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How to find jobs nearby- Worknrby PowerPoint Presentation
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How to find jobs nearby- Worknrby

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How to find jobs nearby- Worknrby - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Worknrby helps job seekers to explore job opportunities and search nearby vacancies FREE. Candidates can easily register on Worknrby, create profile CV and find jobs matching their skills at locations near them. This brief presentation shows how to find jobs nearby with the help of an online platform Worknrby. Source:

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How to find jobs nearby- Worknrby

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. How to find jobs nearby?

    2. Problems faced by employees • Working at places that are far away from residence. • Huge travelling expenses. • Wastage of time in commuting to workplace.

    3. Solution- Worknrby Worknrby is an online platform that offer recruitment service to help job seekers willing to explore placement options in the nearby areas. Worknrby helps with right job for right candidate search using hyper local area and skill set match mechanism.

    4. Find your dream job nearby easily with these steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Complete your profile CV by submitting your skills, qualifications and other details. Apply for jobs matching your interests for FREE. Download the app or sign up on website.

    5. Why Worknrby is better? • Establishes an excellent communication between the job aspirant and the recruiter in the same area. • Ensures a successful search for jobs which is FREE of cost to the seeking candidate. • Available both in form of a website as well as a job searching app. • Simple and user-friendly platform that provides only relevant information unlike other job searching sites that flood their portals with unnecessary content.

    6. Try today! Find job opportunities in your nearby area and save money & time. Visit website: Follow us on: