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College Students day

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College Students day. AL- Ameen college.

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College Students day

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college students day

College Students day

AL-Ameen college


Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, , I am greatly honored to be invited here for this august event .Did God who gave us flowers and trees,Also provide the allergies? I learned a long time ago that minor surgery is when they do the operation on someone else, not you. One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying.  Physicians and politicians resemble one another in this respect that some defend the constitution and others destroy it.


The great opportunity is that nearly all of the world’s maternal deaths are preventable –Don’t become a mother! Miracle cure to prevent Divorce!!! Don’t get married!!Chase for excellence Search for Success Winning is no more a process. It’s the goal, the only goal. You can lead a race all the way but if you don’t breast the tape before the rest, you don’t even count for a footnote. Excellence, on the other hand, is what you spend a lifetime seeking. It’s an art form, a faith. It teaches you to align yourself with the best. While success teaches you that you get only one shot at winning. Blow it, you’re gone.


The distinction between the two is clear. Yet we are all confused. Excellence and success are treated as synonyms today. We forget that the winner is not always excellent. We also forget that excellence doesn’t always ensure a win. Style defined the sportsman. Winning or losing was part of the game. In fact, we were even taught how to lose well. After all, there were always more people rooting for the losers. The underdog was the hero. The cocky winner, today’s role model, was everyone’s pet hate


That’s changed now. The winner is a hero today.. The word loser is loaded with shame. It symbolizes not someone shouldering the heroism of loss but the ignominy of defeat The Search for Success leaves the streets littered with corpses. Teen suicides, homicides, financial scams, white collar crimes, family break ups are the tragic consequences of the winner takes it all worldview. The pressures around us are too scary. No one’s allowed not to win. By making defeat so ignominious, we are forcing losers to lose sight of life. Courage, heroism, dignity in defeat, the power to learn from one’s mistakes is all yielding way to one thing: Nothing.


McDonald's. Coke. MTV. The three most important things in a college student's life, did you say? True. Yes there is a cultural change .This is only a part of the picture. There is another silent revolution sweeping swiftly across India. A revolution that is reshaping the very character of the Indian student population. A revolution called the Internet


'The Net' as it is casually referred to, is as much a necessity as Coca-Cola or pizza for the present generation of students. 72 percent of the students said they used the Net for e-mail and 50 per cent were for playing games. Not all users are fun oriented, though. There is quite a large group which uses the net as an educational aid, to download application forms of foreign universities, for example, as well as other academic paraphernalia. 50 per cent of those surveyed stated that they searched the Net for education related content while 45 per cent went online as part of their curriculum - related work. Yet others create their own websites to showcase their skills, impressing friends and potential employers


As everywhere else in the world, the Internet has caused a major metamorphosis in the lives of these students. Almost half of them said their TV viewing has decreased since they began using computers. Inadequate bandwidth, connectivity problems and bad telephone lines make connecting to the Internet a nightmarish experience. Downloads are slow and painful, often the requested page cannot be displayed correctly or fully. Worse, computers are still a luxury for most middle class families, simply because of the prohibitive prices of branded systems


Indian society is a curious mixture of age-old traditions and western influences. Youngsters may look to the West to define lifestyles but never completely shake off their Indian roots. Indian traditions still dominate, especially in the more conservative South. The relative anonymity cyberspace offers space with no fear of social embarrassment and no confusing etiquette systems to be learnt. On the Net, you can be anyone or anything you want to be. And as the Indian college student has discovered, the internet is a great way to meet members of the opposite sex. Thus fun flirting is seen as a cool pastime, and the Net is the ultimate fun tool.


In Karnataka, Muslims have established hundreds of educational institutions and professional colleges. There are 3 medical colleges in AP, 40 engineering colleges and 100 MBA/MCA colleges run by muslims The tragedy is there are less muslim students than the available seats.The reason being, out of 2 lakh odd students who complete X standard, Muslims are less than 10%. By 12th standard they are further reduced. In AP there is an Entrance test for admission to professional course after XII. Only 6000 students qualify when there are 8000 available seats.


Islam is second-most practiced religion in the Republic of India after Hinduism, with more than 13.4% of the country's population (over 138 million as per 2001 census and 160.9 million per 2009 estimate) identifying themselves as Muslims India's Muslim population is the world's third largestand the world's largest Muslim-minority population Islam believes that God speaks to the mankind through prophets .A prophet is by definition a human being who is Divinely inspired, who is guided by God and who speaks for God .


An alien culture we can do without.I am, as a parent and as a vice-chancellor is anguished about the Supreme Court's observation that it finds nothing legally wrong in pre-marital sex or live-in relationships where consenting adults are involved is certain to raise conservative eyebrows across the country. Indian society, by and large, continues to frown upon both pre-marital sex and live-in relationships to an extent that those who indulge in either are even ostracized by society.


In the West, where teenage pregnancies are common and where couples walk in and out of relationships with consummate ease and with hardly any passion or affection characterizing these relationships, such issues raise no social storms or hackles. Such liaisons are presumed to be unholy for marriage is still held sacrosanct and cohabitation is a natural corollary of wedlock. Entering into a bond where there are no vows or values is something that cannot be endorsed, for these are relationships of convenience; where each partner is willing to participate in an experiment with the clear understanding that either could walk out with no questions asked.


One could well ask what sanctity is there in such live-ins and why a romantically involved couple (that is the general presumption) is not inclined to follow the social tenets and seal their love with the stamp of marriage.While the Supreme Court's opinion it is evident that it could embolden more young men and women as they would now be convinced that there is no breach of law in the live-in relationships Often, when these live-ins come apart, they could scar either the man or woman for life. Pre-marital sex too is alien to our culture, though surveys often reveal that Indian teenagers are no whit behind their western counterparts when it comes to indulging in it.


There is no commitment in ‘live-in' relations. This commitment is divine. The entire West looks up to our ethos and values which structure the family in India. These ‘live-in' relations are ephemeral and in many cases the girl gets estranged and deserted “Emotional trauma” a child undergoes when the mother is unable to identify the father. Such a child has low self-esteem and its economic performance is poor when caught in the legal battles of paternity rights and rejections. The result: the child lives with rejection, rejecting himself or herself, building up anger towards the parents and is a boiling volcano that will erupt anytime.


These children grow up with a variety of abnormalities — Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disability (LD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Bipolar Depression. We now have research proof that brain networks connect after birth till five years of age determining the behavioural pathways in the future in a child. All are the result of early childhood experiences.


Other view Live-in' actually liberates the woman. Do you know that 45 per cent of married woman in India are subjected to domestic violence? Divorce is difficult and a taboo in India and women eventually suffer. They are enslaved within the walls of the patriarchal family.


Leave alone the moral angle; think about the social chaos that will result in a highly populated country like India that does not provide much systemic or societal by way of counseling or treatment for people in such trauma. The crime scene will escalate, besides AIDS / HIV and other sexually transmitted illnesses. People of the same wave length and organizations should therefore, get together to avert impending disasters that will result from such deviant social mores. Otherwise, our children will go astray. What an insult to India and all that it stands for! What an insult to the spiritual wealth that we share with the world.


Harbor no illusions that the task ahead will be an easy one; but neither should you harbor fears that they are insurmountable; you should instead harbor hope, a resounding hope, that with determination, dedication, and zeal you will succeed in your noble career. You need to be cognizant that in every action you do, you will be writing your own story. You need to write a good story; a story that you will be proud to read to the generations to come.