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Legacy Payroll/Personnel System PowerPoint Presentation
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Legacy Payroll/Personnel System

Legacy Payroll/Personnel System

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Legacy Payroll/Personnel System

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  1. Legacy Payroll/Personnel System Cherie Landry, ChiefSystems Requirement BranchGovernment Employees Services Division

  2. Agenda • Projects • 2010/2011 Scheduled Releases • Benefits of Scheduled Releases • Major PP04 Projects Completed • Major PP10 Projects Scheduled • Major PP20 Projects Scheduled • Project Plan/Timeline for Release 3 – PP20, 2010 • Off Cycle Projects Completed or Scheduled • Projects Scheduled for Annual Releases • Upcoming OPM Mandated and Legislative Projects (Unscheduled)

  3. Agenda • Processes • Systems Requirements Branch (SRB) • SRB Agency Responsibility Chart • Other NFC Stakeholders in the Software Development Life Cycle • Overview of Project Life Cycle • Functional Requirements Document Process Flow • Project Categories

  4. Agenda • Closeout • Status of Open Projects • Demo Information for Tomorrow • Questions

  5. Scheduled Releases • Four Scheduled Releases for 2010 • PP04, PP10, PP20, Annual Release (PP25, PP26, PP01) • PP04 Release – 30 projects scheduled • PP10 Release – 60 projects scheduled • PP20 Release – 54 projects scheduled • Four Scheduled Releases for 2011 • PP04, PP12, PP20, Annual Release (PP25, PP26, PP01)

  6. Benefits of Schedule Releases • Consistent ‘8’ pay periods between releases • Allows for adequate time to follow software development life cycle • Improves quality management with more time between releases • Improves risk management • More time to coordinate internal and external testing

  7. Major PP04 Projects Completed • Sunday Premium Pay for Part-Time Employees (00145) • Part-time employees can now receive Sunday premium pay • Aggregate Pay Report on Reporting Center (90378) • Earnings Limitation Report added to Reporting Center as part of Workforce Reports

  8. Major PP04 Projects Completed • Identify FERCCA Cases (90343) • The Special Payroll Processing System (SPPS) Accounting Detail Window was modified to allow FERRCA Cases to be identified • Trial Period Probationary Remarks on SF-50 (90649) • BEAR modifications were completed to prevent having Remark Codes E18 and E19 on the same record

  9. Major PP04 Projects Completed • 16 ALLTAX Updates • PPS was updated with the latest ALLTAX Bulletins to ensure correct tax reporting and withholdings • Pennsylvania Occupational Privilege Tax • Payroll Tax Reporting Section of GESD requested address and account number changes for the Pennsylvania Local Services Taxes (LST) taxing entities

  10. Major PP10 Projects Scheduled • Establishment of New Nature of Action Codes for Reservist Differential (00314) • Update 52 to the Guide to Processing Personnel Actions (GPPA) introduces a new second authority code (QRD) and provides guidance on coding Personnel Action Requests (PAR) for employees eligible to receive Reservist Differential

  11. Major PP10 Projects Scheduled • Recruitment Bonuses and Student Loans (90462) • Employees can now have both a Student Loan Repayment and Recruitment Incentive • Final Changes for Compensatory Time (70331) • Grandfathered Comp Time will still be usable thru the end of Pay Period 10, 2010, and will not expire until the beginning of Pay Period 11, 2010

  12. Major PP10 Projects Scheduled • Edits on Personnel Actions to Only Permit FEHB Coverage Code Changes per OPM Rules (80191) • Table 101 will be updated to remove the capability to change codes on inappropriate NOACs • Additional edits will be implemented to disregard erroneous changes received via the FESI process

  13. Major PP20 Projects Scheduled • Extended Assignment Incentives (90423) • Allows payment of extended assignment incentives to certain Federal employees located in a territory or possession of the United States

  14. Major PP20 Projects Scheduled • New Detail NOACs (80254) • Effective May 11, 2008, OPM mandated the use of three new NOACs to use for Details (930, 931, 932) • Agencies may need to modify their front-end systems to address moving the existing NOA 930 (quarters) to a new NOA

  15. Major PP20 Projects Scheduled • Client/server migration to web based technology • As part of NFC’s application modernization process, the use of client/server technology is being eliminated • The applications impacted are SPPS, STAR, EPIC, and WTWO

