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Wizscribe is a pioneer in Transcription Services provider for clients around the globe. Follow Wizscribe blog and be updated on latest NEWS and trends in Transcription Industry.

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About Wizscribe

With more than 10000 hours of quality transcriptions and more than 1200 clients from across the globe, Wizscribe is one of the most trusted names in the field of transcription services. We provide most comprehensive range of solutions for transcription requirements to meet varied needs of our clients through a powerful combination high end technology and simple dedication of our staff.


Transcription services by Wizscribe

  • Wizscribe has one of the largest pools of the most experienced professionals in transcription domain who have the required expertise to undertake assignments of any complexity in a wide and comprehensive range of transcription services.
  • General Transcription Services: Wizscribe offers a range of general transcription services designed to meet the specific needs of businesses, medical professionals, publishers, artists and individuals
  • Audio Transcription Services: Our audio transcription services include lectures, sermons, oral histories, radio shows, podcasts and academic research recordings
  • Video Transcription Services: Our team of highly trained professionals offers comprehensive video transcription services for a range of different formats, including subtitling, advertising, films, documentaries, conference calls, surveillance and much more
  • Legal Transcription Services: Wizscribe offers a range of legal transcription services designed to meet the needs of attorneys, police departments, law colleges and administrators, private investigators and other legal professionals
  • Business Transcription Services: Wizscribe specializes in making highly accurate and effective transcriptions to meet all kinds of business needs providing a range of services including board room meetings, conference calls, business meetings and webcasts

General Transcription Services from Wizscribe

  • Wizscribe offers a wide range of services in the field of general transcription to meet varying requirements of needs of businesses, medical professionals, publishers, artists and individuals.
  • Music and Song transcription: Music note, song lyric and musical recording transcription services for students and professionals
  • Product Launch and Press Conference Transcription: Transcriptions of your product or service launch press conference recordings, whether in audio or video
  • Insurance Transcription: Comprehensive medical claim, auto claim, homeowners claim and workers’ compensation insurance transcription services
  • Medical Transcription: Transcription of medical records, prescriptions, doctors’ notes, and patient information in audio or video format
  • Property Record Transcription: Transcription services for property records, on-site evaluations, real estate documents and more
  • Seminar Transcription: Educational, business and religious seminars transcribed to meet the specific needs of your campaign
  • Book transcription: Book and eBook transcription services for publishing companies, individuals and academic professionals
  • Interview Transcription: Transcription of interviews, whether between individuals or a larger focus group or three way interview

Audio Transcription Services from Wizscribe

  • Catering to the needs of individual, academic firm or marketing companies Wizscribe has achieved more than 96% accuracy in all our audio transcription services which include lectures, sermons, oral histories, radio shows, podcasts and academic research recordings.
  • Radio Show Transcription: Radio shows, radio news programs and radio interviews transcribed accurately for your needs
  • Lecture Transcription: We transcribe lectures for student, professor or institutional use, whether live or previously recorded
  • Sermon transcription: We offer a range of sermon transcriptions, from live sermons to recorded sermons from the past
  • Oral History Transcription: Transcription of oral histories includes testimonies, stories or recollection of a life history
  • Voicemail Transcription: We offer voicemail transcription for individual, extended and backlogged voicemails, as well as call logs
  • Podcast transcription: Transcription services for audio and video podcasts, screen casts and enhanced podcasts
  • Online Transcription: Live or recorded online transcriptions for businesses, individuals, or medical institutions and academics
  • Academic Research Transcription: Transcription of recorded interviews, focus groups, studies and other academic research

Video Transcription Services from Wizscribe

  • Our video transcription services are designed to be customizable to the specific needs of your business.
  • Transcription for Subtitling: Original language or translated subtitle transcription services for films, documentaries and TV programs
  • Advertisement Transcription: Transcription of audio or video advertising from television, online video or radio programming
  • Documentary and Films Transcription: Transcription of educational or business documentaries, or from feature-length motion pictures and shorts
  • Video Conference Call Transcription: Transcription of video conference calls between businesses, academic or personal contacts
  • Surveillance Recording Transcription: Transcription of audio or video surveillance footage for use in investigations or court proceedings
  • Television Series Transcription: Transcription of televisions news, entertainment, educational or sports programming for individuals or businesses
  • Animation Transcription: Transcription of animation, animation storyboards or storytelling sessions for use in production
  • Webinar Transcription: Transcription of webinars for business, product launches or event announcements; live and recorded

Legal Transcription Services from Wizscribe

  • With more than 10000 hours of quality transcriptions and more than 1200 clients from across the glOur legal transcription specialists are chosen from a pool of highly skilled and highly experienced individuals offering a comprehensive range of services in Legal Transcription works.
  • Deposition Transcription: Transcription of depositions given in court hearings, as part of witness interviews or as recorded from 911 calls
  • Court Briefs and Proceedings Transcription: Transcription of court briefs and proceedings recorded by any member of the court administration
  • Court Reports: Detailed transcription of court reports delivered to or produced by any member of the court administration
  • Subpoenas: Transcription of subpoenas delivered to eyewitnesses, expert witnesses or other individuals who must testify
  • Jury Instruction: Transcription of the jury instructions provided by a judge or court administrator before or during trial
  • Testimonies: Transcription of testimonies provided by witnesses, police officers, expert witnesses or other individuals in a trial

