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Librarians & Common Core Implementation

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Librarians & Common Core Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Librarians & Common Core Implementation. Shirley Fetherolf Program Advisor Library Media Services 4-22-12. Reading is at the core of everything in the Common Core Standards. Problem: Many of us have weeded out our high Lexile books. Problem. Librarians say that

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librarians common core implementation
Librarians & Common Core Implementation

Shirley Fetherolf

Program Advisor

Library Media Services




Many of us have

weeded out our high

Lexile books


Librarians say that

it’s fun to read

ccss reading not always fun
CCSS Reading: Not always fun
  • Vehicle for deeper learning
  • Challenging and intellectually edifying activity
  • Deserving of students’ time, effort, and persistence

Carol Jago


In order to reach appropriate levels of rigor, students must grapple with complex texts

Challenging texts that may frustrate or confuse students can be extremely effective and important instructional tools

If students have not developed the skill, concentration and stamina to read complex texts—they will read less in general

CSS ELA Appendix A, p. 4

problem growing imbalance
Problem: Growing Imbalance
  • Champions at information gathering
    • Web surfing, social media, email and texting
  • Not good at processing information
    • Constructing meaning
    • Deeper thinking/synthesis
    • Learning to process information

5% of children learn to read effortlessly

20-30% learn relatively easily once exposed to reading instruction

Harris, Chris. “RTI – The Library Role.” Infomancy. 15 Mar. 2006. Web. 15 Apr. 2011. <


For 60% of children, learning to read is a much more formidable task

20-30% of children: reading is one of the most difficult tasks ever

5% of students: even with explicit and systematic instruction, reading will continue to be a challenge

Harris, Chris. “RTI – The Library Role.” Infomancy. 15 Mar. 2006. Web. 15 Apr. 2011. <


The reading level of documents, technical manuals, and other materials required by entry level positions in most fields far exceeds the reading level of many students.

  • Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy, Judith Irvin, et al

Free voluntary reading is one of the most powerful tools we have in language instruction

More reading results in better reading comprehension, writing style, vocabulary, spelling and grammatical development

The Power of Reading: Insights from the Research, Stephan Krashen


“Subject-area teachers should not be expected to teach basic reading skills, but they can help students develop critical strategies and skills for reading texts in each subject.”

--Includes Librarians

Southern Regional Education Board, 2009 Policy Statement, page 5

the common core conversation
The Common Core Conversation

Are you involved?

How do you support student learning?

How do you support teachers?

Where can you learn more about how to implement Common Core?


What to do?

What to buy?

What curriculum?

What will students do?


new ade wiki on ccss http ccssarkansas pbworks com
New ADE Wiki on CCSS
  • AETN Videos
ccss changes
CCSS Changes
  • More nonfiction
  • Higher Lexiles
  • More research
  • More collaboration
new challenges for librarians
New Challenges for Librarians


LMS Evaluation


Complex Text


New PD Rules





1:1 computers

Don’t let the

new evaluation

system catch

you by surprise!


what are the curriculum maps
What are the Curriculum Maps?
  • Vendor product—was free in past
  • Developed by Bill Gates Foundation
  • Used by many Arkansas schools
  • Not affiliated with CCSS—, even though their Website is
common core curriculum maps
Common Core Curriculum Maps
  • Available online, also in book form
  • Teacher comment: “Implementation using these maps has been much easier, since we have some suggested texts, activities, and assessments to help us in teaching the new standards.”
common core curriculum maps1
Common Core Curriculum Maps
  • Issues
  • Catcher in the Rye in 8th grade unit
  • House of Spirits in 10th grade unit
  • Cost $19,500 for K-12 single title set
  • On average, all books within each unit, after set discount, cost around $250.00 
  • Each grade has six units
pair and share
Pair and Share

Bill Gates Curriculum Maps

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
technology integration example
Technology Integration Example
  • 8th grade ELA teacher creating podcasts of student poems
  • Typed poems on PPT slides, with credits and animation.
  • Recorded Audacity sound clip and attached to slide
  • Final product: students reading the words of their poems as slides scrolled through
navigating the big shifts
Navigating the Big Shifts
  • Appropriate Text Complexity
  • Increased Reading of Informational Texts
  • Disciplinary Literacy
  • Close Reading
  • Text-dependent Questions
  • Academic Vocabulary--Tier 2 & 3
  • Argumentative Writing
  • Short and Sustained Research Projects
common core research skills
Common Core Research Skills
  • Our LMS framework is still important!
  • Research projects in CCSS start in kindergarten
  • Collaboration needed with teachers to develop activities which teach our frameworks and Common Core research skills
  • See my wiki page for ideas
english language learners
English Language Learners
  • Most ELL’s were born in USA
  • 43% of students in Springdale are ELL’s
  • Over 90% ELL’s in some classes in DeQueen
our goal a word rich environment
Our Goal: A Word-Rich Environment
  • Lots of books and other reading material, invitingly displayed, on various topics, at various reading levels
  • Words on a word wall, etc.
summer reading
Summer Reading

Progress in International Reading Literacy Study

pair and share1
Pair and Share
  • Google search results not usually created specifically for children
  • How do you get teachers and students beyond Google?

Shirley Fetherolf