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FLEX-O-LITE, INC. Providing the Ultimate Safety Solutions for Airfield Markings. Ron Boeger, Business Development. Products Manufactured. Low Index Glass 1.5 IOR for Pavement Markings 1.5 IOR for Industrial Blasting High Index Glass 1.9 IOR for airports Ultra Index Glass

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Flex o lite inc


Providing the UltimateSafety Solutions for Airfield Markings

Ron Boeger,

Business Development

Products manufactured
Products Manufactured

  • Low Index Glass

    • 1.5 IOR for Pavement Markings

    • 1.5 IOR for Industrial Blasting

  • High Index Glass

    • 1.9 IOR for airports

  • Ultra Index Glass

    • 2.1 IOR glass for closed cell applications

Reflecting quality
Reflecting Quality

Flex-O-Lite, Inc. is a worldwide leader in

reflective glass bead pavement marking

technology; providing innovative solutions

to visual guidance. Our high index spheres

are scientifically formulated to enhance

runway safety with “Brighter” lines for

the aviation community.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Physical requirements
Physical Requirements

  • Gradation

  • Rounds

  • Embedment

  • Clarity

  • Coatings

  • Color

  • IOR

All influence retroreflectivity

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Faa s top safety initiative
FAA’s Top Safety Initiative

Markings play a critical role

in the effort to reduce

Runway incursions. There

has been more attention on

improving these important

visual guidance tools.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Do markings matter
Do Markings Matter?

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Why use glass beads
Why use glass beads?

  • Increasing visibility reduces runway incursions.

  • Higher retroreflectivity means better conspicuity from a greater distance.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Getting your money s worth

  • Are they Bright enough?

  • Are they lasting as long as they should?

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, are they providing the level of SAFETY that is required?

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Do your markings perform

All of these most important questions can be

addressed by adopting PERFORMANCE

SPECIFICATIONS and then enforcing compliance of



Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

United states dot agencies
United States DOT Agencies

Have have adopted initial minimum levels of

retro-reflectivity to enhance the performance of

their HIGHWAY markings. The recent, FAA funded,

Airfield Marking Handbook, suggests target levels

of reflectivity at installation obtainable from the

different Bead Types on AIRFIELDS.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Zwahlen s recommended values
Zwahlen’s Recommended Values

With a Vehicle Speed of 66-75 mph this

research suggests a minimum level of

620 millicandelas [mcd/m2/lux].

Reference: Paper prepared for the 87th Annual Meeting of the

Transportation Research Board Washington, D.C. January ‘08.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Efficiency of beads
Efficiency of Beads

The recommendation for optimal bead efficiency is

obtained using a bead with a index of 1.96. The reason for

this is that a spherical lens is most efficient at reflecting

incident light when the focal point is near the equator of

The bead, which is the precisely case for a nominally

1.9 index bead. Clearly for retroreflection purposes it is

advantageous to use spherical beads with higher IOR.

TRB Paper 08-0775, 87th Annual Meeting of Transportation

Research Board, January 13-17, 2008

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Achieve brighter markings
Achieve Brighter Markings




Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Safety is not a cost it s an investment
Safety is not a cost, it's an investment!

  • Display the “Brightest” delineation for ground communications

  • Reducing striping cycles

  • Minimizes down time; less transit interruptions

  • Display long lasting visibility

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Visibility solutions
Visibility Solutions

No beads

Type I

Type III

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Poor functioning markings
Poor Functioning Markings!!!

Striping airport

with Type III


Repairing two

jumbo jets


Sitting in row

23 or lower

$ priceless

Flex-O-Lite, Inc.

Any questions

Any Questions?

Thank You!!

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