using jeroo l.
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Using Jeroo

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Using Jeroo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Jeroo. Overview. In this presentation we will discuss: What is Jeroo? Where did it come from? Why use it? How it works. Your first assignments. What is Jeroo?. An environment for learning object oriented programming. (OOP)

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  • In this presentation we will discuss:
    • What is Jeroo?
    • Where did it come from?
    • Why use it?
    • How it works.
    • Your first assignments.
what is jeroo
What is Jeroo?
  • An environment for learning object oriented programming. (OOP)
  • The Jeroo language is a small object-oriented programming language.
    • you create objects and then do things with them.
  • Created in Java.
where did jeroo come from
Where did Jeroo come from?
  • NW Missouri State University
  • It’s free.
  • Place: Santong Island in the South Pacific
  • Two unknown species
    • Jeroo: similar to the wallabies of Australia
    • Winsum Flower: Jeroo's source of food
  • Jeroos
    • have a pouch to hold flowers
    • can't swim – fur gets waterlogged-must dry
  • Humans arrive and set nets to catch Jeroos.
the jeroo environment
The Jeroo environment
  • The island is made of rows and columns.
  • The programmer chose to number both the rows and columns starting with zero at the northwest corner of the island.













What location is this?

programming steps
Programming steps
  • A Jeroo can execute 6 action methods
    • hop() hop once or hop(n) to hop n times
    • turn( relative_direction )
    • pick()  pick a flower
    • plant()  plant a flower from the pouch
    • toss()  throw a flower one space ahead.
    • give(relativedirection)  give a flower to another jeroo
  • They always follow directions in order, from top to bottom.
  • Put it all together to solve various problems.
how jeroo works
How Jeroo works
  • 3 steps:
    • Create your environment
    • Write the program
    • Run the program
icons used to create and edit islands
Icons used to create and edit islands
  • Set the speed of the Jeroos
  • Create a new island layout
  • Open an existing island
  • Save the island
  • Save as
  • Print
  • Plant flowers on the island
  • Set nets on the island
  • Add water to the island
  • Clear the island layout (remove all extra flowers, water and nets)
  • Get help with the Jeroo language
  • Quit Jeroo

Step 1. Create the Environment

  • To start:
    • Open an existing Island File
    • Or Create your own Island
  • Add or remove:
    • Flowers
    • Nets
    • Water
    • Land
  • You can save and re-use your islands.

Learn how to create islands.

  • Select water, flower or net
    • left-click to add
    • right-click to remove
  • Learn how to save islands.
  • Programs and islands are saved separately
    • Source_file save (.jsc)
    • Island_file save (.jev)

Creating the Jeroo environment

To create your environment in Jeroo:

Left-click to draw

Right-click to remove

your first island
Your first island


Design an island that uses water, nets and flowers to create an attractive design based on one or more of your initials.

Save as yournameLetterIsland and print your island design.