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Wood Pool Heaters

Above ground swimming pool heaters are an excellent choice if you want to keep your pool water warm and extend your swimming season. We at wood water stoves keep the best quality stoves for pool heating.

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Wood Pool Heaters

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  1. You are probably not using the pool due to extreme cold. Don’t you have any cheap option to heat up your pool in spring fall or winter for hours? Is the lap pool water cooling down fast in winter and not giving you enough time to swim across it. You should think about options that will keep your pool water warm throughout the year and help you enjoy swimming in it as and when you want. Don’t cut down your living expenses for supporting the electric/gas pool heaters as you can heat up your pool for low cost with our wood burning pool heaters in various sizes. We offer stainless steel wood fired heaters to make your pool bath more enjoyable in winter season.

  2. Whether you need large inferno, medium blaze or small camp fire wood pool heaters, we can meet your needs at any time. We sell and supply wood fired pool heaters that can be ideal tools for enjoying warm swimming at anytime during the year. We have a wide range of wood burning pool heaters in stock that are cost efficient in heating your hot tub or pool in every climate condition. If you have gathered plenty of dry hardwoods from your property, then think of disposing of them by burning in one of our sleek wood fired heaters. If are not prepared to invest a lot in propane or electric pool heaters for keeping the heat of your pool on, we recommend you to purchase more economic wood burning heaters made from 100% 304L stainless steel. Our heaters are properly insulated and can be conveniently placed besides the pool or tub. You can be assured of high heat transfer, greater efficiency and safety while using your hot pool or tub for bath. In fact, the exterior of our heaters don’t get too hot due to continuous burning of fire inside them. They are designed tank less and maintain the circulation of hot water that is pushed through the exit port. In this way, fire flame continues adding to the heat of your pool water in a natural way.

  3. If you want to purchase rust and damage free wood burning pool heaters at good price, check out our collection at ww.woodwaterstoves.com. We will deliver efficient pool heaters that can act fast to heat your pool or tub.

  4. Timberline Wood Water Stoves 305 McKay Unit 20 Winnipeg Manitoba R2G0N5 dan@cedartubs.com www.woodwaterstoves.com Thank You

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