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Current challenges faced by sub grantees

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Current challenges faced by sub grantees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASARECA National Sub Grantees meeting PROCUREMENT OF CONSULTANTS By Itaza Muhiirwa Procurement and Contracting Officer . Current challenges faced by sub grantees . Delays in procurement of project inputs / consultants Poor quality of supplies /consultancies High prices in some cases .

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ASARECANational Sub Grantees meeting PROCUREMENT OF CONSULTANTS ByItaza Muhiirwa Procurement and Contracting Officer

current challenges faced by sub grantees
Current challenges faced by sub grantees
  • Delays in procurement of project inputs / consultants
  • Poor quality of supplies /consultancies
  • High prices in some cases
methods of selection consultants
Methods of selection - Consultants

Quality and cost based selection (QCBS) Based on technical quality with Price consideration . This is the preferred method for selection of consultants.

Quality based selection - (QBS) Based on technical quality.

Least cost selection –(LCS) Based on lowest price of technical compared evaluated proposals.

methods continued
Methods Continued---
  • Fixed budget selection (FBS). Budget is fixed and request for expressions of interest indicate the budget.
  • Consultants qualifications (CQS):Based on consultants qualifications
  • Single source selection (SSS): Direct selection with no competition
  • Selection of individual consultants (IC). Individuals are requested to submit their CVs for evaluation.
conflict of interest activities
Conflict of interest activities

Activities of the consultant and their affiliates that conflict with their assignments

Consulting assignments that by their nature are or may be in conflict with each other (audit of own activities)

Relationship between the consultant and staff of the implementing agency

Consultants serving different clients with conflicting interests on closely related assignments.

selection steps
Selection steps

Terms of reference

The first step of procuring a consultancy is the preparation and approval of the terms of reference

Terms of reference are prepared by the user department and approved by the project manager and ASARECA or the Bank

contents of terms of reference
Contents of terms of reference

Back ground information about the project including the problem

Statement of objectives

Scope of work

Reporting (whom will the consultant report to)

Inputs provided by the clients office, literature – data reports, phone, email etc--)

Expected outputs by consultant and time of delivery

Key staff qualifications and experience

selection steps continued
Selection steps continued

Advertisement ( Media, Website, Magazines etc.)

Receipt of applications /Expressions of interest

Evaluations of expression of interest

Short listing

Request for proposal

Submissions of proposals (Technical and Financial)

Opening of Technical Proposals

Evaluation of technical Proposals

Opening of Financial Proposals

Consolidated evaluation


Award and contract signing


Solicitation is done through advertising.

Expressions of interests are received and opened .

EIO are evaluated against a given criteria.

Shortlist of 6 firms is prepared

Shortlist includes firms alone or in association

request for proposal
Request for proposal

A request for proposal is sent to each of the 6 short listed firms and must include the following:

Letter of invitation

Instructions tom consultants

Terms of reference

Standard forms for the proposal

Draft contract

evaluation criteria
Evaluation criteria

Consultants relevant experience for the assignment

Quality of the methodology of the proposal

Qualifications of the key staff proposed

Transfer of knowledge

Extent of national participation among key staff in the performance of the assignment

receipt and evaluation of proposals
Receipt and evaluation of proposals

Selection based on technical quality with price consideration

Proposals are submitted in two separate envelopes (technical and financial)

Technical proposal is opened first –Financial proposal is kept sealed .

Evaluation team of 3-6 competent and independent members (with no conflict of interest) evaluate

criteria for technical evaluation
Criteria for technical evaluation

relevant experience of candidate in the field of the assignment (0-10points)

Quality of the methodology proposed (20-50points)

Qualification of the key staff proposed (30-60 points)

Quality of transfer of knowledge

(optional 0-10)

Participation by nationals optional (0-10)

evaluation decision
Evaluation decision

Reject non responsive proposal – those scoring below pass mark usually 70% threshold established in the request for proposal

Prepare an evaluation report

Evaluation report establishes a ranking and explains where there are weaknesses and strengths

Attach individual mark sheets and scores

Look out for inconsistencies and disparities

opening and evaluation of financial price proposals
Opening and evaluation of Financial (price) proposals

Open price /financial proposals of those firms which passed the technical evaluation.

Verify responsiveness to the request for proposal document

Verify conformity with technical proposal

Compute for arithmetic and other errors

Lowest price gets highest mark

negotiation and award of the contract
Negotiation and award of the contract

Invite top ranking officials of the consultant for the negotiation of the contract


- Final terms of reference

- Comments by the consultant

- Work plan

- Proposed staff

Final TOR and agreed methodology are to be incorporated in the final description of services in the contract

negotiations continued
Negotiations – continued

Price negotiations

Price negotiations are usually restricted to treatment of taxes

Terms of payment

Price adjustment formula

contract signing
Contract signing

Final contract is sent to ASARECA / the Bank for review.

Once cleared the Contract is signed by both parties .


High cost of preparing a good proposal by the consultants.

Preparation of terms of reference and evaluation of proposals by the client are labour intensive .

Terms of reference are critical and must be understood by both parties

factors affecting performance of consultants
Factors affecting performance of consultants

Lack of good facilities provided by the client

Delayed payments

Loss of key staff

Delayed decisions by the client

Poor supervision by the client

factors affecting performance of clients
Factors affecting performance of clients

Insufficient budgetary appropriation

Inability to meet payment and other obligations promptly

Delay in seeking and getting exemption from payment of taxes /duties

Expiry of contracts