progressive discipline n.
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Progressive Discipline

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Progressive Discipline. Session Objectives. Apply progressive discipline steps fairly and consistently Identify laws and policy requirements affecting discipline Conduct effective disciplinary meetings Document disciplinary action properly. Session Outline. Discipline and the law

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session objectives
Session Objectives
  • Apply progressive discipline steps fairly and consistently
  • Identify laws and policy requirements affecting discipline
  • Conduct effective disciplinary meetings
  • Document disciplinary action properly
session outline
Session Outline
  • Discipline and the law
  • The need for consistency
  • Investigations of disciplinary problems
  • Steps in progressive discipline
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Documentation of disciplinary actions
why progressive discipline
Why Progressive Discipline?
  • Establishes expectations and predictability
  • Applies consequences fairly and consistently
  • Corrects inappropriate behavior and poor performance
  • Helps rehabilitate employees with potential
  • Protects against complaints and lawsuits
discipline and the law
Discipline and the Law
  • EEO laws
  • Consistency and fairness
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful discharge
discipline policy
Discipline Policy
  • Provides legal protection
  • Reassures “good” employees
  • Puts potential offenders on notice
  • Protects employees from inappropriate actions of co-workers
  • Gives violators the opportunity to improve
employee handbook
Employee Handbook
  • Informs employees of policy
  • Advises that the policy will be enforced
  • Allows some flexibility
common discipline problems
Common Discipline Problems
  • Attendance
  • Performance or behavior
  • Safety
common discipline problems cont
Common Discipline Problems (cont.)
  • Equipment and materials
  • Substance abuse
  • Harassment, fighting, or violence
  • Always follow the company’s progressive discipline policy
  • Respond to all rule violations immediately
  • Use discipline only for genuine violations
consistency cont
Consistency (cont.)
  • Discipline all similar offenses in the same way
  • Make discipline appropriate to the offense
  • Give the employee an opportunity to correct the problem
  • Make sure you have all the facts
  • Document findings
  • Give workers the chance to explain
  • Interview witnesses
progressive discipline steps
Progressive Discipline Steps
  • Oral warning
  • Written warning
  • Suspension
  • Termination
oral warnings
Oral Warnings
  • Meet privately and state the problem clearly
  • Listen to the employee’s explanation
  • Be sure the employee understands the rule
  • Issue the warning and explain the next disciplinary step
  • Agree on an action plan
written warnings
Written Warnings
  • For repeated or serious problems
  • Get prior approval from HR
  • State the facts clearly and objectively
  • Include an action plan for improvement
  • Sign and have the employee sign
  • Give the employee a copy and file a copy
  • Confer with HR
  • Meet with the employee
  • Sign the forms
  • Meet with the employee again after suspension
  • Follow up
  • Use only as a last resort or for very serious violations
  • Consult with HR and investigate carefully
  • Follow required termination procedures
  • Meet with the employee
  • Document the meeting in a signed report
disciplinary meetings
Disciplinary Meetings
  • Talk privately and promptly after offense
  • Be calm and objective
  • Let the employee explain
disciplinary meetings cont
Disciplinary Meetings (cont.)
  • Determine the facts
  • Emphasize the seriousness of the situation
disciplinary meetings cont1
Disciplinary Meetings (cont.)
  • Determine the best discipline
  • Agree on a plan of action
  • Document the meeting
documenting discipline
Documenting Discipline
  • Include key information
  • Keep records for as long as policy mandates
  • Remove warnings and other documentation when allowed to give employees a clean slate
key points to remember
Key Points to Remember
  • Steps in progressive discipline: oral warning, written warning, suspension, and termination
  • Be consistent and follow company policy
  • Help employees correct discipline problems
  • Protect yourself and the organization by documenting disciplinary actions