having an appealing interior with n.
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Amazing Home Decor Ideas for Ravishing Interiors PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Home Decor Ideas for Ravishing Interiors

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Amazing Home Decor Ideas for Ravishing Interiors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The simple points if taken care of, can bring great changes to the way your home looks. This involves how we employ home decor items. The home decorative like curtains, wall hangings, mirror frames, rugs and carpets are great picks for beautifying interiors.

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having an appealing interior with

Having an appealing interior with all the expensive accessories can burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are some easy and mindblowing tips to give your home a ravishing look.

For head to toe makeover, start

by creating a palette. Go for the

basic colour scheme for the

whole home and then take

from room to room.


Choose comfortable pieces in different styles

and colours that reflect your excellent choice

and taste in furniture.



Make your home a truly

distinctive by adding framed

photo frames, antique pieces,

or wallpapers.


Layer your ambient, task and accent lightings

to give the home illumination and decorative



Nothing does more for space than filling the walls and floors with elements that enhance the

overall look and feel of the space.

Nothing can beat the beauty and

scale provided by wall hangings

like artworks,

floating shelves,

posters etc. Find

the ones that can

give the boring

wall a plush look.

wall a plush look.

Give your room a brighter and

larger feel by including

beautiful mirror

frames. Choose

a piece in


finish and style.

Dress up your windows with

beautiful and colourful curtains.

Go for the ones that match your

furniture perfectly and make your

space look bigger and brighter.

Anchor rugs and carpets under

furniture units to give the room

warmth, comfortable and beatific

look. Find rugs in colours and

patterns that match your decor.



Amplify the interior of the home beautifully and enjoy the comfort and luxuriousness provided by furniture

units and decorative accents by availing the interior design facility provided by Wooden Street along with a

fantastic range of solid wood furniture.