registered as a fungicide for botrytis control n.
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Registered as a Fungicide for Botrytis Control in Grapes PowerPoint Presentation
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Registered as a Fungicide for Botrytis Control in Grapes

Registered as a Fungicide for Botrytis Control in Grapes

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Registered as a Fungicide for Botrytis Control in Grapes

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  1. Registered as a Fungicide for Botrytis Control in Grapes Its main use is as an Adjuvant with other products to improve Disease and Pest Control in Grapes TM TM

  2. Protectorhml What is it? • Protectorhml is a pure potassium soap manufactured from fractions of vegetable oils – it is not and does not contain oil. • Chemically it is a unique complex of fatty acids of potassium salts. No two soaps act in the same way, some may or may not be fungicidal, insecticidal, herbicidal or soluble. • Fatty acids are naturally occurring in plants and animals. The fatty acids making up Protectorhml are identical to those contained in wine. TM

  3. ProtectorhmlCompatible with ? • Wettable Sulphur • Copper – hydroxide and oxide • Potassium bicarbonate • Seaweed and some fish extracts (not fish oils) • Several biologicals – note in most cases it is not cleared by other manufacturers. • Commonly used with Captan and other chemicals - be aware of compatibility and alkaline hydrolysis.

  4. ProtectorhmlNot compatible with ? • Many trace element supplements, such as calcium based products or products that contain nitrogen as a synergist/sticker. • Many chemicals and/or the adjuvants or other additives contained in them. • There is about to be more information on the website. Hort Research compatibility studies with sodium bicarbonate. • Precautions to apply:- Avoid compounds that are not compatible with alkaline materials or suffer from alkaline hydrolysis. Undertake a ‘jar’ test to check for flocculation or scum. Do not leave any spray mix sit for long periods Always rinse out spray tanks after use.

  5. ProtectorhmlModes of action as an adjuvant • Protector spreads its companion product better than the companion product would under normal spray conditions. (Slide 6) • Protector when wet, gathers spores together. (Slide 8) • Protector, as a potassium soap, provides some degree of UV protection. (Numerous scientific articles on internet) • Protector has its own fungicidal and fungistatic activity. • Protector when it dries is not immediately soluble again as it goes through a ‘gel’ state. It requires more than a wet surface to move it off – acting as a sticker .

  6. the spreading activity of ProtectorhmlExample – Protectorhml and Sulphur

  7. the spreading activity maths ofProtectorhml

  8. Protectorhml – an anionic surfactantmicroscopic surface photo - the gathering of spores (dyed blue)

  9. Another Potassium soap with free vegetable oilMicroscopic surface photo – fungal spores (dyed blue)

  10. Powdery Mildew Trials (PM1)Protectorhml + Sulphur or Copper • 2005/06 - Verdelho block (2.4ha) decimated with Powdery Mildew • 2006/07 - Replicated Hand Sprayer Trial – 15 Treatments, remainder of block DMIs and S • 2007/08 - Machine Sprayed Trial – 6 treatments • 2008/09 – Confirming with full vineyard trials in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

  11. Hand Sprayed Trial 2006/07 (PM2)Summary of Treatments

  12. Hand Sprayed Trial 2006/07 (PM3)

  13. Machine Sprayed Trial 2007/08Protectorhml and Sulphur - Dates, Rates and Intervals(PM4)

  14. Machine Sprayed Trial 2007/08 (PM5)Results

  15. Protectorhml and CopperPowdery Mildew Trials –Hort Research Studies (PM 6)

  16. Erinose Mite Control (PM7) Erinose mite was studied on the side of our powdery mildew studies. Best control was achieved by an application of 7% lime sulphur to ‘run off’ on trunks and cordons at ‘woolly bud stage’ – between the growth stages of photographs, left and centre. In Hawkes Bay, only once was required and no follow up was required the following season – in both trial and commercial settings. All treatments following ‘woolly bud’ suppressed rather than eradicated. Erinose Mite control improves with increased • Sulphur Rate • Water Rate • and the inclusion of Protectorhml

  17. A comparison of Protectorhml and standard Botrytis programmes assessed at vintage. Values are the percentage of crop infected with Botrytis. Summary of Protectorhml efficacy against botrytis (7 years) * data from 2002-03 seasons has not been statistically analysed ** full field rate applied at 750-1000l/ha (high volume) Figures in parenthesis are the number of applications.

  18. Late season efficacy of Protectorhml against Botrytis Four applications of ProtectorTM (2%) were applied post veraison to vines at the Lawn Rd Research Centre, Hawkes Bay in the 2002-03 growing season to determine if late season only applications reduced Botrytis bunch rot at harvest. Key finding · ProtectorTM was at least as effective as Captan and demonstrated late season efficacy against Botrytis fruit infection.

  19. Monowai Chardonnay Handspray after veraisonHML32 and others – Summary Fruit Composition

  20. Monowai Chardonnay Handspray after veraisonHML32 and others – brix and yield comparisons