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Essay writing service - type my essay for me

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  1. Write my essay for mewith Domywriting.comserviceBest Writers For You

  2. Writing: Secrets of a Writer Secrets...Betcha' Can't Keep 'Em.... "I've got a secret and you don't know it." Anyone ever said that to you?? Of course they have. Well, at least, I know it was said to me, plenty of times. Even as an adult. And sometimes I wish they wouldn't because I then want to know what it is that they know that surely I must hear or I will burst. Writers too have secrets. And, no doubt, some of them are the same for most of us and some of them differ greatly. Some of the secrets we share have to do with the mechanics of writing. You know, the necessary part of constructing a tale or nonfiction piece that is worthy of the consideration of others....the mundane parts of writing that, in the long run, do form a basis for the creative part of writing to emerge. How we do that does differ greatly. As you read the works of many just here on HubPages for instance you may know even before you look at the author's name who it is that wrote it. Over time we develop a style and our voice comes through in our writing. Secrets...there are many.

  3. Type my essay for me • Awakened in the wee hours overflowing with ideas, • Words calling, chanting, singing • Haunting • Metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification.... • declarative interrogative exclamatory imperative ....sentence types learned eons ago (for some of us)... • Parts of speech can be cantankerous and troublesome...when a verb can be a noun or a noun a verb ....don't those crazy words know their place??? • The billowing wave rolled up to shore; • One excited, little child will wave at us when we drive by his home. • And many many more rules..punctuation and paragraphing etcetera etceteraetecetera. • Calgon, won't you please take me away??!! • Secrets...this is just the beginning of those as yet undisclosed ways you, Little Words, have power of me...

  4. Enchanted by Adverbs... • Angrily, hastily, beautifully.... • adverbs work their magic....deliciously dancing in our noggins ....sometimes • at other times they languish within the folds of our grey matter----like a lazy day in the hottest part of any summer.... • and, then unexpectedly, without a hint, sentinels heralding the story that will become...mystical, magical adverbs appear, cautiously... • awaiting a perfect moment to appear, stealthily but, unselfishly. • Without their appearance, writing may appear somewhat droll.... • try it sometime...write a piece with no adverbs...consciously decide not to select even one and see if it works. • And it will...in some cases...but to me it seems it would be akin to viewing a rainbow with only drab gray colors... • Adverbs put the sparkle in my writing...

  5. Between the A and the T • When I was a wee bit of a girl, I would call out, "Daddy, where are you at?" and he would invariably reply, 'Between the A and the T." • I never got it. Not till I was much older and learning to use 'proper English.' • Those doggone prepositions. • Don't end sentences with them...never ever!! • ....Over and over I heard that when I was a young writer in high school... • Now I end sentences with them because I can....there are still those who strictly adhere to the preposition rule but after six decades plus, I think a • little literary license is AOK. • I fell down. • (No, no...anyway..how else would I fall? O, I suppose I could fall up a stairway if I planned it just right.) • What did I come in this room for? (No no) • Okay, so maybe the writing is more polished with an object after the preposition but there are just times when I feel a need to be foot loose and • fancy free. • Soon I will leave home to go out and about.

  6. A Few Secrets of DoMyWriting 1. Getting lost in novels and works of nonfiction (really my most preferred reading) fills my gray matter with ideas 2. And, did I say, I read. A lot. I even read things that are of no particular interest to me at first glance and often find myself totally engaged in the reading of a topic I may have shunned in the past. 3. People watching finds its way into my writing from time to time....facial expressions, body language, snibbets of conversation swirl around in my mind and may surface at some point in an article. 4. Reading about writing and what makes it 'work' is something do my essay for methat finds its way on my to-do list too. Reading what those who are accomplished writers have to say about how-to improve and how to publish works for me....dispelling the old 'you can't teach and old dog new tricks' saying.... 5. I remember what someone told me many years ago when I first knew I HAD to write.... "Don't ever become too enarmoured with your own words. Be unafraid to erase, remove, delete a word. Each piece of writing you do is a 'work in progress.'" And those words of wisdom have held me in good stead down through the ages. 6. One secret which is probably one many of us do is this: I write and let the writing 'rest.' I may leave it alone for a few hours or a few days. And when I go back I edit and rewrite and let it 'rest' again. I find too that I edit after I publish as well. (I do miss errors even as many times as I edit and re-edit and when I find them I change them. I even have lovelies here on HubPages who have my back and will inform me of a boo-boo. I do the same as well in an email, never in a comment. And apologize if they do not want to be informed. One person wrote me a scathing note because I, in a friendly way, pointed out an error via email...so you may not wish to risk it. ) Other secrets...well, I have to keep some really as 'secret', you know.

  7. Another little tidbit... • Choosing only two secrets, I would select read and write. • Read nonfiction and fiction in great abundance. • Read works by authors who have stood the test of time. • Read by authors whose writings you fall into when you are reading them. • Read works that inspire, entertain, uplift, challenge, stimulate, move you to action and reaction. • Be very certain to read something funny...something that makes you laugh out loud...every day. • And write. Write some every single day. • And read some more. • And write some more.

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