  16. Upcoming OPM Mandated and Legislative Projects • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Pledge Automation • NFC is working with OPM to implement CFC pledge automation through our EPP/ESS products • NFC has participated in OPM forums designed to assist with this automation and we are actively working on developing the system requirements necessary to define the application changes

  17. Project Plan for PP20, 2010 Release

  18. Off Cycle Projects • Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) Update • eOPF data currently being provided to OPM for subscribing customers • Employee updates are automated

  19. Off Cycle Projects • Reservist Differential Payments via SPPS – PP08, 2010 (90494) • Federal agencies must provide a payment for the difference between the employee’s civilian and military pay

  20. Off Cycle Projects • Order of Precedence – PP09, 2010 (90160) • As part of the e-Payroll standardization initiative, OPM has provided guidance to standardize the order of precedence when gross pay is not sufficient to permit all deductions

  21. Off Cycle Projects • Employees to Self Certify ERI Code, Gender and Handicap Code via ESS – PP15, 2010 (00116) • Employees will be provided the ability to add or change their Ethnicity and Race Identification (ERI) Code, and change their Gender and Handicap Code online thru EPP/ESS

  22. Off Cycle Projects • Implementation of New Agencies for Department of Labor and USDA – PP15, 2010 (00171 and 00222) • Department of Labor’s Employment Standards Administration (DLES) has been dissolved as a sub-element effective November 8, 2009 • USDA is establishing the Office of Advocacy and Outreach (OAO), as authorized in the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2009 (Farm Bill)

  23. Off Cycle Projects • Thrift Savings Plan Auto Enrollment – PP16, 2010 (00133) • NFC will implement Automatic Enrollment into TSP for newly hired and rehired employees

  24. Projects Scheduled for Annual Releases • Annual Pay Raise • NFC will continue to process the Annual Pay Raisein Pay Period 01 of each year, along with any other necessary system modifications as dictated by law

  25. Projects Scheduled for Annual Releases • Tax Changes • In 2009, NFC processed 64 ALLTAX modifications • NFC will continue to process the numerous tax bulletins received from ALLTAX during Pay Period 25 and succeeding pay periods

  26. Upcoming OPM Mandated and Legislative Projects • Foreign Service Overseas Pay Comparability • 3 year implementation of comparability pay for employees overseas in Foreign Service

  27. Upcoming OPM Mandated and Legislative Projects • New Pay Status Codes for Reservist Differential (00305) • OPM’s Guide to Personnel Data Standards issued Update 61, dated February 1, 2010, which added New PAY STATUS/USERRA STATUS codes

  28. Upcoming OPM Mandated and Legislative Projects • FEHB Billing Changes for Military LWOP (90537) • Employees who are in LWOP-US, which is not classified as in support of a contingency operation, may keep their FEHB coverage for 24 months • They are required to pay the employee and government share of the premium (plus 2%) after expiration of the initial 12 months

  29. Amazing FactsDo You Know? • Do you know the answer? • How many transactions were processed through the personnel system and applied to the payroll/personnel data base in calendar year 2009? • 6.9 million

  30. Systems Requirements Branch (SRB) • SRB was formed in New Orleans in the 4th quarterof last year • Responsible for the preparation of Functional Requirements and Systems Requirements Documents • Staff in both New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

  31. SRB Responsibility Chart

  32. SRB Responsibility Chart

  33. Other NFC Stakeholders in Software Development Life Cycle • Project Control Office • Project Review Team • Client Management Branch • Committee for the Agricultural Payroll/Personnel System • User Groups

  34. Overview of Project Life Cycle

  35. Overview of Project Life Cycle

  36. Project Categories • Community Wide • Agency Specific • Internal

  37. Amazing FactsDo You Know? • Do you know the answer? • How many history records reside in the PHIS database? • 116,548,851

  38. Project Status

  39. More….. • EPIC Web Demo Wednesday and Thursday in the Jefferson Auditorium at 1:00 p.m. • Modern Interface • Improved Reporting • EPP Demo Wednesday and Thursday in the Jefferson Auditorium at 2:15 p.m. • Improved User Interface • Status and History of Self-Service Transactions Entered • Email Address Confirmation

  40. Amazing FactsDo You Know? • Do you know the answer? • How many adjustment transactions are processed in an average pay period in payroll processing? • 100,000