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World Wide College- Overseas education consultants in India PowerPoint Presentation
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World Wide College- Overseas education consultants in India

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World Wide College- Overseas education consultants in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“World Wide College\"established 2009 is India\'s first Global Education Corporate, a benchmark in the Overseas Education Industry in India. more info\n

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world w i d e college


Make Moving Easy Wherever YouStudy

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World Wide College is one of India's largest global educational organisation that provides overall perspective of th- e opportunities available across the globe. World Wide College assists the students in the overseas application pr- ocess and visa process.World Wide College also provides career oriented counselling which students in making the best decisions about theircareer.


World Wide College made its blitz into the field of Education in 2009.In such a short span, it has carved a ni- che for itself in the field of education by imparting quality education based on international standards.Right from the time of its inception, World Wide College has achieved tremendous growth in terms of reaching a la- rge number of students and helping them find their careerpath.

At World Wide College, we provide wide range of professional qualifications across the globe and take full re- sponsbility of helping our students to reach their dream destination to purse the best career. We assure to place students in well reputed internationaluniversities/colleges.

We are not a consultancy or agency but world's top ranking universities'admission office which offers abroard portfolio of well managed services right from pre-admisson to post landing services tailored to the needs of e- ach and every student seeking overseas education.




World Wide College, an emerging giant in the field of overseas education has brought the concept of studying abroad to the doorstep of every aspiring student,by making it more affordable and easily accessible without a- ny cumbersome procedures, and aims to actively promote foreign education inIndia.


pursuing exceiience giobaiiy

At WorId Wide CoIIege, the internationaI education is expressed through our core vaIues.We Iive and breathe three vaIues that form the basis of everything we do. TheseincIude:

Pursuing exceIIencegIobaIIy

Leading through innovation Growing byIearning


Cur Kclucs:


To create a better worId by imparting sociaIIy responsibIe teaching and prepare the students to face chaIIenges in the gIobaI Iearningenvironment.


Towork in the best interest of our cIients, partners and stakehoIders.

Change Iives and contribute to society through transnationaI gIobaIeducation.

FaciIitate individuaIs, organisation and government to buiId competencies through Iife-Iong Iearning.

BuiId and impart educationaI and Iearning pIatforms for gIobaIempIoyabiIity.

Promote empIoyeecompetence,growth andweIIbeing.

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+91 -9336001111