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Goodwill and Special Messages PowerPoint Presentation
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Goodwill and Special Messages

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Goodwill and Special Messages
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Goodwill and Special Messages

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  1. C H A P T E R Goodwill and Special Messages 10

  2. Learning Objectives • Recognize opportunities for writing good-will messages • Appreciate how special messages can build goodwill. • Write letters of appreciation, congratulations, and sympathy. • Write letters of recommendation and introduction. • Write form and guide letters.

  3. Writing Plan for Goodwill Messages • Identify the situation in the opening. • Include specific details and personal thoughts in the body. • Close with a forward-looking thought or a concluding remark.

  4. Goodwill Messages Three kinds of goodwill messages: • Messages of appreciation • Messages of congratulations • Messages of sympathy

  5. Messages of Appreciation • To customers for their business • To hosts for their hospitality • To colleagues for jobs well done • To individuals who have performed favours

  6. Messages of Appreciation Dear Mia and Kevin: Thanks for inviting the members of our line dancing club to your weekly club meeting last Friday. Opens with appreciation for favour

  7. Messages of Appreciation Your group’s warm reception and patience while we were attempting to learn the new line dance being taught was appreciated. The delicious lunch and the lively discussion between dances served to create an enjoyable evening that we will long remember. Recalls specifics and details for personal touch

  8. Messages of Appreciation The Keepin’ It Country Club members appreciate the opportunity provided for us to become better acquainted with Kickin’ Country Club members. We are planning a return invitation. Sincerely, Highlights most important reason for appreciation

  9. Messages of Congratulation • For promotions, appointments • For awards • For engagements, marriages, anniversaries, births • For any significant event

  10. Messages of Congratulation DATE: January 27, 200x TO: Denise Einck FROM: Dave Eberhart SUBJECT: CONGRATULATIONS! The birth announcement West Elementary received for your new daughter, Allison Lee, is wonderful news! You and your husband Monte will be excellent parents. All the students in your first grade class are eager to meet the new baby, and they are looking forward to your return. The staff sends its congratulations and wishes you well. Includes personal references and specific details

  11. Messages of Sympathy • To console a friend, colleague, relative, or loved one

  12. Messages of Sympathy Dear Ann: All your colleagues here in Human Resources were saddened to learn of the passing of your husband Don. Words cannot express our deepest feeling, but we want you to know that your departmental friends share your grief and understand the profound loss that you have suffered. Consoles the reader

  13. Messages of Sympathy Don’s generosity, his zest for life, and his love for you were evident to all. He will surely be missed. Points out loved one’s virtues

  14. Messages of Sympathy If we can do anything to ease your sorrow, please know that we are here to help. Sincerely, Expresses willingness to help

  15. Writing Plan for Letter Requesting Permission for Recommendation • Open with compliment and explanation. • Provide information to help reader comply with request. • Express appreciation and make replying easy.

  16. Letter Requesting Permission for Recommendation Dear Mrs. Desrochers: Your courses in the medical secretarial training program provided me with excellent skills for a career in the medical field. Because you know my work as a student, may I have your permission to list your name as a reference when I apply for a job? Compliments and explains

  17. Letter Requesting Permission for Recommendation As I will graduate from Ridgewater College in May, I will be applying for jobs soon. Listing your name as a reference will assist my efforts. Enclosed is a résumé providing information about my background as you prepare a recommendation. Provides information

  18. Letter Requesting Permission for Recommendation Thank you for the comprehensive foundation you provided in your courses and for any help you can provide in my job search. Use the enclosed postage-paid card to let me know if you will serve as a reference. Sincerely, Expresses appreciation

  19. Writing Plan for Letter of Recommendation Opening: • Identify the reason for writing. • Suggest the confidentiality of the recommendation. • Establish the relationship of the writer. • Identify the length of employment and job duties.

