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Buy Breakfast Tray Online in India @ Wooden Street PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy Breakfast Tray Online in India @ Wooden Street

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Buy Breakfast Tray Online in India @ Wooden Street - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Buy Breakfast Tray Online in India @ Wooden Street
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  1. DIFFERENT TYPES OF BREAKFAST TRAY FOR HOME A breakfast tray is probably the tiniest piece of furniture in a home that we can carry around anywhere, anytime, any minute. SIMPLE BREAKFAST TRAY: Breakfast trays are versatile accessories to have in any home. They can be used to serve food and drinks to guests, and incorporate them into your home décor as lovely accent pieces. Breakfast trays come in many shapes, sizes and colors. BREAKFAST TRAY WITH HANDLE: Breakfast tray with raised sides help to easily carry food and drinks from the kitchen to other areas in your home. The breakfast tray with handle gives a grip to hold the unit safely and moreover it is protected by the thin rail across the tray that prevents the food from falling. BREAKFAST TRAY WITH FLIP TOP: Wooden breakfast tray with flip top allows you to comfortably use a laptop or tablet, read a book, write a letter or just enjoy a meal in front of the television from the comfort of your bed, sofa or armchair. FOLDING BREAKFAST TRAY: Folding breakfast tray is the design model in which legs are foldable so less space is required to store the stuff. With this feature, you can keep it behind the bed, under it. And can also take it to any picnic as it will take negligible space in your car. BED TRAY TABLE: Use a bed tray table to serve breakfast in bed. Easily carry coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pancakes, eggs and other foods and beverages from kitchen to the bedroom. Bed trays protect bedding, such as duvet covers, blankets and pillows. BREAKFAST TRAY WITH STORAGE: The breakfast tray with storage comes with the simple drawer so you can keep certain knick-knacks like cutlery or napkins. +91-9314444747 care@woodenstreet.com