a unified voice for union construction n.
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  1. A unified voice for union construction THE CONSTRUCTION INSTITUTE

  2. Our Mission • To enhance the union construction climate in Massachusetts by demonstrating and promoting the superior value, quality, experience and safety record of union construction • To recognize the contributions of union construction to the betterment of Massachusetts communities • To assist our labor and management partners in innovating for the 21st century

  3. What Makes Us Different? • Promote collaboration between labor and management by having both sides sit together to identify areas of mutual concern and strategies for addressing them • Multi-trades across the Commonwealth • Combining proactive communication, research, education and industry relations Building Better Together

  4. What Do You Stand to Gain? • Our members – labor & management; multi-trade - are unified in our purpose and our message • Will strengthen the image of all TCI members • Offers more efficient use of combined resources

  5. What are we up against? • Misrepresentation.  Misinformation.  Outright Falsehoods.  • ABC and the Merit Construction Alliance have launched an all-out assault on our unions & contractors, our reputations and our image. Their message… • Win with Open, Fair Competition - Learn more about the benefits of competitive bidding… • We Are 80 Percent - The number of non-union construction workers in Massachusetts - 80%. Learn more about the men and women building Massachusetts and America. • 14 Percent Savings! - Save 14% on your next construction project. Read how in these studies exposing the folly of Project Labor Agreements. • PLA - 'Public Loses Again‘ -Separate myth from the reality of PLAs, REOs and other discriminatory building practices.

  6. TCI’s Strategy • TCI has established four program areas: • Research • Communications • Education & Advocacy • Industry Relations

  7. Research • Purpose • Demonstrate the value and benefits of union construction • Identify issues and concerns of owners and users • Define areas for continuous improvement • Conducted by independent academic and other research institutions

  8. Research Projects • Cornell University - Socio-Economic impacts: • The union wage premium ($13/hr on average) has a multiplier effect on the total income of Massachusetts families. As union workers enjoy higher incomes, their ability to spend in goods and services in their communities also increases, resulting in higher incomes for all state residents, as well as increased state sales and income tax revenues. • The union wage premium in 2007 boosted the state’s economy by $1.8 billion. • Identified over $1.56 in union-backed pension fund investments in real estate developments from 02-09 • Unions represent over 60% of MA construction workforce

  9. Research Projects • Two studies completed by UMass Boston • Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers – • examined quality and outcomes of union vs. nonunion apprentice programs in Massachusetts (1997 – 2007) • enroll over 80% of apprentices, higher completion rates, higher admission of non-traditional populations • Casino Gaming – • examined wages, benefits and unionization rates in the casino industry • for workers without a college education, gaming workers in casino hotels enjoy higher pay and more generous benefits than workers in non-gaming jobs • Unionization contributes significantly to high job quality

  10. Proactive Communication • Focused at those responsible for selecting contractors and labor for building projects, as well as policymakers and general public • Messages shed positive light on union sector • Messages are the product of academic research commissioned by TCI The only way to assure that a project is of the highest quality and completed on time, on budget and safely, is to insist on the skills and training that only union construction can provide.

  11. Proactive Communication • Our Business Model • The Cornell study underscores the competing business models that define the construction industry today • High Road - The first business model, embraced by union sector construction, provides “high road” careers paying decent wages and providing benefits that result in significant positive social and economic benefits. • The alternative is the “low-road“, open-shop approach and it’s “race to the bottom” mentality which is predicated upon achieving success and winning bids by assembling the cheapest, most vulnerable, workforce possible.

  12. Proactive Communication • Our message… Union construction is the best business choice

  13. Proactive Communication • Branding our product – the symbol of the values we all share: quality craftmanship, commitment to safety, and superior value.

  14. Built Best • Quality & Productivity: On-Time, On-Budget, Complete Satisfaction • We ensure that our crafts men and women and contractors meet the highest standards for delivering quality projects on time, on budget and safely

  15. Built Best • Training: The investment behind the success • We are the largest trainer and supplier of highly qualified craft workers to area developers and contractors to ensure their projects are done right and efficiently • Training is a full-time commitment funded to the tune of nearly $30 million annually

  16. Built Best • Safety: Reducing Risk, Increasing Value • Safety is a core value in union construction • Built into collective bargaining agreements and a key component of training programs • Cornell reviewed OSHA records for the Massachusetts construction industry and found that 88 percent of the violations between 2004 and 2009 were committed by non-union contractors.

  17. Built Best • Community Involvement: Investing in our Communities and our State & Local Economies • Donations of labor, materials and money to charitable causes • Lure capital to MA through pension fund investments

  18. Proactive Communication • Delivering our message... • Communications coordinator • High end Built Best brochure and targeted flyers showcasing the superior value of union construction with client testimonials and examples of projects • Built Best website – www.builtbest.org • premier source for latest industry and TCI news, Built Best campaign, apprenticeship & career opportunities, research and position papers, safety & health, policy, and movers & shakers in industry

  19. Proactive Communication • Delivering our message • Exhibit at trade shows • Advertisements in trade publications and in other media outlets • Expert advice column in High-Profile • TCI E-Newsletter • Social media – Join Us on Facebook – Like Us!!!

  20. Proactive Communication • Delivering our message • Unleash news opportunities with articles, guest editorials, letters to the editor, and radio & tv interviews, touting the superior value of union construction • Boston Business Journal • Boston Herald • Boston Globe • Worcester Telegraph & Telegram • Eagle Tribune • American Society of Safety Engineers Blueprint • Boston City Paper • Worcester Business Journal • New England Construction Journal • High-Profile Magazine • Springfield Republican • Labor Talk

  21. Proactive Communication • Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Dorchester on April 2

  22. Education and Advocacy • Educational programs– Keeping safe & keeping pace • Target workplace safety & health and hot topics in construction • Workplace Safety & Health • BuildSafe New England – making NE the safest place to work in construction - where safety is value-based and is recognized as an inseparable criterion of excellence, just as much as efficiency & productivity • Training courses and curriculum

  23. Education and Advocacy • Workforce Development – Creating New Markets and Talent • Pre-apprenticeship – attracting top talent and a diverse workforce • Pathways to Prosperity Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that only 30 percent of young adults successfully complete 4-year college degree – the preferred pathway in the US. Need to broaden the range of high-quality pathways that we offer young adults – including apprenticeships • Responsible employer ordinances & policies • Green jobs – high quality jobs • Project Labor Agreements (new pamphlet)

  24. Industry Relations • Active participation in industry groups • Industry Awards • Pride in Construction Project of the Year Award -recognizes project built by union workers and contractors • Volpe/Eagan Safety Award – honors significant achievements by men and women in advancing safety and health in the workplace

  25. TCI Administration • Governed by Board of Directors equally representing labor and management across trades • Staffed by Executive Director, Communications Coordinator and Admin Assistant • Funded through grants, program fees and industry donations

  26. Our Future • No shortage of issues demanding our attention • Have 2 choices: become paralyzed by the issues we face or view the challenges as an opportunity • Starts with strategic direction setting

  27. Strategic Plan • Board has embarked on developing a 3-year strategic plan that will focus on: • Improving TCI’s organizational effectiveness • From Board involvement to staffing to funding • Re-examining what is possible for union construction – pushing the boundaries – and TCI’s role in getting us there • Input from all stakeholders – including workers

  28. Summary • Through support of scholarly research, proactive communication, educational initiatives, and enhanced industry relations, TCI: • serves as a unified voice for union construction in Massachusetts • makes a clear cut case to users and owners that choosing union contractors and labor for their projects is a sound business decision • helps to identify and address areas for continuous improvement Building Better Together