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February 18, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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February 18, 2010

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February 18, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NBS Travel HPOCs. February 18, 2010. Agenda. Project Status Update Process for Obtaining NBS Assistance Submitting a Help Desk Ticket Non-Affiliate Workaround Adding Advances Foreign Travel Hotel Tax Pre-Audit Non-Contract Fares Known Issues Q&A Session. Project Status Update.

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February 18, 2010

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Presentation Transcript

NBS Travel HPOCs

February 18, 2010

  • Project Status Update
  • Process for Obtaining NBS Assistance
  • Submitting a Help Desk Ticket
  • Non-Affiliate Workaround
  • Adding Advances
  • Foreign Travel Hotel Tax Pre-Audit
  • Non-Contract Fares
  • Known Issues
  • Q&A Session

Project Status Update

  • GovTrip 2.0 Implementation currently scheduled to deploy into production on June 12.
  • Integrated Notification of Foreign Travel scheduled to deploy into production on June 19.
  • Conference Travel enhancement scheduled to deploy into production on
  • July 17.
  • Gelco will be fully decommissioned prior to the end of this fiscal year.
process for obtaining nbs assistance


NIH HelpDesk


Processfor Obtaining NBS Assistance
  • Users submit their questions to their IC Help Point of Contact (HPOC)
  • If the HPOC cannot assist, they forward to the NIH Help Desk. A ticket is created in Remedy under the HPOC’s name (so that they can benefit from the eventual answer) unless otherwise specified. If they cannot assist, they forward to the NBS Management Center (NMC)
  • Resolution is fed back to the HPOC who is now aware of how to answer the question. The HPOC then provides the user with the resolution.


Page 4


Submitting a Help Desk Ticket

In order to expedite the processing of Help Desk Tickets, be sure to include the following information with all help desk requests:

Traveler Name

Traveler EIN

TA Number

Trip Start Date

Issue Description (with screenshots when possible)

What screen are you working on?


Non-Affiliate Workaround

To re-submit a non-affiliate record with an updated organization, follow these steps:

  • Search for the non affiliate record by clicking on the Find ( ) button.
  • Type the Non-affiliate number into the number field and select the Find button:

Non-Affiliate Workaround, continued

3. Select the More button:


Non-Affiliate Workaround, continued

4. Click in the Address field to edit the address:


Non-Affiliate Workaround, continued

5. In the Address Line3 field, enter a period (.), then click OK to save the change:


Non-Affiliate Workaround, continued

6. Click on the comments field:


Non-Affiliate Workaround, continued

7. Enter the comment “Updated traveler’s organization into the Preparer Comments field then click OK to save:

OFM Government Accounting Office will receive the updated request automatically and will be able to approve.


Adding Advances

Users with Reviewer or Approver access are now able to update the traveler’s profile to adjust the advance status. To update the traveler’s advance status, access the profile from within a document:

1) From the GovTrip Document Toolbar, select the Additional Options tab:

2) Once the Additional Options tab has been selected, choose Profile from the sub-menu:


Adding Advances, continued

3) Within the Profile screen, select the My Additional Information link:


Adding Advances, continued

4) Scroll down the Charge Card field. The status defaults to ‘No Advance’:


Adding Advances, continued

5) Click the drop-down arrow and select ‘ADVANCE AUTH’:

Advance Statuses Defined:

Advanced Auth: Standard 60% advance of reimbursable expenses

Card Holder : Traveler has a JPMC Travel Card and is not eligible to receive advances via direct deposit

Full Advance: 100% advance of reimbursable expenses (financial hardship)

No Advance: Traveler is not eligible to receive an advance, but is not a travel card holder


Adding Advances, continued

6) Once ‘Advance Auth’ is selected the user can save this to the traveler’s permanent profile:

7) Check the check-box to save the change permanently to the traveler’s profile and press the Update Personal Information button:


Foreign Travel Hotel Tax Pre-Audit

A new pre-audit will be added for foreign travel when a hotel tax expense is selected. Hotel Tax is included in the foreign per diem rates and therefore should not be selected as a separate expense. If the hotel tax is selected on a foreign travel document, a new pre-audit will appear:

This pre-audit is a hard-fail and the document will reject if it is approved with the hotel tax expense:

Note: If the trip combines both domestic and foreign travel, you must list domestic hotel tax as a miscellaneous expense.


Booking Restricted/Non-Contract Fares in GovTrip

Non-contract fares often have advance purchase requirements that necessitate the approval of the authorization by a specific date. When booking non-contract flights in GovTrip, the authorization must be approved by the advance purchase date or the reservation will be cancelled.

To search for Restricted and Non-Contract flights in GovTrip, select the Non Government sub-tab within the Travel-Air tabs:

The following message will display for the user:


Booking Restricted/Non-Contract Fares in GovTrip

After the user clicks OK, he/she is able to enter the departure and arrival airports as well as the desired times. The user is still prompted with a red message box to inform them these are Restricted flights and additional fee, penalties and restrictions may apply:


Booking Restricted/Non-Contract Fares in GovTrip

The GSA City-Pair Rate will display to inform the user.

The flights will display with the fare highlighted in red to denote that the flight is restricted:


Booking Restricted/Non-Contract Fares in GovTrip

Once the flight is selected, the Last Purchase Date & Restrictions field displays the last day the tickets can be purchased/issued.


Booking Restricted/Non-Contract Fares in GovTrip

The authorization must be stamped APPROVED in GovTrip by this date or the rate/fare will expire. Once the rate/fare expires, the reservation is no longer available or valid. The reservation will have to be rebooked at the new rate available in GovTrip.


Once the Reservation is saved, GovTrip will display the Booking Status screen to confirm the reservation was successfully booked in GovTrip:


Known Issues

  • Planners unable to update routing list
    • Issue: When NG updated the profile to allow reviewers and approvers to update the advance status, the ability to update the routing list was also changed to the reviewer/approver level.
    • Work Around: Reviewer, Approver, or HPOC can update the routing list for the planner as necessary. Level 1 and Level 2 Help desk can also update routing lists.
  • On-line booking on sponsored documents
    • Issue: Reservations made on-line for sponsored documents are now appearing as CTO submit in the document, however they have not been submitted to Omega and will not move any further in the routing process.
    • Work Around: If reservations have not been made for a sponsored trip, call Omega to make the reservations. If the document is stuck in CTO submit, submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

Known Issues, continued

  • Hard Copy Travel Authorization (Default Form)
    • Issue 1: For sponsored authorizations, the sponsored 348 form box 5 part 2 method of reimbursement section is incorrect when both reimbursable and in-kind expenses exist in the same document.
    • Work Around: Wherever possible, review travel authorization on-line. For off-line reviewers, print the preview screen using the screen print functionality.
    • Issue 2: For sponsored authorizations, the Pay to Traveler field in the Split Pay Disbursements section displays the total amount claimed as opposed to the amount owed to the traveler.
    • Work Around: Section 6 shows the correct amount owed to the traveler.
    • Issue 3: For Constructed vouchers, box 6 calculates totals incorrectly, and the Split Pay Disbursements section calculates from the actual trip, not the least expensive trip.
    • Work Around: Provide traveler with a screen print of the Payment Totals screen.