national public records research association
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National Public Records Research Association

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National Public Records Research Association. Human Architecture presents Developing Your Competitive Edge. Knowing What to Do Is Not Enough. In 1996 more than 1,700 business books were published in the United States.

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national public records research association

National Public Records Research Association

Human Architecture


Developing Your Competitive Edge

knowing what to do is not enough
Knowing What to Do Is Not Enough

In 1996 more than 1,700 business books were published in the United States.

Many of this books are filled with the same information and prescriptions.

Many of the ideas proclaimed as new each year can be found in similar books printed decades earlier.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

knowing what to do is not enough1
Knowing What to Do Is Not Enough

There is little evidence that being staffed with people who have an advanced education in business is consistently related to outstanding organizational performance.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

knowing what to do is not enough2
Knowing What to Do Is Not Enough

Why it is that, at the end of so many books and seminars, leaders report being enlightened and wiser, but NOT much happens in their organizations?

Why knowledge of what needs to be done frequently fails to result in action or behavior consistent with that knowledge?

Human Architecture LLC 2011

knowing what to do is not enough3
Knowing What to Do Is Not Enough

American automotive companies have made unsuccessful attempts to copy the Toyota Production System (TPS) for years even though the details have been described in books and Toyota give tours of its manufacturing facilities.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

turning knowing i nto doing
Turning Knowing Into Doing

It is very hard to understand how someone could “KNOW” and NOT “DO.”

Reversing the process will allow you and your organization to produce breakthrough results.

If you DO IT, then you WILL KNOW.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

facts to remember
Facts to Remember

Talking about what to do isn’t enough to produce results.

Planning for the future is not enough to produce that future.

A decision, by itself, changes nothing.

There is no reason to expect that displaying a philosophy and core values will change how people act.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

structures d etermine behavior
Structures Determine Behavior
  • Material structures…
  • Human structures…
    • Beliefs
    • Desires
    • Aspirations
    • Assumptions
    • Objective reality itself

Human Architecture LLC 2011



1. something believed; an opinion or conviction: a belief that the earth is flat.

2. confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof: a statement unworthy of belief.

3. confidence; faith; trust: a child's belief in his parents.

4. a religious tenet or tenets; religious creed or faith: the Christian belief.

Human Architecture LLC 2011



To wish or long for; want.

To express a wish for; request.

A wish or longing.

A request or petition.

The object of longing: My greatest desire is to go back home.

Sexual appetite; passion.

Human Architecture LLC 2011



1. strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition: intellectual aspirations.

2. a goal or objective desired: The presidency is the traditional aspiration of young American boys.

3. act of aspirating; breath.

Human Architecture LLC 2011



noun 1. something taken for granted; a supposition: a correct assumption.

2. the act of taking for granted or supposing.

3. the act of taking to or upon oneself.

4. the act of taking possession of something: the assumption of power.

5. arrogance; presumption.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

objective reality
Objective Reality

Objective reality is how things really are. Although it is possible to perceive objectively, we cannot take in the totality of reality and say anything about it; we can only point to some of its characteristics.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

objective reality1
Objective Reality

Whenever we explore reality in any specific manner, we have to leave out something. For example, when you describe an orange, you cannot say anything about its totality. You have to talk about its color or its taste or its shape. If you want your description to encompass the whole thing -- its color, shape, and taste all together -- you can only say, "orange."

Human Architecture LLC 2011

from closed to open leadership
From Closed to Open Leadership

As your customers and employees become more adept to using social media and other emerging technologies, they will push you to be more open, urging you to let go in ways in which you may not be comfortable.

Not only is this trend inevitable, but it also is going to force you and your organization to be more open than you are today.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

beginning the journey
Beginning the Journey

Being open is hard.

Understanding the benefits and the process will make it easier.

The struggle in balancing openness and control is a universal human problem.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

the new culture of sharing
The New Culture of Sharing

There has been a fundamental shift in power, one in which individuals have the ability to broadcast their views to the world.

This shift has come about because of three trends.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

more people online
More People Online
  • According to
    • 1.7 billion people globally are active on the Internet.
    • Penetration ranges from 6.8 percent in Africa, and 19.4 percent in Asia to 74.2 percent in North America.

Human Architecture LLC 2011

widespread use of social sites
Widespread Use of Social Sites

These days it’s hard to find any Internet user who hasn’t watched at least one video on You Tube.

Adoption has been quick: in 2006 32 percent of Internet users around the world had watched a video clip on line; by March 2009 it has grown to 83 percent.

Similarly, social networking site usage has jumped growing from27 percent to 63 percent

Human Architecture LLC 2011

the rise of sharing
The Rise of Sharing

More than anything else, the past few years has been dominated by the rise of a culture of sharing.

The activity of sharing is a deeply ingrained human behavior.

Widespread distribution of information online is as easy as updating your status to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

All of these new features have made sharing simple and scalable. All you need is a mobile phone.

Human Architecture LLC 2011