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Campus Lions Clubs

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Campus Lions Clubs. Information & New Club Formation. About Lions. Lions are groups of community minded men and women who improve communities around the world.

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campus lions clubs

Campus Lions Clubs

Information & New Club Formation

about lions
About Lions
  • Lions are groups of community minded men and women who improve communities around the world.
  • More than 1.35 million men and women in approximately 45,000 clubs and over 200 countries and geographic areas are involved in Lions clubs.
  • Lions conduct eye screenings and offer disaster relief. They bring water to remote villages and sponsor drug awareness programs.
  • Lions build, share, repair and have fun!
about campus lions clubs
About Campus Lions Clubs
  • Over 10,000 students, faculty, staff and community members in almost 500 clubs are involved in Campus Lions clubs.
  • Campus Lions clubs are service-learning clubs that develop projects and activities to meet the unique needs of their campus, local and world communities.
  • Campus club members choose their own activities, projects and fundraisers.
why form a campus club
College/University Benefits:

Provides leadership opportunities for students

Offers membership in a well-recognized service club

Increases humanitarian service for the campus community

Builds positive community relations

Supported by Lions Clubs International and an extensive volunteer network

Why Form a Campus Club?
  • Member Benefits:
  • Opportunity to serve campus, local and world communities
  • Membership in the world’s largest service club organization
  • Leadership training
  • Strengthen business and management skills
  • Networking
  • Resume building
  • Transferability of membership
what do campus lions clubs do
What do Campus Lions Clubs do?
  • Campus Lions Clubs:
  • Organize fundraisers for charity organizations and Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)
  • Facilitate campus and community service projects
  • Sponsor drug awareness programs
  • Coordinate events on campus
  • Participate in Habitat for Humanity projects
  • Mentor elementary and adolescent students
who can join
Who can Join?
  • Students
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Community Members

Member Criteria

Any person of legal majority and good moral character and good reputation in his/her community may be granted membership in any duly authorized Lions club.

charter fees dues
Charter Fees & Dues
  • Students
  • Students enrolled in school, through age 30, pay no charter fee and half international dues. However, students in campus clubs, and clubs with a majority of students, must prepay one year of international dues at the student member rate (US$21.50). The Student Member Certification Form (STU-5) is required for each qualifying student.
  • Students, over age 30, pay a $10 charter fee and full international dues (US$43). The Student Member Certification Form (STU-5) is required for each qualifying student over age 30.
  • Faculty, Staff & Community
  • Non-students pay the regular $30 charter fee and full international dues (US$43).
charter fees dues2
Charter Fees & Dues
  • Additional Information:
  • Campus Lions club members pay international dues in addition to club, district and multiple district dues, determined locally. Lions clubs international encourages districts and multiple district to either lower or exempt student from paying local dues.
  • Campus Lions clubs are billed semi-annually in July and January and must be paid to the international office no later than July 21 and January 21 respectively. The semi-annual per capita dues amount is based upon membership of each club as shown by its membership report of June and December respectively.
  • Campus clubs have through April 15 for the January per capita billing and through October 15 for the July per capita billing to amend the club roster. Lions Clubs International will give credits to campus clubs for roster adjustments submitted within this time period without penalty.
  • Visit the Student Member Program Web site.
charter requirements
Charter Requirements
  • You will need:
  • 20 or more charter members
  • A sponsoring club, district cabinet or district committee, region or zone
  • Approval from the college or university
  • Approval from the district governor
  • Completed charter application and report of charter members
  • Appropriate fees and student member waivers
  • *Consider a club branch if you are unable to recruit 20 members.
campus club support
Campus Club Support
  • Club Sponsor: offers support and helps develop membership retention and growth plans
  • Guiding Lion: assists and advises the club during its first two years
  • Faculty Advisor (if necessary): monitors club activities
  • Campus Club Chairperson: helps organize new campus clubs, coach campus extension-minded Lions, implement public relations initiatives, etc.
  • Lions Clubs International: supplies materials, offers project resources and leadership training
step 1 approach a prospective school
Step 1: Approach a Prospective School
  • Identify Lions and/or students to form the club
  • Contact and meet with the school’s student activities director
    • Familiarize the contact with Lions Clubs International
    • Ask about service learning and needs on campus the club could address
    • Highlight student and college/university benefits of having a Campus Lions club
    • Discuss if the college/university has special requirements or limitations for clubs on campus (some schools may not allow students to pay dues)
    • Discuss promotional options on campus (i.e. special events, newsletters, tabling)
    • Request student leader and faculty referrals
  • Approach prospective faculty advisors and faculty members
step 2 the informational meeting
Step 2: The Informational Meeting
  • Objectives:
  • Promote the new campus club
  • Sign up at least 20 prospective members – collect charter application and dues
  • Schedule an organizational meeting
  • Steps to a Successful Meeting:
  • Identify and recruit a core group of students to help organize the club
  • Promote the meeting through school newsletters, announcements e-mails, bulletin boards, etc (and consider offering pizza!)
  • Distribute recruiting materials
  • Develop a well organized presentation and anticipate questions
step 2 the informational meeting1
Step 2: The Informational Meeting
  • Topics covered during the meeting include:
  • Brief history of Lions Clubs International
  • How Lions clubs operate
  • Benefit of joining a Lions club
  • Community service opportunities on campus
  • Leadership training available locally
  • Dues structure and the Student Member Program
  • Question and answer session about Lions
step 3 the organizational meeting
Step 3: The Organizational Meeting
  • The organizational meeting is the first meeting of the new Lions club. Schedule the meeting once 20 qualified members have applied.

Topics covered during the meeting include:

  • Structure and history of Lions Clubs International
  • Information about club operations and the constitution and by-laws
  • Explanations of each office
  • Election of officers
  • Dues structure (this should include international,district,multiple district and club dues)
  • Future meeting dates and location
  • Charter night arrangements
  • Recruitment of additional members
next steps
Next Steps
  • Allow up to 45 days for LCI to process the charter application and to receive the official charter (sent to the district governor)
  • Begin preparations for the charter night (pdf)
  • Club sponsors should train new club officers and refer them to the Club Resource Center, available online
campus club project ideas
Campus Club Project Ideas
  • Established LCI Programs:
  • Vision Programs
    • Eyeglass Recycling
    • Sight Partnerships
    • SightFirst Grants
  • Community Programs
    • Lions ALERT
    • Lions Crew at Work
    • Lions Green Team
    • Culture and the Performance Festival
  • Youth Programs
    • Peace Poster Contest
    • Youth Camps and Exchange
    • Services for Children
  • International Relations
  • Other Programs
contact us
Contact Us
  • To request the Campus Club Kit or for more information, contact:
  • Membership Programs & New Clubs
  • Marketing Department
  • Lions Clubs International
  • 300 W. 22nd Street
  • Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842
  • Phone: 630-571-5466, ext. 522
  • Fax: 630-571-1691
  • E-mail:
  • Web site: Campus Lions Club