Welcome to ms cordova s classroom room 207
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Welcome to Ms. Cordova’s Classroom (Room 207). July 21/22, 2014. Ms. Cordova. Hello! My name is Ms. Cordova I grew up in Ahwatukee. I went to Mountain Pointe High School and graduated in 2005 (okay math kids, figure my age out).

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Welcome to ms cordova s classroom room 207

Welcome to Ms. Cordova’s Classroom (Room 207)

July 21/22, 2014

Ms cordova
Ms. Cordova

  • Hello! My name is Ms. Cordova

  • I grew up in Ahwatukee. I went to Mountain Pointe High School and graduated in 2005 (okay math kids, figure my age out).

  • After graduating high school, I went to ASU and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education in 2009.

  • After graduating from ASU, I received my first teaching position at Moon Valley High School in *gasp* Glendale. While I loved my students, I did not love my hour commute.

  • Now I am in my fourth year at Chandler High and hope to be here..well..forever. I live about five minutes away and would love for my son to attend Chandler High

Finally chandler high
Finally, Chandler High!

  • I am so happy to be here!

  • The classroom you are sitting in is over 90 years old! How cool is that?

About ms cordova
About Ms. Cordova …

  • This is my sixth year teaching and my fourth year at Chandler High. I will be teaching 4 sections of English 10 and 1 section of Honors English 10.

  • I am a mom to my almost four year old son, Adam.

  • My family and I love football and you can expect to see me at almost all of Chandler’s home games. I always make my son his own little “jersey” and his jerseys from previous years are on the back wall.

About mrs ellsworth
About Mrs. Ellsworth …

  • This is my 7th year of teaching. I got my degree from the University of Utah back in the day. I have all English 10 classes.

  • I have four kids, Dane is in his first year of law school at the University of Denver, Marisa is working on her master’s degree at BYU, Audrey is starting her junior year at BYU and Grady, my baby, is a sophomore at Hamilton.

  • My husband teaches Spanish here at CHS and is also the tennis coach. We love college football and go to all the ASU home games!

The classroom
The Classroom

  • Seating:

    • I know you are all thrilled to hear this  but seats will be assigned by me all year

    • If you need to be moved for any valid reason (not because you want to sit next to your best friend), please inform me after class and I will discuss options with you.

    • We will be seating in GROUPS of four (for as long as it is successful—meaning, if you can behave yourself, you will be working with three others throughout the year)

The classroom1
The Classroom

  • Seating:

    • As a group, communication is key so there will be no time/need for cell phones

    • Cell phones will be kept in the green/blue bins in the center of each grouping. If a cell phone is caught not in the bin during class, you will receive an automatic referral.

    • Some (SOME) days, I may say you can use your cell phones (smart phones) for help with certain activities but unless I specifically say we are using our phones, they need to be put away.

The classroom2
The Classroom

  • I probably have any supply you need. At each of the front tables, you will find baskets of supplies.

  • Pencils are in the purple basket. I am using the “honor system” with these so please try and put supplies back once you have used them.

The classroom3
The Classroom

  • Classroom Calendars—refer to these for filling out your Cordova Calendars (we will start next week) and if you are absent.

  • Underneath the supply tables are crates of additional supplies such as whiteboards and NOTEBOOKS/FREE PAPER!

  • Also, the books at the front of the room is not my idea of a huge library, and do belong to other English teachers so hopefully we will have more room very soon when teachers come to pick their books up 

The classroom4
The Classroom

  • Near the blue cabinet is a filing cabinet. This filing cabinet contains every assignment we will complete this year.

  • If you are absent for or have misplaced an assignment, DO NOT ASK ME! Check the weekly calendar and then find the assignment you are missing! You were absent—take care of what you missed!

  • Be sure to look in the right drawer—they are each labeled by class subject (English 10—first two drawers and Honors English 10—second two drawers)

The classroom5
The Classroom

  • I do like to celebrate Birthdays so we will be playing a game later for me to track each of your birthdays throughout the year. Yes, you will get something and yes, we will sing happy birthday. I am a mom and we live for birthdays !

The classroom6
The Classroom

  • Turning in papers—my least favorite thing! In order to have an easy and effective way of collecting and RETURNING papers, each group with have a folder in the middle of the group with the period number written. Turn in all assignments within that folder and I will come around to collect them. I will also have returned/graded assignments put into each folder, so be sure to check if your graded work is there.

  • The bookcase by the whiteboard has copies of the literature books we will be reading out of over the next few weeks. One person will be called from each group to grab books for everyone else in that group.

