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University life key point. Shim Jae Hwan 2007049392 Kim Tae Sik 2007049712. 1. Travel. If the college student is anyone thought to try a once about backpacking trip.

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University life key point
  • Shim Jae Hwan 2007049392
  • Kim Tae Sik 2007049712
1 travel
1. Travel

If the college student is anyone thought to try a once about backpacking trip.

1. Will escape the school, backpacking trip will lead, opening up spirit and confidence cultivation also group activity will lead and a community spirit will be able to inspire.

2. Escapes the convenient pursuit time of mammonism, backpacking trip leads, endeavors oneself and to open up, will be able to reflect about each one oneself.

3. There is a possibility which tries to confirm the English ability of oneself and if travel goes toward the English circle nation and a possibility becoming the fair chance there is.

2 part time job
2.Part-Time Job

When you talk `Part time jobs', rises most plentifully the object which the student, specially is the university birthday thing in recognition inside of the people. The college students surplus will be many at time. and university student age which is sufficient they will be able to become independent economically.


Strong point

  • earning being difficult, comes to be prudent about expenses.
  • Diversification and pocket money of connections there is a punishment possibility.
  • There is to a life in society and the manners which is important and the coordinated core there is a possibility.

Weak point

  • sleeps, develops, the leisure time decreases.
  • The studying efficiency of the student whom studies falls.
  • The case which gets the hurt which is body is. Therefore dangerousness must think as well.
3 style change hair fashion etc
3.Style change(hair, fashion...etc)

After graduating the high school, the students of most are worried about style of oneself. Raises the head, the blue jeans which comes to tear puts on.

Color matches similar does. This first is basic important. The no matter how pretty cloth the color which matches or seems rustically in oneself. Even with only color physique of oneself the capital which will do to make seem slenderly or fat the possibility of doing to make seem is. If only color selects well, there is a possibility of doing an image transformation.

4 membership training
4. Membership Training
  • Membership training calls mainly MT. MT goes in order for the feel awkward people to come intimate each other from. Game from MT and drinks the alcoholic beverage. But most important thing is from MT to raise the coordinate.
5 club activity
5. Club Activity

The students of most join to Club. The students associate with the many friends with Club activities. Also hobby activity of oneself does. With the friends enjoys a festival together.

6. Drink

In the university life, most of memorizing of university is relate with alcoholic drink. Too much of drink is bad, but appropriate of drink is help to friendship. My opinion is positive, drink is link people to people.

7. Festival

Experience a university festival, you feel the passion of a young person. that festival time, Escape from studies is good thinking .

You can see the entertainer who invite to festival, so you feel the unusual experience.

8. Campus Couple (Love)

Campus couple is also romance of university to student. Anyone hopes that, but it is seldom come up to student’s expectations.

9. Library

Now days, troublesome of employment, we are concerned about grade. Everyone once have been borrow the book or study in the library. But most of they, except in mid and final exam term, they are little go to the library. In a value to university, this is an essential element.

10. Game

Also game culture is important. An interval time that between class, we have a play the game. The game betting also interesting, but actually oneself lose a game, gradually lose interest.