composite arch bridge in a backpack system n.
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Composite Arch “Bridge-in-a-Backpack” System PowerPoint Presentation
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Composite Arch “Bridge-in-a-Backpack” System

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Composite Arch “Bridge-in-a-Backpack” System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Composite Arch “Bridge-in-a-Backpack” System. Outline What & How? Design options Overview of recent projects Specific project details Performance tested in Lab AIT’s services “ How can we work with you? ”. What is the “ Bridge-in-a-Backpack ” System.

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composite arch bridge in a backpack system
Composite Arch “Bridge-in-a-Backpack” System


What & How?

Design options

Overview of recent projects

Specific project details

Performance tested in Lab

AIT’s services “ How can we work with you? ”

what is the bridge in a backpack system
What is the “ Bridge-in-a-Backpack ” System

Carbon Fiber Composite + Concrete Arch Superstructure

“ A Hybrid bridge system combining benefits of high-performance composites with durability and cost savings of cast-in-place concrete”

Image Credit – NY Times/University of Maine

projects completed underway
Projects Completed & Underway





design options headwalls
Design Options - Headwalls

Multiple options to meet the Engineering, Economic, and Aesthetic requirements of the site

FRP Panel Walls

MSE or Through-Tied Configurations

Compatible with skewed bridges

Lightweight, easy to install

Durable, and cost competitive

Concrete – Precast or CIP

MSE, Through-Tied, or Gravity

PC Panel, PCMG Units, Cast-in-place

Versatile design options

More conventional aesthetic

headwall options for test level 4 design
Headwall Options for Test-Level 4 Design

Wall-mounted Barriers

Precast or CIP Gravity Wall

Precast Panel MSE Walls

mcgee bridge replacement example 28 span
McGee Bridge Replacement Example – 28’ Span


  • Demo. existing steel bridge
  • Excavate for footings
  • Drill bedrock, form footings
  • Arch installation
  • Pour concrete footings
  • Install composite decking
  • Fill arches with concrete
  • Erect composite headwalls
  • Pour deck concrete
  • Backfill bridge, install geogrid
  • Finish grading
  • Guardrails and cleanup

12 Days Total Construction Time

Low Bid Against Steel, Concrete, Wood

a note on footings
A note on footings

Steel H-piles

Spread Footings

Royal River Bridge, Auburn, ME

Perkins Bridge, Belfast, ME

caribou connector bridge
Caribou Connector Bridge
  • Key Metrics
  • Span – 54’-2”
  • Rise – 12’-0½”
  • Rise/Span – 22%
  • Skew – 30 deg
  • 22 – 15” Diameter Arches
  • Arch weight ~300lb each
  • Precast Concrete MSE Headwalls/Wingwalls

How we got here- “Bridges to the future, now”

  • Maine’s Composites Initiative
  • Six bridges in two years
  • Variety of bridges to best gage how system fit’s into Maine’s bridge inventory
    • 28-55’ spans
    • Stream/road crossing
    • Foundation types
    • Headwall designs
  • Also being used in:
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Michigan
  • Proposals in 11 states & 3 countries outside the US

FHWA’s Public Interest Finding:

  • Allows for federal funding on projects where aspects deviate from typical requirements, when in the interest of the public. i.e. in cases of “Cost-Effectiveness or System Integrity…” [FHWA]
  • Simple application process – approval from FHWA in as little as 2 days

[FHWA Contract Administration Core Curriculum Manual, Section 3.C,]

Design-Build - Detail-Build - Value Engineering

performance testing arch testing
Performance Testing: Arch Testing

HL-93 Design Load Equivalent


National Recognition for Bridge-in-a-Backpack

AASHTO TIG - 2011 Focus Technology

Engineering Excellence Award Royal River Bridge, Auburn, ME

(Along with Maine DOT & Kleinfelder|SEA)

2010 Award for Composites Excellence

Most Creative Application

Product featured in:

Engineering News Record,

The NY Times,

Concrete International,

Popular Science,

Popular Mechanics,

The Boston Globe

American Society of Civil Engineers

2011 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation


Summary and Quick Facts on CFFT Arch Bridges

  • Cost Effective and Fast Installation
  • Light weight product– reduces equipment transportation needs
  • Erected with a small crew, no skilled labor
  • Performs up to 2x lifespan of conventional materials
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Rapid design, fabrication, and delivery
  • Innovative Product Application
  • Rapid fabrication our facility or option to fabricate at/near jobsite
  • Hybrid composite-concrete system improves material performance
  • Steel free superstructure
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Performance Tested
  • Design/tested to exceed AASHTO load requirements
  • Superior redundancy – safe system
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Field load testing indicates even greater levels of safety
what can ait do for you
What can AIT do for you?

Structural Design

AIT’s engineers design the composite arch bridge superstructure

AIT can design the bridge substructure, internally or with consultants

Optimization to maximize efficiency of structure


AIT supplies a complete engineered bridge system

Packages: arches/decking, modular FRP headwalls

Installation Oversight

Daniel Bannon

Structural Engineer

Jonathan Kenerson

Manufacturing Manager