Red foxes
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Red Foxes. By, Aditi. Eating.

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Red foxes

Red Foxes

By, Aditi


  • Have you ever seen a red bushy tailed fox sleep under the tree? You are now. I am a red fox. Omnivores mammal is what I am. Many animals think I am a predator to them, and they are my prey. Those some animals are small rodents, squirrels, woodchucks, rabbits, birds, and eggs. Some other food I eat is fruits, nuts, and garbage. They sure are delicious for me! We normally don’t hunt in packs. We usually hunt in our habitat which is the forests or open fields. Very sharp snout and ears help me spot my prey really fast.

Which family am i in how i look like
Which Family Am I In How I Look Like

  • Red foxes are always alert. Belonging to the Canadian family, there are 37 species but only 12 belong to the true fox family. You might think I am totally red but no I have a red coat, black legs and ears.

    Don’t be nervous when you see a fox sleep under the tree cause it won’t do anything just like me.