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QCE presentations for schools

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QCE presentations for schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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QCE presentations for schools. QCE basics. To develop an understanding of the processes and procedures underpinning the Queensland Certificate of Education. Our focus for the presentation. What is the QCE?.

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what is the qce
What is the QCE?

The Queensland Certificate of Education is Queensland’s senior school qualification. It is awarded to eligible students, usually at the end of Year 12.

Students are registered during Year 10 or in the 12 months before turning 16.

what is the qce4
What is the QCE?
  • A QCE is awarded to students only if their course of study satisfies:
  • a significant amount of learning
  • at a set standard of achievement
  • in a set pattern
  • literacy & numeracy requirements.
types of learning
Types of learning
  • Core
  • Preparatory
  • Enrichment
  • Advanced
core courses of study
Core courses of study

To qualify for a QCE, a minimum of 12 credits must come from completed Core courses of study.

At least 1 credit must come from Core studies completed while enrolled at school.

The other 8 credits can come from Core (completed or partially completed), Preparatory, Enrichment and Advanced courses of study, with a maximum of 6 credits from Preparatory.

relaxation of the completed core requirement
Relaxation of the completed Core requirement

If a student realises that they are not achieving as well as hoped in Mathematics and English, they may change to a different level of Mathematics/English without losing completed Core status for that subject.

applicable subject changes
Applicable subject changes

SLIMS recognises these changes automatically

  • Mathematics B to Mathematics A
  • Mathematics A to Prevocational Mathematics
  • Mathematics B to Prevocational Mathematics
  • English to English Communication

An application for relaxation is required for any other changes from one Mathematics subject to another, or from one English subject to another.

relaxation conditions
Relaxation conditions
  • The learner must still have 20 credits.
  • Subjects must be changed after first or second semester.
  • A minimum provisional result of a Limited Level of Achievement must be attained for the original subject.
  • A minimum exit result of a Sound Level of Achievement must be attained for the final subject at the end of Year 12.
recognised studies
Recognised studies

Owners of courses of study (or their authorised agents) may apply for their courses to be recognised by the QSA.

Courses submitted for recognition must meet QSA criteria and standards.

list of qce recognised studies
List of QCE recognised studies

Recognised awards and certificates (some examples)

  • Australian Music Examinations Board
  • Australian Speech Communication Association
  • Queensland Rugby Union
  • Royal Academy of Dance
  • St Cecilia School of Music
  • Swimming Queensland Association
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Australia (Queensland Division)
  • Trinity College London
credit for partial completion of core courses
Credit for partial completion of Core courses
  • Authority subjects and Authority-registered subjects: based on semesters studied before exiting with a Sound Level of Achievement or higher standard
  • VET certificate qualifications: based on 25%, 50% or 75% of the competencies attained
  • Components of recognised international learning programs may contribute towards the award of a QCE.
semesters conceded to the award of a qce
Semesters conceded to the award of a QCE

Up to 2 semesters of incomplete Authority and Authority-registered subjects can be conceded towards the award of a QCE.

To be eligible, the student must have:

  • Limited level of achievement in the original subject
  • Exited the subject after the first or secondsemester of study in that subject
  • 18 or 19 credits
conceded semesters cont
Conceded Semesters (cont.)
  • At least 12 credits from completed Core
  • Met literacy and numeracy requirements

If a Mathematics or English subject is used to meet the completed Core requirements, it cannot also cannot also be used for conceded semesters.

literacy and numeracy requirements
Literacy and numeracy requirements
  • Mathematics A
  • Mathematics B
  • Mathematics C
  • Pre-vocational Mathematics
qce flexibility
QCE flexibility

Credits can accumulate for up to 9 years after registering for a learning account (generally at the beginning of Year 10).

student education profile
Student Education Profile

A Student Education Profile may include:

Queensland Certificate of Education

Senior Statement

Statement of Results

Tertiary Entrance Statement

Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement

queensland certificate of education
Queensland Certificate of Education

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is Queensland’s senior school qualification, which is awarded to eligible students, usually at the end of Year 12. The QCE recognises broad learning options and offers flexibility in what, where and when learning occurs


Senior Statement

Issued to a student who is enrolled at school on the last day of Year 12.

A transcript of the learning account and Queensland Core Skills Test result.

Students do not need to achieve the QCE to receive a Senior Statement.


Statement of Results

Issued to students who undertake further studies after Year 12 and become eligible for the award of the QCE.

Shows all studies and results achieved that contribute towards a QCE as well as the QCS Test result.


Detail from Senior Statement

Certificate II will only show “completed” with one provider.

Credit towards a QCE will only apply for one of these.

BCT undertaken for 4 semesters and 4 credits awarded.

Certificate II undertaken with one provider but not enough competencies for credit.

Certificate II completed with another provider and 4 credits awarded.


Tertiary Entrance Statement

The Tertiary Entrance Statement shows an eligible student’s Overall Position (OP) and Field Positions (FPs). These rankings are used to determine eligibility for admission to tertiary courses.

It provides information that is recognised by interstate and international universities and tertiary providers and may be required to enrol in study at institutions outside Queensland

find out more
Find out more

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