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Job Investigation Animator. By Tara Mc Camley. Qualifications. Animators today need to know how to work certain computer programmes and use certain computer techniques as all of the jobs are currently in computer animation. E.g 3D moddeling , Flash animation and photoshop

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Job investigation animator

Job InvestigationAnimator

By Tara Mc Camley


  • Animatorstodayneed to know how to work certain computer programmes and use certain computer techniques as all of the jobs are currently in computer animation. E.g 3D moddeling, Flash animation and photoshop

  • To get a job in animation and to getinto the course points are takenintoacount but whatis more important isyour portfolio. A portfolio which shows off a wide range of skillswillgetyou a good job and a place in yourchosen course

  • You needat least a bacholarsdegree

Where to study
Where to study?

  • The collegeswhichprovide animation course in Ireland are some of the best in the world. Thesetwo are the best known:

  • Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design & Technology

  • BallyfermotCollege for furthereducation

  • You canalsostudy in:

  • Limerick Insitute of |Technoloy

Average salary

  • The averagesalary for someoneworking in computer animation in Dublin is €34,000 a year

Job prospects
Job Prospects

  • Its a boomingmarketwith lots of jobs currentlyavailable all over the world.

  • Ireland isquicklybecomingfamous for itshighquality animation and more business isbeingdirectedtowards irish companieswhich in turncreates more jobs

Promotion oppurtunities
Promotion Oppurtunities

  • There are someoppurtunities for promotion but not a lot

  • If you are very good at a specificfieldyoumaygetpromoted to head of thatdeparment on certain projects

  • To get a higher up job such as ,art director or producer, youshouldbefamiliarwith a number of differentfields and have experience in them as well

Case study david mc camley
Case Study- David Mc Camley

  • A yearafterhefinished the leaving, hegot a job at Don Bluth studios as a cellpainter

  • 2 weekslaterhewasflown to America to work on  ’An American tale’ under the supervision of ex-Disney animators

  • He did all sorts of work and discoveredhewasstrongestat backgrounds

  • Went back to Ireland and continuedworkingatBluths for 4 years

Case study david mc camley1
Case Study- David Mc Camley

  • Moved to America and did freelance for differentcompanies(Warner Bros, paramount, Universal cartoons)

  • Got a job atdisney, workedwiththem for 8 years (Pocahontas, Lion King, Hercules, Hunchback, Tarzan, Atlantas)

  • Pionnered Digital background painting in Disney

  • 1999 aceptedinto the Academy of motion arts&science

Case study david mc camley2
Case Study- David Mc Camley

  • Moved back to Ireland, 3 yearslater made Tv series Inis Cool ( directed, wrote, created)

  • Worked freelance aftercompanyheworked for wentbankrupt

  • Developedchildrens TV show Grabby Bag

  • Writingchildrens tv for brownbag

  • Workedwith Brown Bag films as director, art director and writer ( DirectedNoddy and Peter Rabbit)

  • Currentlyhigh up director in Brown Bag