little damp during your workout.

a style that works
A Style That Works!

If you wear your hair in a straight style, wrapping it up with a breathable hair net will work best.

This keeps your hair in place, while allowing the perspiration and heat created at the scalp area during your workout to escape. It's also best to keep your hair tied up until your scalp area has fully dried.


If you workout in ponytails, be sure to move the position of the ponytail around; keeping your ponytail in the same spot may cause breakage over time.

But don't be afraid to pull your hair back into a ponytail! This will discourage your hair from curling up at the roots. It's easier to smooth out the crinkle from the ponytail holder than it is to smooth out your entire hair at the roots.


If you wear a curlier style, pin curling your hair while you exercise and leaving them in place until your scalp dries will help your curls' durability.

accessories your best friend
Accessories- your best friend
  • Hair accessories are your friend. Hats, scarves, headbands, ponytail holders, barrettes and clips can rescue and update your style after a workout.
  • Stop fighting your hair!
  • If it curls up after you workout, use a product that will help to enhance and manage your curl. If it falls flat, try a volumizing product to create the lift you are looking for.
another problem oily or dry hair
Another Problem: Oily or Dry Hair
  • Sweating profusely leads to oily hair, while showering after a workout can cause excessive dryness, stylists say.
  • Both conditions can be prevented by using a dry shampooinstead of a regular one after working out.

All in all, no advice is foolproof. Just don'tsacrificeyour workout while trying to maintain your hair style! Be brave and try something new! Make your hair and your workout work for you. Remember, it's about being healthy — that's what makes you beautiful.

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