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Warriors Dark River

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Warriors Dark River
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Warriors Dark River

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  1. Warriors Dark River Story by Erin Hunter This Power-Point was made by Jana

  2. Main Characters • Lionpaw • Jaypaw • Hollypaw

  3. Other Characters • Firestar • Sandstorm • Squrrielflight • Brambleclaw • Leafpool • Heatherpaw

  4. Lionpaw Lionpaw • He is not sure where his loyalties lie, because at night, he sneaks out to see the WindClan apprentice, Heatherpaw. She wants to be a lot more than friends, if you know what I’m saying. • Lionpaw is bold, because every night he sneaks out to see Heatherpaw, despite his sister’s protests. • His mentor dislikes Lionpaw’s father deeply, because Brambleclaw (the clan deputy and Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw’s Father.) took the cat Ashfur (Lionpaw’s mentor) loved as his mate.

  5. Jaypaw • Jaypaw is blind, so he doesn’t like to be helped, because he will get very frustrated. • He can walk in other cats dreams, and that means he can see what other cats are dreaming about. • He is usually really grumpy, because lots of cats take pity on him and he doesn’t like it. • He wanted to prove that he was as strong as any warrior, so his mentor is now a half-blind cat. (She was attacked by dogs)

  6. Hollypaw • Hollypaw thinks the warrior code is the root and reward of every choice that you make. (Quote from cats of the clans.) So that sort of explains why she was suspicious of Lionpaw sneaking out every night with the very best excuse he had (not really) I had to go to the dirtplace. • She followed Lionpaw one night with her friend Cinderpaw, so she could figure out why he left every night. • She is very truthful, because she will keep her promises to even Lionpaw, if she says she will.

  7. Problem • All the clans are preparing for and unneeded attack! Humans have blocked up the river, so now RiverClan can’t get their food. Now all the clans are scared the RiverClan might try to move into WindClan territory, and then WindClan will attack ThunderClan for that territory, and it would cause a huge mess.

  8. Solution • Hollypaw goes to see what happened at the RiverClan camp so she could try and stop the upcoming war. There, she finds out about what the twolegs (humans) are doing, and what RiverClan is doing about it. The RiverClan cats are making a dam, so that the water was wider and deeper, so they can keep the twoleg kits away.

  9. Credits • Freewebs.com • windstar2.webs.com • s409.photobucket.com • Cats of the Clans • Dark River.