C-SPIN IRG2, Oklahoma/Arkansas,
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C-SPIN IRG2, Oklahoma/Arkansas, DMR-0520550. (a). (b). Electron Spin Effects in Narrow Gap Semiconductors.

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C-SPIN IRG2, Oklahoma/Arkansas, DMR-0520550



Electron Spin Effects in Narrow Gap Semiconductors

Semiconductors with narrow energy gaps have properties that can be advantageous for devices that exploit electron spin. Electrons in InSb have a spin lifetime that is sufficiently long for the spin to be manipulated and/or detected. Coupling between electron spins and nuclear spins in InSb quantum wells was studied in quantum Hall ferromagnets (QHF) with domain structures. Dynamic nuclear polarization via the hyperfine interaction occurs when a large current flows through the QHF. Resistively-detected nuclear magnetic resonance (RDNMR) signals of both In and Sb are prominent.

(a) Electron spin relaxation rates in InSb as a function of electron kinetic energy. The purple (blue-green) lines indicate theoretical limits for the Elliot-Yafet (Dyakanov-Perel) process.

(b) Quadrupole splittings of 115In measured by the RDNMR technique applied to an InSb quantum well. The gray line is a fit with nine Gaussian curves (black line).