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Himalaya Baby Cream Review 2019 - Wonder Parenting PowerPoint Presentation
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Himalaya Baby Cream Review 2019 - Wonder Parenting

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Himalaya Baby Cream Review 2019 - Wonder Parenting
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Himalaya Baby Cream Review 2019 - Wonder Parenting

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  1. Himalaya Baby Cream Review Wonderparenting.com

  2. Like every new mother, I was skeptical about applying any cream to my baby’s delicate skin, not until I came across Himalaya Baby Cream. In the initial days after the birth of my child, I did not apply any cream to him. But as soon as winter season commenced, his skin became dry and wrinkled. One of my friends then suggested me to use the Himalaya Baby Cream. I immediately fell in love with its gentle fragrance and moisturizing touch. It seemed to be something that would pamper my baby’s delicate skin and protect it from impurities. Below, are some benefits of this miracle cream which I found really helpful so I have added them in theHimalaya Baby Cream Review.

  3. Advantages of Applying Himalaya Baby Cream to your baby • Mild fragrance: The fragrance of this cream is very gentle which does not irritate my baby. It has a soothing and calming effect on my child, so I find its fragrance very mild and gentle. • No chemicals used: The Himalaya Baby Cream is a hundred percent natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals like Paraben, and is without any synthetic color. Because it contains all natural and herbal products, I can apply it blindly to my baby’s skin. I have been using this baby cream for face for the last 8 months and till now, it had never caused any rashes, irritation or allergies in my baby’s skin.

  4. Himalaya Baby Cream Review • Ingredients It contains Olive oil which is extremely beneficial for my baby’s skin. Olive oil consists of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins such as vitamin E and K which keeps my baby’s skin hydrated and soft all the time. The cream is also a rich source of country mallow, an antioxidant, and Licorice, which gives nourishment to my baby’s gentle skin and protects it from rashes, allergies, and infections. The cream consists of only natural ingredients which are not only tested by dermatologists but also been given clean cheat by doctors all over the globe. • Size of the pack The cream is available in numerous pack sizes such as in tubes of 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml. The cream is packed well, so there are hardly any chances for leakage and I can carry it safely in my handbag whenever I am traveling. Thus I can choose the desired pack as per my requirement and convenience and this is cost-saving as well.

  5. Availability Himalaya Baby, Cream is available in all pharmacies, big or small and most of the departmental stores. You can also purchase it online through any of the online shopping sites.  So, I find it extremely easy to buy this cream, no matter whichever area I am in. • Easy to use In the pack of Himalaya Baby Cream, the directions for using it is properly given. You can apply it on your baby’s face and neck and massage gently. The cream will soon be absorbed, especially if your baby has dry skin. My baby has normal skin, so the cream suits my baby’s skin perfectly, I just need to apply a small amount to my baby’s face. • Cost-friendly One major advantage which needs special mention in writing the Himalaya Baby Cream Review is its cost-effective feature. The cost of the cream is kept such that it is easily affordable for people, belonging to any strata of society. I find this cream completely in my budget and so I do not have it think twice before buying it.

  6. Himalaya Baby Cream Side Effects • The cream has a lot of moisturizing effects which may not be ideal for babies having oily skin. This cream hydrates the skin so it might not be an ideal choice for the summers when humidity is already more in the air. So I prefer not using this cream in summers and monsoon. If you are traveling to beaches, avoid using this cream. • Applying too much of this cream on my baby’s skin makes it sticky and greasy. So I always apply a small amount of the cream to my baby’s face so that his skin does not appear excessively oily. • This cream irritates my baby’s eyes when it enters the eyes, so I always keep it away from my baby’s eyes. I make it sure that when I am massaging the cream on my baby’s face, the cream does not enter his eyes by any means.

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