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Best Sneaker Ever

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Best Sneaker Ever. Social media: By Antonio Harris. Why?. The reason why I chose this topic was because I like looking at and collecting sneakers. . Am I still interested?. Yes, I am still interested because I still like to look out for the new sneakers that are being released.

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best sneaker ever

Best Sneaker Ever

Social media:

By Antonio Harris

  • The reason why I chose this topic was because I like looking at and collecting sneakers.
am i still interested
Am I still interested?
  • Yes, I am still interested because I still like to look out for the new sneakers that are being released.
  • My liking for sneakers will never fade because people will always wear sneakers and companies will keep selling them.
  • Yes, I am satisfied with the research I have done.
  • On each day that a special topic was assigned I searched through the web trying to find the websites with the most credible information.
  • And I chose multiple credible websites that gave me great information.
5 topics
5 Topics

My 5 topics were

  • Sneakers
  • Apple
  • GTA V
  • Derek Jeter
  • Jay Z
20 time
20 % Time
  • The topic I chose for 20% time was sneakers. I chose sneakers because thousands of sneakers come out every month all around the world. Different brands of shoes try to release sneakers every month that they think people will like. The two highest praised brands are Jordan and Nike. People love Jordan sneakers so much that they wait in line for hours or even days.Those people call themselves sneaker heads. In my opinion I think that the waiting is worth it because they are only released for that one time and won't be available until years later or on eBay for triple the price.
  • The topic I am choosing is sneakers. I am choosing this topic because I love to look at and buy the new sneakers that come out every month. Every month new designs and models come out so people don't have to wear the same sneakers on their feet everyday. It just excites me when I see a new pair of sneakers I like because I ant wait to go buy them. So writing about this topic will just show how much I really care for sneakers.
100 best nike sneakers
100 Best Nike Sneakers
  • In this article it describes the 100 best Nike sneakers ever made. Since Nike has made and released thousands of sneakers I know this was a hard decision to make. When I looked through their list, I did not agree with some of their picks. There were some sneakers I never saw before that they put on the list and they looked horrible. In my opinion, the best Nike sneaker that I owned was the Air Force 1. It is soft, durable, and it matches everything that you wear.
best jordan ever
Best Jordan Ever

On the website/magazine Complex they composed a list of the 100 best Jordan's ever made. The best Jordan that they said came out the black cement retro 3's. I disagree with this list because there were sneakers that were hideous and never have been re-released before. I also disagree that the black cement 3's are the best sneaker because I think that the Columbia retro 11's are the best on that list. The question I have is what made them pick the retro 3's?

best sneaker ever continuation
Best Sneaker Ever(Continuation)
  • Again my special topic is about the best sneaker ever made. This topic is harder then it looks because everyone has a different opinion about sneaker styles. Where you live or even what race you are can depend on what sneaker you wear. I know this because I lived in New Jersey for one year and the sneaker styles were completely different even though it is right across the bridge. But what I decided to do is see what sneaker comes up the most frequently on each list that I look at.
sneaker releases
Sneaker Releases
  • Last week some Jordan 10's came out and they are nice. They could be in the running for the best sneaker ever. Also this weekend a pair of Jordan 5's are being released. I don't know what they look like on my feet yet, but I am going to get them. When I see them in person I will  decide if they are in the running for the best Jordan ever.
special topic
Special Topic

On this last special topic I wrote about I never mentioned what sneaker came up most, but in this blog I will reveal the sneaker that came up the most frequently. The sneaker that came up the most was the Jordan Retro 3. I was surprised to find out that this sneaker came up on each list that I looked at.

my question
My Question?
  • No, my question wasn’t answered because different websites have different opinions on what sneaker is the best sneaker,
  • Since there are different brands and millions of sneakers it makes it harder to shrink it down to one sneaker.
  • My research affected all of the people that collect sneakers around the world.
  • Or anybody that wears sneakers.
did it affect the original people
Did it affect the original people?
  • Yes, because I originally said that this project would affect the people who collect sneakers.
difficult research
Difficult Research?
  • Yes, this research was difficult because it was hard to find the websites I used. It took time and patience to find those specific websites.