The classroom7
The Classroom

  • Destruction or theft of the school’s, fellow student’s or my property will not be tolerated. This means you do not write on desks, spit gum on the floor, or damage anything that does not belong to you. This behavior will result in a parent phone call, and/or referral to the office. Remember, I know who sits where! So if I find something on the desk, you will be responsible for the damage. If you find something on the desk before class begins, let ME know.

  • If I catch you drawing on my desks, you will clean ALL OF THEM.

  • Also, if you throw ANYTHING in my room, including garbage into the garbage can, you will be picking up every piece of trash on my floor. Just be good. I don’t go to your rooms and make messes so leave my room alone 

Classroom behavior
Classroom Behavior

  • Students are expected to speak to the teacher and peers in a proper and respectful manner. Please do not use profanity, insult, badger, or tease other students. Laughing or making fun of others is also not tolerated and any of these actions will have consequences.

  • Students are expected to act in a respectful manner/attitude to their teacher, and peers at all times!

  • Please do not talk while others are talking, disturb other’s possessions, or school property. One (1) warning will be given; continued behavior will result in deduction of points from participation grade, a parent phone call, a referral to the office, and/or possible expulsion from the class.

Classroom behavior1
Classroom Behavior

  • Insubordinate (Rebellious) or belligerent behavior towards the teacher and peers will NOT be tolerated. (Such behavior includes any mental, emotional, physical or verbal abuse, arguing with me, refusing to follow a reasonable request, or profanity). This behavior will result in a parent phone call, a referral to the office, and/or possible expulsion from the class.

  • What this means: Refusing to participate in an assignment or to change a behavior or attitude will not be tolerated.

Dress code
Dress code

  • Dress Code violations—if you are in violation of dress code, I will simply hand you a Dress Code Violation Report and will send you to the office—if you disagree with the violation, you can explain your case to the administration office.

  • Just dress appropriately and we should have no problems. We are in a school and hats and sunglasses and other distractive clothing will not be tolerated.



  • There will be NO MUSIC PLAYERS allowed or any electronic device used during class—You will receive a referral. END OF STORY.


Plagiarism cheating

  • Plagiarism: According to the New Webster‘s Dictionary the definition of plagiarism is “to use of pass someone else’s ideas, inventions, writings, etc. as one’s own . . .” Whether work is stolen, given, or bought, the punishment for plagiarism is a zero on the assignment, a parent phone call, and a referral.

  • Simplified: if you copy anything, you will fail the assignment. If the crime is committed twice you will fail this class in its entirety.

  • Just a hint: Be careful! I caught 5 students last year cheating—how did I know they cheated? They had the same answer (WORD-FOR-WORD) for each question on the assignment. One person copied an entire book report word for word—not so smart!

  • You will be using Turnitin.com so this will solve most of our plagiarism issues concerning ESSAYS

Assignment preparation

  • Assignments should be turned in on time and professionally presented – meaning no frayed edges, crumpled or folded papers, or sloppy last minute work. Every assignment must have the name, date, period, and title. Assignments must be composed in complete sentences (unless otherwise notified), with proper spelling and grammar.

  • If there is not a name on the paper, I will throw it away. We are too busy in here for me to play the guessing game

  • Take your time! If you do not take time on an assignment, I will not waste my time grading it. Have respect for your work!


  • You will be allowed to use the bathroom/get a drink (3) three times a quarter (9 weeks). I will keep track of your passes in the attendance binder. Once you use all three—you are out—end of story.

  • Use your passes wisely

  • You cannot go to the bathroom/get a drink during the first 15 minutes and last 15 minutes of class (school rule)

Extra credit opportunities
Extra Credit Opportunities

  • Throughout the semester you will have a chance for four extra credit opportunities:

  • Book Review IN COLOR (see example on back)= 15

  • Event or Volunteer Flyer IN COLOR (see example below)=10

  • If you do NOT use your late assignment passes (2), you can turn them in at the end of the quarter for 10 points (2 passes x 5pts. Each =10)

  • If you do NOT use your bathroom passes, you can turn them in for 9 points extra credit at the end of the quarter (3 passes X 3 pts. each=9)

The end
The End

  • Ohmygoodness! That was a lot of information! Just know that this class is really pretty fun. I will respect you and be there for you for whatever help you need and I expect the same from all of you.

  • And now….your first “real” assignment…cue scary music here

Introduction letter
Introduction Letter

  • For your first assignment, you will be writing an introduction letter to me. This is a good way for me to get to know each of you better.

  • Follow the instructions on the hand-out provided. This assignment will be worth 30 points, so take your time and begin now. This letter will be due at the end of class this Friday.