Arbitrations: Transcription of arbitration proceedings for both binding and non-binding sessions as mandated by contract or court

  • Investigations: Transcription of police investigation materials, interviews, scientific investigations or medical investigations
  • Forensic: Transcription of forensic notes and recordings presented as findings in or out of court by a scientific professional
  • Police Interview Videos: Transcription of interviews recording performed by police during the investigation of a case

Business Transcription Services from Wizscribe

  • Wizscribe offers the highly accurate, affordable transcription services you need to succeed in your business goals.
  • Earnings Conference Calls: We transcribe earnings conference calls in real time or from a previous recording in all major industries
  • Investor/Analyst Conference Call: We can rapidly and accurately transcribe your investor or analyst conference calls for use internally or by media
  • Webcast Transcription: Our team can watch or listen to a webcast recording and produce a quick transcription accurately for your use
  • Real Time Transcription: Using a client console, we can interact with your communications in real time and provide transcriptions
  • Board Meeting Transcription: We offer comprehensive board meetings transcription services, whether recorded or live
  • Business Meetings Transcription: We can transcribe your business meetings, whether one-on-one or a larger meeting between international delegates
  • Minutes of Meetings Transcription: Our transcriptionists offer comprehensive and highly accurate minutes of meeting transcription services

Tools & Software Expertise at Wizscribe

  • Our technology is state of the art and updated on a regular basis so you can rest assured that all work will be done as quickly as possible, in a format that fits your needs and with security precautions in place you can rely on.
  • 16MBps Dedicated connections
  • Newest Mac & PC hardware
  • Advanced and licensed transcription software
  • Best audio and video devices
  • Latest fidelity checking tools

Quality Systems at Wizscribe

  • We adhere to strict standards as provided by the International Standards Organization for all of the projects we to ensure that you always get exactly what you need from the final product we deliver.
  • 5 Hours of Training for Every Staff Member Each Month
  • An Achievement Rating of 99% or Higher Every Month
  • Resolution Escalation Performed in 4 Hours or Less
  • Transparency for All Projects with Error Reports Provided As Needed
  • Uptime of 99.5% Guaranteed for Technical and Human Resources

Data Security Measures at Wizscribe

  • Wizscribe understands your concerns about data breaches or misuse of your data. Subsequently we provide exceptional data security systems, for both physical and virtual access to your information.
  • Data control at each level – from transmission to workstation access
  • Information security compliance in all formats
  • Security procedures for before, during and after a project is completed
  • In-house professionals and IT management to ensure no breaches or loss of data
  • Regular audits of all user and client data at every step to ensure no loss or unauthorized access
  • Integration of any additional security as required by the client
  • Immediate identification of potential breaches and reaction to them as needed

Turnaround time at Wizscribe

  • To ensure none of our customers ever has to worry about turnaround time or losing money while they wait for deliverables, Wizscribe strives to adhere to strict deadlines.
  • 99.9% SLA on turnaround time
  • Practical estimates for each project
  • Constant monitoring and feedback to client on progress
  • Support team available 24 x 7 to address any intervening specific needs of the client

Benefits of Partnering with Wizscribe

  • We excel in providing a one-stop solution that cuts costs without quality being hurt.
  • Strict quality standards and turnaround time
  • Expertise with a streamlined 5 step process
  • Excellent communications skills in English, both written and spoken
  • Large range of knowledge in all related fields
  • Short and long term project execution
  • Multiple delivery locations in places like Chennai and Bangalore
  • Exploiting the value and potential of technology in multiple ways

Pricing Structures at Wizscribe

  • Wizscribe offers extremely competitive pricing for all of our customers to ensure you remain under budget without sacrificing one once of quality along the way.
  • The pricing takes into account several factors such as :
  • Complexity of work
  • Nature of work
  • Special formatting requests
  • Pricing types:
  • Hourly Pricing
  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Pricing

About Wizscribe Workforce

  • Our team is comprised of a huge range of talent, from graduates in scientific and academic fields to specialists in transcription technologies like time-stamping and verbatim transcription.
  • Carefully screened at selection
  • Proven credentials
  • Experienced and skilled
  • Ongoing training
  • Skill up gradation programs
  • Highly dedicated
  • Client oriented task force

Infrastructure and Technology

  • Our technology is state of the art and updated on a regular basis so you can rest assured that all work will be done as quickly as possible, in a format that fits your needs and with security precautions in place you can rely on.
  • Sprawling air-conditioned working space
  • State of the art computer systems
  • 16 MB Dedicated connection
  • Industry-standard firewalls
  • Work stations running fully licensed transcription software
  • Latest audio and video fidelity measurement tools

Success Stories

  • We have transcribed over 10,000 audio hours and worked with more than 1,200 customers across all English speaking countries.
  • US production house producing a show was able achieve substantial savings
  • Based out of Tampa, FL, the client is a production company for television programming was able to cut transcription cost by 50%
  • A marketing agency in the United States that works with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies gets it’s transcription rapid turnaround time

Contact Details

Official Website: http://


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