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Welcome Parents to 3D!

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Welcome Parents to 3D! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Parents to 3D!. Miss Benton. Welcome to 3 rd Grade! . Welcome - Please find your child’s desk and a special note for you. There’s a page for you to write a message to your child. This PowerPoint presentation will be available on my Webpage for further review.

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welcome to 3 rd grade
Welcome to 3rd Grade!
  • Welcome - Please find your child’s desk and a special note for you. There’s a page for you to write a message to your child.
  • This PowerPoint presentation will be available on my Webpage for further review.
3 rd grade handbook
3rd Grade Handbook
  • Arrival time starts at 7:10 a.m.
  • Students will sit at the third grade lunch tables and will be greeted at 7:30 a.m. by their teachers.
  • Students need to arrive by 7:45 a.m.
  • Morning Prayer and SerraVision start at 7:45.
  • First class starts at 7:55 a.m.
  • Tardy at 7:45. If he/she arrives after that, students must get a late pass at the front office.
handbook continued
Handbook - Continued
  • On rainy days, please plan to pack a snack . The Snack bar will be closed. If your child forgets a lunch, the health room provides lunch for a fee of $5.00. A bill will be sent home.
  • Dismissal time is 2:40-3:05. If your child is not picked up by 3:05, they will be checked into extended care and a fee will be charged.
homework policy
Homework Policy
  • Vacation/Sick days - When a child is sick, he/she will have the same number of days absent to make up any work or tests.
  • If your child was/is on vacation, he/she will make up any missed work or tests upon returning. No work or tests will be given ahead of time.
ipads come to 3 rd grade
iPads come to 3rd Grade!

3rd Grade is very excited to be given the opportunity to explore and enhance learning for the 21st century scholars. The use of iPads takes learning to a new level!

  • Engage interactively with content.
  • Abundance of resources – Takes the classroom beyond these four walls.
  • Promotes personal responsibility, organizational skills and ownership for learning.
  • Instruction is tailored to guide each child towards reaching his/her fullest potential.
reading wonders mcgraw hill
Reading WondersMcGraw-Hill

This year we have implemented a new reading program titled Reading Wonders.

  • The program incorporates the Common Core State Standards.
  • Available in a 100% digital format.
  • Integration of reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.
  • 50% fiction, 50% information text
  • Focus on text evidence, close reading of complex tests, collaborative conversations.
homework an extension to your child s learning
Homework: An extension to your child’s learning
  • Homework assigned will fit into one of these categories:
  • Math Drills – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division should be practiced daily to strengthen your child’s proficiency.
  • Review – Students should spend time at home studying, preparing for tests, and memorizing and practicing math facts.
  • Reading – Students are encouraged to read materials of their choice at their own reading level. Reading silently or to an adult for at least 20 minutes each day is highly encouraged.
  • Unfinished Work – Incomplete class assignments may be sent home depending on student’s capabilities.
  • Research – Work involving the use of encyclopedias, newspaper, library books, or the internet and will be assigned on an extended-time basis.
homework guidelines
Homework Guidelines
  • All homework is to be neat and complete to receive ANY credit. Homework should take about 45-60 minutes each night including independent reading.
  • Each child is responsible for completing homework assignments and turning them in on time.
  • Late and/or missing work will result in the loss of 1 conduct point.
  • Please review your child’s finished homework. Your immediate feedback is a fantastic learning tool!
homework guidelines continued
Homework Guidelines - Continued
  • Homework will be posted on Teacher Web, however, please do NOT rely on the web. The students will be using myHomework app to enter their homework assignments.
  • Reminder: No phone calls are permitted to bring in work and books.
uniform policy
Uniform Policy
  • Please make sure your child comes to school in the appropriate uniform.
  • Mass, Adoration, Reconciliation Days formal uniform is required.
  • Our school policy about shirts and socks is as follows:

1. Girls must wear white, knee-high socks on formal days.

2. Shirts may be worn untucked, except on formal days.

3. Boys must wear a belt with formal uniform.

4. Proper shoes – proper colors – No bright colors.

5. Shirts must NOT be extraordinarily long.

  • Harvest shirts may be worn except on formal days.
  • P.E. uniform – Please wear P.E. shorts and t-shirt on P.E. days. Athletic shoes with ties or velcro must be worn.
  • Note: P.E. participation - If your child is going to be unable to participate for 2 or more days, a doctor’s note must be provided and an alternative activity will be given.

Birthday Celebrations

Free Dress – except on formal days. An alternative date can be arranged.

Treat – Snack at 9:00. We prefer healthy, non-sugary treats. No nuts, please! A great idea for a special treat is pencils and stickers.

conduct cards
Conduct Cards
  • Conduct Cards will be sent home every Monday for signature and your review. Please return them with your child the following day.
  • Consequences– Detention for every 5 points lost in one week or every 10 points during the trimester
  • If you have any questions pertaining to points lost, first ask your child, and for further clarification, contact the homeroom teacher.
  • Please refer to the Code of Conduct at the bottom of the Conduct Card that pertain to behavior and responsibilities.


  • Yellow Parent Envelopes will be sent home every Thursday with your child which will contain weekly work, tests, and special announcements. Please remove items and return envelope the following day.
  • Language Arts & Math – All teachers use the same textbooks, materials, and lessons. The difference is in the teaching style, the pace of the class, assignments, and homework. Supplemental resources may also be used.
  • Accelerated Reader– Students should read every night for at least 20 minutes. Students must earn AR points each trimester and be graded on comprehension, which counts for 10% of the student’s reading grade. Points needed will vary depending on your child’s reading teacher.
curriculum continued
Curriculum - Continued
  • Reading book – Each student should bring a book to class to read during DEAR time.
  • Math - Students must know their math facts in addition and subtraction. Multiplication and division will be introduced in October. Tip: Start practicing/memorizing facts before we introduce in class. This is a turning point in math grades.
  • Science and Social Studies - 2 days a week.

Specialty Classes

  • Art – Monday
  • Math & Reading Center - Tuesday
  • Music – Wednesday
  • Technology - Thursday
  • Spanish - Thursday
  • P.E. – Monday and Wednesday
  • La Mirada Playhouse Theatre – TBA
  • 3rd Grade Retreat – San Francisco Solano – Spring 2014
  • Heritage Hill – Spring 2014 - TBA
  • Santa Ana College – Planetarium –

Winter 2014 - TBD

closing comments
Closing Comments
  • Room Parents – Mrs. Andrew and Mrs. Bianchini
  • Project Coordinator
  • Parent Volunteers – Technology Lab, parties, field trips
  • Parent volunteer for picture taking.

Thank You Parents

for attending Back-To-School Night!