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Environmental Monitoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental Monitoring

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  1. Environmental Monitoring at MU Libraries Presented by Amanda Sprochi and Gary Cox

  2. Monitoring protocols • Every library will have a Hobo monitor to record environmental conditions • One-year baseline • Download monthly into an Excel spreadsheet • Send to Kathy Peters for compliation via the Hobo folder on MUELMER

  3. Using Hobo monitors and software • Every library will have at least one Hobo and software • For those with more than one, please write the number and location ON THE HOBO in permanent marker • Make sure each Hobo stays in its assigned place

  4. Installing BoxCar Software • BoxCar software allows the programming and downloading of information from the Hobos • Installation is very simple: insert the CD-ROM and follow the instructions • If you have problems installing the software, let Amanda or Gary know and we’ll help you get it set up

  5. Launching Hobos • Every software package comes with a cable to connect to a serial COM port • If your computer does not have a serial port (new Macs, for example) let us know; we are trying to get adapters

  6. Open the BoxCar software Choose “Logger”

  7. Open BoxCar Choose “Logger”, “Launch”

  8. Enter interval—should be 30 mins. Enter description (which Hobo where?) Make sure this is not checked

  9. Can set delayed start so all start at same time

  10. Hobo Readout • On the last business day of every month, the data from each Hobo should be read out and the Hobo re-launched • Data should be then deposited in the MUELMER folder • Kathy and admin accounts will collate this for us

  11. Plug Hobo into serial cable • Choose “Readout” from the logger menu Choose “Readout”

  12. Connecting message should appear

  13. Hobo offload message should appear

  14. Save As and View Details boxes appear

  15. Save As file name protocol • Choose name of Hobo (Math, Ellis 3, etc.) • Add date of download using dashes and underlines Ex. Ellis_3_03-08-08

  16. Make sure Temperature (°F), RH (%), and Intensity (lum/sqf) are checked • Select OK

  17. Data graph should appear

  18. Exporting Data • Choose Export Excel Spreadsheet button

  19. Export box appears: make sure “Include Serial Number in Data Export is checked

  20. Name Excel file the same as the log file • Be SURE the file is saved as .exl, and NOT .dtf

  21. Both log file and excel file are stored in a “logs”folder in the Onset software folder on your C:drive in Programs • You can also find the files using your “Recent Documents” menu on your desktop

  22. Sending files • Please send excel export file to the Hobo folder *If you can’t get in to the folder let Gary know

  23. A record has been added to Merlin with all the hobos, and software • You can check this record anytime to get serial numbers, etc. Search under exact title: Hobo dataloggers or by record number .b62008390

  24. Remember: • Name your files using the naming convention outlined here • Offload data from the Hobo dataloggers on the last business day of each month • Remember to launch the Hobo before you return it to its location

  25. Any questions or problems? Contact Amanda Sprochi, HSL 882-0461 Or Gary Cox, Archives 882-3727

  26. Thanks!