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Character Profiles

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Character Profiles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Character Profiles
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  1. Character Profiles By Marcus

  2. Characters • Tyler Jones – Kane • Mia Rodriguez – Rhia • Eva Patel – Nikita • Danniella Thomas - Liza • Romeo Thompson – Marcus • Conrad Robertson - Rob

  3. Tyler Jones • Is our main character, He flirt, Mr Popular the Smooth Operator women just seem to love him. He Is The Womanizer who dates the 3 main girls at the same time without them knowing. He looks out for his best friend Romeo who normal gets into a lot of trouble because of he don’t know when to stop talking . • He is a very confident person with the charm of Will Smith’s Character Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys

  4. Mia Rodriguez • Is One Of Tyler’s Girlfriends, she is the socialite of the school, comes from a rich background she models but she has never really had to work for anything in her life. What she wants, she gets, so when she finds out Tyler is cheating on her with the likes of Eva & Danniella it infuriates her. • Mia’s Character is a lot like Denise Richards character Kelly in Wild Things the sort of Rich Girl you don’t want to mess.

  5. Eva Patel • Eva is our sort of hard working, overachiever, pretty nerd girl who falls for Tyler due to the places they relationship can take her the kind of girl that falls for the future rather than the present. • Her Character shall be a lot like Emma Roberts character portrayal of Jill Roberts in Scream 4 where she is the whole master mind behind the revenge and killings but due to innocent manner you don’t expect that she is capable of such things, a lot like Eva is, due to the fact she feels she has lost the most due to the break up she is willing to do anything to get even.

  6. Danniella Thomas Her character will be similar to Shanika Warren-Markland portrayal of Kerry in for they have that rebellious side but there is really a sweetheart underneath her tough outer shell. • Danniella will be the Rebel Kind of girl. She has a rather middle fingers to the world, society and morals attitude but inside she just wants to be loved • So when she finds out Tyler is cheating it fills her with even more hatred and aggression.

  7. Romeo Thompson • Romeo is funny, cute and innocent best friend of Tyler. They look out for each other and are generally like brothers. • Despite the name Romeo he does have as much success with the ladies as Tyler. • He always seem to say the wrong things a lot which get him into trouble, big mouth a bit like Marcus played by Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys but he is still seen to be a sweet guy. • The Boys Friendship is a lot like Mike & Marcus relationship in Bad Boys dysfunctional but effective. where they always got each other back.

  8. ConradRobertson • Conrad is basically a hater. He is envious of Tyler and his popularity and at any chance he is ready to take Tyler down a peg. • He is A lot like Draco Malfoy in a sense the way him and Harry Potter just never seemed to get along they just had that sort of rivalry from the get go.

  9. Age and Gender A common trend to thriller films is that they tend to stereotypes genders with characters, boys being a strong and daring whereas girls are more vulnerable weak and innocent, the victim. But in LoveGun it’s the complete opposite. Our male lead Tyler now played by Jeremy however he seems to strong and cool and good with women he is however the victim as is vulnerable when lead into the attack by the girls and he appears to be the innocent one, and they girls however are the more strong ones for they are doing the attacking and kidnapping. One of the girls begins with this portrayal of girls when she appears to be like a damsel in distress then completely shatters it when she appears to be apart of the kidnapping. The actual opening starts with them brutally attacking him in a way showing women strength and that their not all pushovers, in a weird way women empowerment of some sort shown through our opening, fighting back.