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shopping in china shanghai n.
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cheap chinese clothing

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cheap chinese clothing

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  1. Shopping in China - shanghai • Are you looking for a place to shop on? Shanghai, China is the best way to count on. They offer a lot of exotic delicacies and locally made products that you will surely like. Because china has this place Yuyuan Market (Yuyuan Bazzar) where you can find the bazaar of stores which combines the old street (Chenghuangmiao), you can enjoy site-seeing and other showcases. Almost 200,000 visitors come here every day just to buy, sell and eat. The stores here sell a mish-mash of products including the famous chopsticks, effective Chinese medicines, walking sticks, amazing fans, silk umbrellas, great designs of bamboo and rattan furniture, goldfish, pottery, and others. And do not forget to bargain a good price! This place also offers their local delicacies such as Xiao Lao Bao, Pigoen Egg Dumplings and Spicy Cold Noodles from the street numerous restaurants which you can’t definitely resist. • Next shopping street is a six-kilometer long Huaihai Road built in 1901 who commemorates the Huaihai Battle during Liberation. With the history of 110 years, this place becomes another symbol of Shanghai modern life. Huaihai Road has three parts. The Middle Huaihai  Road, where you can see international brands and have a meal in exotic restaurants with a street view. The remnants of French architecture give the street its cosmopolitan charm. Some Shanghai citizens prefer to spend night here but typically foreign people find Nanjing Road more attractive than Middle Huaihai Road. Explore and find it out by yourself! • Within the area, Shanghai Qi Pao can be found. If you asked Chinese who is the most attractive woman in China the people will answer you the woman who is dressing a Qi Pao. It is a trademark of the traditional Chinese beauty that plays an important role in Old Shanghai Peroid. Shanghai Qi Pao was formen in 1930 and also absorbed the western making ways. Nowadays, it becomes one of the fashionable dresses in and out of Shanghai. Try to enter a Qi Pao shop and tell the boss what style you want and at the end of the tour you will possibly have a unique Shanghai style Qui Pao. • If you are looking for arts and crafts, Shanghai can provide a gate for famous Chinese gallery. They call this as Shanghai Woolen Needlepoint Tapestry. The production of this can be divided into two types. One of them emphasizes the appreciation value, and the other refers to practicability. In general, the production of large size screen such as Chinese Scenery Paintings and Ancient characters belong to the first one.  And the production of small items such as sofa covers, purse and handbag, and other type of commodity belongs to the second one. Some of the Shanghai needlepoint works had been recognized as masterpieces at home and abroad, such as the works named the Great Wall and Thousands of Flower in Bloom. • Are you excited to travel and tour Shanghai after those positive revelations regarding on it spots? You must not lost this opportunity because Shanghai is the best place to shop on. With its very native and local foods and products, certainly amazing and relaxing. Come with your family, friends, or spend Anniversary in Shanghai, China.