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KORCOS Conference

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KORCOS Conference. March 9, 2012 Songdo International School. 8 Components of a Great Lesson. Lesson preparation Building background Comprehensible input Strategies Interaction Lesson delivery Practice and application Review and assessment.

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korcos conference

KORCOS Conference

March 9, 2012

Songdo International School

8 components of a great lesson
8 Components of a Great Lesson
  • Lesson preparation
  • Building background
  • Comprehensible input
  • Strategies
  • Interaction
  • Lesson delivery
  • Practice and application
  • Review and assessment

Tell me and I forget…

  • Show me and I might remember…
  • Involve me and I understand.
perfect lesson
Perfect Lesson
  • I do
  • I do You help
  • You do I help
  • You do




Of the time!

what s the balance
What’s the balance?
  • In your classroom, what percentage of the time is teacher talk?
  • What percentage of the time is student talk?
  • How often are students using key vocabulary?
structured interaction
Structured Interaction
  • Planned oral rehearsal between students which focuses on practicing key concepts and academic vocabulary.
3 principles to help els succeed
3 Principles to Help Els Succeed
  • Increase Comprehensibility
  • Increase Interaction
  • Increase Thinking Skills
give one get one
Give One, Get One
  • Fill in one square with a strategy you like to use. Ask colleagues to fill in other squares and put their initials in the square. Under what category do these strategies fall?
other ideas for student engagement
Other Ideas for Student Engagement
  • Thumbs up/down
  • Number 1 – 3 for self-assessment
  • Muddiest point
  • Entrance or exit ticket
  • Think-pair-share
  • Individual whiteboards
  • Hot seat
  • Agree: stand up Disagree: sit down
  • Question box
  • 3 x 5 cards
  • Library pocket cards
cooperative learning
Cooperative Learning
  • Must be taught!
  • How do you know you’re working well together? (as a group or with a partner)
freeze and talk
Freeze and Talk
  • Prepare questions around a topic studied
  • Students walk around room until teacher says, “Freeze!”
  • Students form pairs or groups and discuss answer with their partners.
  • Repeat several times. Students may not pair up with same person more than once.
  • Debrief
lines of communication facebook speed dating
Lines of CommunicationFacebook? Speed dating?
  • Students form two parallel lines so each person is facing a partner.
  • One line will move; one will not.
  • Ask question; they discuss with partner.
  • First student in moving line goes to the end; everyone now has new partner.
  • Repeat several times.
  • Debrief
numbered heads together
Numbered Heads Together
  • Students number themselves within their group.
  • Teacher asks questions and gives time to discuss.
  • Call number randomly. Students with that number in each group stand up and report group’s answer.
  • Repeat. Debrief.
people hunt
People Hunt
  • Into what category would you put this?
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