  20. Effective Opening Identifies applicant, cites confidentiality and tells relationship of writer To Prospective Employers: I am pleased to submit this confidential recommendation in support of Carole Ewing, who has been a student in my classes and who has worked under my supervision as an instructional aide for the past five years. Carole first came to Lane Community College nine years ago, enrolling as a student in our Office Administration Department classes. She distinguished herself in my courses as a conscientious, mature, and reliable student who always performed in the top 15 percent of the class.

  21. Writing Plan for Letter of Recommendation Body: • Describe the applicant’s professional and personal qualities. • Describe the applicant’s relations with others. • Include specific details and examples that illustrate the applicant’s personality and performance. • Compare the applicant with others in his or her field. • Offer an overall rating of the applicant.

  22. Effective Body Because of her excellent attitude, impressive skills, and special rapport with fellow students, I asked her to become a student assistant in our Word Processing Centre, of which I was supervisor. Of the 25 or more students who have worked in that capacity, Carole was by far the best. As an assistant, she helped other students learn to operate various kinds of complex word processing equipment. Her poise, supportive attitude, cheerfulness, and thorough knowledge of the hardware and software made her an exceptional teaching assistant. In addition to her instructional skills, Carole has a remarkable aptitude for mechanics and technology, making her invaluable in this age of computers. Supports general qualities with specific details

  23. Writing Plan for Letter of Recommendation Closing: • Summarize the significant attributes of the applicant. • Draw a conclusion regarding the recommendation.

  24. Effective Closing Continuing her education, Carole became one of a very limited number of individuals to earn the Certified Professional Administrator rating. This program involves a rigorous program of academics and testing in economics, business law, accounting, and other office administration subjects. Carole is resourceful, articulate, energetic, enthusiastic, and creative. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for any position of management or leadership in office administration. Of all the students we have graduated in our program at Lane Community College, I would rank Carole among the top 2 percent. Sincerely, Summarizes main points and offers evaluation

  25. Recommendation Letter Content Guidelines • Write only in response to requests. • State that your remarks are confidential. • Provide only job-related information. • Avoid vague or ambiguous statements. • Supply specific evidence for any negatives. • Stick to the truth.

  26. Try Your Skill Read the following situation and develop the paragraphs for a congratulatory letter. Ms. Alyssa Newman has been elected president of the Downtown Retail Association.

  27. Try Your Skill Develop an opening paragraph that offers congratulations. Dear Alyssa: Congratulations on being elected president of the Downtown Retail Association. The Association will benefit greatly from your leadership.

  28. Try Your Skill Develop a paragraph that gives compliments. By electing you to this office, members of the Association are showing their recognition of your ability to lead and your dedication to the revitalization of downtown Hutchinson. You should be proud of the confidence that they place in you.

  29. Try Your Skill Develop a friendly closing paragraph. If I can assist you during your presidency, please call on me.

  30. Try Your Skill You are about to graduate and are applying for a position with Solitra, Inc. (one that you have been training for at college). The job description states that good organizational, interpersonal, computer, and writing skills are required of the applicant. Ask your communication instructor to send a letter of recommendation before June 4.

  31. Try Your Skill Develop an opening paragraph that identifies the target position and company. State immediately why you are writing. Dear Mrs. Gauthier: Recently I applied for the position of administrative assistant to the Human Resources Director of Solitra, Inc. At our last conference you agreed to help me; therefore, I am now asking you to write a letter of recommendation to Solitra.

  32. Try Your Skill Develop a paragraph that specifies the job requirements so that the recommender knows what to stress in the letter. Also, supply data to jog the memory of the writer. The position calls for good organizational, interpersonal, computer, and writing skills. To help you review my skills and training, I enclose my résumé. As you may recall, I earned an “A” in your written communications class; and you commended my long report for its clarity and organization.

  33. Try Your Skill Develop a closing paragraph that expresses your appreciation and states the deadline for the letter. Make it easy for the recommender to reply to your request. Please send your letter before June 4 in the enclosed stamped, addressed envelope. I appreciate your support, and I will let you know the results of my job search.