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DO NOW. Sign into the wikispaces page with your user name and password to post a summary of your interview.

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do now
  • Sign into the wikispaces page with your user name and password to post a summary of your interview.
  • Include 2-3 sentences on what was said, 2-3 sentences on what stood out to you the most, and 2-3 sentences on what conclusions you can draw about the Affordable Health Care Act after having done this exercise.
  • When done, read each other's posts.
  • If you did not do your homework, please read this article while students complete this and read each other's posts.
chapter 1 4 health insurance plans
Chapter 1:4 Health Insurance Plans
    • major concern
    • cost of health care is over 12% of the gross national product (total amount of money spent on goods and services)
    • Costs are increasing much faster than other costs of living.
    • Most rely on health insurance plan to pay
khan academy clips on insurance
Khan Academy Clips on Insurance
insurance vocabulary
Insurance Vocabulary
  • premium: payment (made to insurance company)
    • premium payed to insurance company
    • when the insured person gets a health care expense, the insurance company covers it.
    • amount of payment and type of services covered vary plan to plan
    • most insurance plans have limits on payments and deductibles.
insurance vocabulary1
Insurance Vocabulary
  • Deductible:amounts that must be paid by the patient
    • aka co-insurance
    • expenses shared by patient and insurance company
    • ex. 80-20
Note: many have insurance through their work, where premiums paid by employer or individual
  • Note: private policies are available for purchase by individuals
vocabulary in groups
Vocabulary in groups...
  • Be ready to explain to the class one of the following:
    • HMO
    • PPO
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Managed Care
  • Your do now next class will test your memory of these terms :)
introduction to the affordable health care act
Introduction to the Affordable Health Care Act
what did you immediately absorb
What did you immediately absorb?
pretend scenarios
Pretend Scenarios:
  • Let’s apply our understanding so far
  • Directions:
    • In pairs, create an imaginary scenario where a person is interested in understanding what their insurance options are under the Affordable Health Care Act.
      • ex. male or female? single or married? kids or no kids? employed or unemployed? Young or old? Exactly how old? seeking or job or not? what is their average income (how much money do they make-a lot or a little? Are they living in poverty?
    • Get your scenario OKed by the teacher
    • Use this site to see what your person’s options are:
    • Be ready to explain your scenario and insurance options to the class.