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Naval Organization PowerPoint Presentation
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Naval Organization

Naval Organization

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Naval Organization

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  1. Naval Organization Chapter 6 BMR

  2. Department of Defense • 1947 DOD is created • The DoD consists of various agencies and three Military departments—the Army, Navy, and Air Force

  3. Department of Defense Org.

  4. Department of Defense Mission • To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic • To ensure, by timely and effective military action, the security of the United States, its possessions, and areas vital to its interests

  5. Department of Defense Mission • To uphold and advance the national policies and interests of the United States • To safeguard the internal security of the United States

  6. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY • The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train, and equip combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom of the seas.

  7. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVYTwo Main Objectives • The first objective is to organize, train, equip, prepare, and maintain the readiness of Navy and Marine Corps forces to perform military missions.

  8. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVYTwo Main Objectives • The second objective is to support the Navy and Marine Corps forces.

  9. Org. Chart Dept. of the Navy

  10. Organization of the DON

  11. Overview of the DON

  12. Operating Forces

  13. Shore Establishment


  15. THE BATTLE ORGANIZATION • The battle organization contains a list of the numbers and specialties of the personnel a unit will need to fulfill the wartime missions.

  16. THE ADMIN ORGANIZATION • The administrative organization makes sure that the ship can fight or carry out its mission. Training, maintenance, and routine operations are covered by the administrative organization.


  18. COMMANDING OFFICER • The CO is responsible for the safety, well-being, and efficiency of the command.

  19. EXECUTIVE OFFICER • The XO is the aide commanding officer.

  20. Navigation Department • The navigation department is responsible for the safe navigation and piloting of the ship.

  21. Operations Department • The operations department has several divisions: • Operational information • Conducting electronic warfare. • Intelligence information • Repairing electronic equipment • Controlling aircraft • Forecasting weather.

  22. Supply Department • Operating the general mess • Operating the ship’s store • Managing the clothing and small stores issue room • Maintaining the pay records • Ordering and receiving general stores

  23. Engineering Department • The engineering department: • Operation • Care • Maintenance

  24. Weapons/Deck/Combat Systems Department • Weapons department • Combat systems departments • Deck department • Weapons or combat systems department

  25. DEPARTMENT HEAD • As the representative of the commanding officer, the department head is responsible for and reports to the CO about all matters that affect the department.

  26. DIVISION OFFICER • Division officers are responsible to and, in general, act as assistants to department heads.


  28. Administrative Department • The administrative (ADMIN) department is responsible for all the administrative duties within the squadron. This department takes care of official correspondence, personnel records, and directives.

  29. Safety Department The safety department is responsible for all squadron safety program matters.

  30. Operations Department • The operations department is responsible for the operational readiness and tactical efficiency of the squadron.

  31. Maintenance Department • The maintenance department is responsible for the overall maintenance of the squadron’s aircraft.

  32. BRANCH OFFICER • A division on a ship is divided into watches or sections or both. In an aircraft squadron, the divisions are divided into branches. Each branch is headed by a branch officer. In aircraft squadrons, the branch officer is the officer with whom you will have the most direct contact.


  34. Summary • Review Questions • On the Advancement Exam