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Dolomite® Jazz > launch presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Dolomite® Jazz > launch presentation

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Dolomite® Jazz > launch presentation
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Dolomite® Jazz > launch presentation

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  1. Dolomite® Jazz > launchpresentation Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  2. Dolomite® Jazz > presentationoutline • Background • Positioning • Target group • Product features • Launch Package Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  3. Dolomite® Jazz > background • New Dolomite® Jazz provides a series of innovative features combined with a stylish design allowing for a strong and differentiated marketing campaign versus the numerous X-folding rollators. Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  4. Dolomite® Jazz > positioning & target group • The product is primarily positioned in the high-end part of the private pay rollator segment. • Jazz’ target group is active people with minor issues with mobility or stability.Typically, severely disabled users are not using the Jazz. The application is rather extended stability to compensate for geriatric handicaps and to provide a moving bag for shopping and groceries. • Coordination, upper and lower body stability is still on a reasonable level. The user usually uses a minor walking aid (mainly canes) besides the rollator, especially inside buildings. • The product is mainly used outside the living environment (80%), not as much indoors (20%). • Variations can occur in different countries. • Due to the remaining level of activity the user often travels by bus or car to various (short distance) destinations. Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  5. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > sidefolding frame • The new frame with a side to side folding mechanism clearly differentiates Jazz from the abundance of X-foldable rollators on the market and from the previous Jazz. • Folds easily by pulling the clearly visible folding strap in the middle of the seat plate and by pressing the push handles inwards. • Seat plate and basket fold along with the Rollator. • Rollator can be lifted by picking it up from the seat plate without it folding. There is also no finger entrapment possible when you push the seat plate downwards to unfold. Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  6. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > gait area • Ergonomic frame design allowing a natural walking position inside the rollator. • Gait area on new Jazz is slightly bigger than old Jazz (214 in²vs203 in²) but the main improvement on the walking space is related to the positioning of the push handles. • Distance between the seat plate and the back side of the push handles has increased on the new Jazz (+ 7cm), which significantly reduces the possibility of bumping the knees against the seat during walking. • The fork ratio (large front fork, small rear fork) makes it easier to walk in and outside the rollator. • Gait area new Jazz= 12.5” x 17.16”= 214 in² • Basket area new Jazz= 8.5” x 17.16”= 145.8 in² Old Jazz New Jazz Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  7. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > brake system • Extremelyefficient and easy to use braking system: • Running brake: force required 40N • Parking brake: force required 35N • Light and easily usable for userswith a slightdisability: brakehandleisshapedslightlyoutwards for easiermanipulating and betteraccess. • Brakingcables are fullingintegratedinto the frame providing a clean look and alsopreventfromcatchingobjectsfoundoutside or in the home. Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  8. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > brake system • The new Jazz introduces a non linear braking system for ease of use and effectiveness. The braking force that needs to be applied by the user remains the same both at the beginning and at the end of the braking cycle. Here is how exactly: • The principle of a lever states that by reducing the short arm on a lever (and maintaining the input force), the output force increases. • During braking, once the brake lever isalmostcompletely up, and the brake pad startstouching the wheel, a higher output force isneeded to fullyapply the brakesbecausethereis more resistance (brake pad touchingwheel). • Instead of increasing the input force (= user pushing harder on brake lever), the distance of the short arm isbeingdecreasedat the end of the braking, resulting in a higher output force = non linearbraking system. Lever in balance Distance short arm starts to decreasehere Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  9. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > heightadjustmentmemoryfunction 1 2 3 4 5 6 Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  10. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > seat & heightadjustment • Rigid seatequippedwith an easilyremovable soft, paddedcoverattached via velcro. Provides a comfortable and safe place to sit onto when the user needs to restduringwalking. Foldsalongwith the rollator. • Easilywashable PU cover. Fabric and cover are fullyintegratedinto one and other and are fire retardant. • The velcro on the seat plate has smallgrabbinghookswhichstillallow the user to sit on the seat plate (withoutpadding) withouthisclothesinstantlyhookingintoit. • Toolless push handleheightadjustment • Loosen the push handles by pushing the locking lever upwards • Place the push handleat the desiredheight • Release the locking lever. A click canbeheardwhen the locking lever automaticallygoes down again. The push handle has now been fixatedinto the correct position Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  11. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > hand grips –kerbclimber – reflectors • Ergonomicallydesigned hand grips made from pressure reducingmaterial for people wholean on them for extendedperiods of time.Push handlespassed test regardingcytotoxiceffects in accordance with EN ISO 10993-5:2009-10. • Left and right hand grip are interchangeable and identical for spare parts stock (positioningindicated by 2 arrows). • Integratedcurbclimber to overcomecurbsand othersmall obstacles. Can bepositionedleft or right. • Discretereflective tapes on the back side of the frame and reflective logo on front side of the frame. Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  12. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > baskets • Standard basketEasily accessible frominside the rollator. Can betaken off (e.g. for shopping) and foldsalongwith the rollator. • The basket needs to beliftedslightly to takeit off. This preventsitfromfalling down duringwalking. • Deluxe basket (optional) • Stylishdeluxebasket with modern pattern available in grey or red. This basket canbeclosed off completely via the straps and canalsobetaken off. Does not foldwith the rollator. Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  13. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > accessories • All accessories come in a highqualityretail packaging. The packaging allows to display the accessoryeither standing upright or hung onto a display. • Cane holder • Back strap • Padding for back strap • Tray Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation

  14. Dolomite® Jazz > productfeatures > technical data Available in 2 seat heights: 23.7” and 19.8” . Dolomite® Jazz Launch Presentation