engaging the future of tennis n.
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Engaging the future of Tennis PowerPoint Presentation
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Engaging the future of Tennis

Engaging the future of Tennis

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Engaging the future of Tennis

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  1. Engaging the future of Tennis 21st May 2011

  2. Introduction Mr Stephen Twaddell President Kellogg Europe Hylton Banks Area Brand Director Europe Kids, Mums & Teens

  3. Good start • Great work, in Tennis Ireland, to build on • Top class Toolkit • Ability to look to the future

  4. Some facts 93% The percent of teenagers introduced to their chosen sport by a family member or teacher 71% Teenagers who started playing their chosen sport before the age of 7 years

  5. Building the future of Tennis 4 Key thoughts to consider… • Active recruitment – assures the future • Early recruitment is most successful • Know your audience & their motivations • Know how to reach them

  6. Recruit the next generation young • Children learn from even before they are born • Majority of learning is through observation & imitation • Neo-Phobia must be overcome – fear of the new • For tennis this may start at 4+

  7. Life Coach Teaching the rules of life Light of my Life Bringing moments of joy Reaching Kids through Mum Mum Motivation Model

  8. Understand motivations of mums • How to apply this to Tennis Ireland • Focus on what mums want • Position tennis to deliver this: Children can… • Challenge themselves • Experience success & failure • Develop confidence & self esteem • Learn about team work • Make Friends • Have fun

  9. Understand motivations of Kids Power Child Motivation Model Belong Play Kid motivators Success

  10. I feel connected Exchange I’m valued Purpose Affinity Someone understands me Understand motivations of Kids Belong

  11. Understand motivations of Kids Belong • How to apply this to Tennis Ireland • Create “mini clubs” identity - collateral • Allow for social interaction building bonds • Select & train coaching staff carefully • Work to show children they are valued

  12. I love being spontaneous Fantasy I’m excited Surprise Creativity That’s imaginative Understand motivations of Kids Play

  13. Understand motivations of Kids • How to apply this to Tennis Ireland • Could provide “Mum & Me” Time (Ball Skills) • Make skill training fun & imaginative • How do you use your facilities & sport in new & inventive ways (Tennis 10’s a key initiative) • Remember fun brings them back

  14. I’m a step ahead Knowledge I’m self confident Mastery Recognition I’m proud Understand motivations of Kids Success

  15. Understand motivations of Kids • How to apply this to Tennis Ireland • Build skills programme that allows visible progression • Provide material resources that aid skills development with parents & teachers • Mini tournaments to build recognition

  16. I’m so independent I’ve got influence I’m in charge Freedom Voice Ownership Understand motivations of Kids Power

  17. Understand motivations of Kids • How to apply this to Tennis Ireland • Build in valued steps of progression – uniforms, badges. • Build up to autonomous play, recognising independence

  18. Map out your recruitment strategy You are not the only sport competing for the interest of a new generation

  19. Map out your recruitment strategy • You have the final destination in mind • Tennis academy

  20. Grassroots Recruitment Club Engagement Development Academy Map out your recruitment strategy • You have the roadmap on how they get there

  21. Now it’s time to recruit 4328primary schools in Ireland 79% have their own GAA facilities or are within walking distance How many have Tennis facilities? What does grass roots Tennis facilities look like?

  22. Who can help you do this • How you can use this in Tennis Ireland: • Recruitment within current Tennis families is limited • Your biggest opportunity is primary schools • Teachers are the biggest influence in children’s lives (aged 5-10) beyond parents Friends School Family Child

  23. School School School School Local Tennis Club Fish were the fish are Every Tennis Club in Ireland has a catchment area of Primary Schools

  24. Grassroots recruitment But how could you use this: 2 routes Teachers & or Coaches

  25. Grassroots recruitment Ways you may be able to do this • Resources: • Trained coaching staff • Materials –starter kits (Sponsored) • Training materials & drills • Recruiting school Evangelists: • Professional coach training for teachers • Local club membership at reduced rates for teachers • Incentives for recruitment into local clubs

  26. A Summary of thoughts for Tennis Ireland • Most of your new players are introduced by either family or a close friend • Taking up a new sport starts young • Children learn from imitation and observation – you need to overcome neo-phobia • Sphere of influence is skewed to family & school • Recruiting Children means recruiting their mums • Use the mum motivators to actively recruit mums • Understand that engaging Children is done through four key motivators • You have a clear development path and full programme • You now can fish where the fish are • Grassroots recruitment is probably best unlocked through primary schools in you local catchment areas

  27. In closing • Tennis Ireland is well placed for future growth • Great facilities, a clear vision & a lot of the building blocks in place • Quantum growth will require proactive recruitment • Make your club development programmes child and mum friendly • Build your grassroots recruitment within your community • Focus on adding value to your community, your schools, and your young people and you will... Engage the future of Tennis in Ireland

  28. Thank you